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Global Business Management

No matter where in the world your team is located, work together as a single, unified business.

Global business demands global solutions. NERP platform is designed specifically to manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities from a single Platform. Supports multi-languages and multi-currencies to make it easy to work with customers and suppliers around the world, while country-specific configurations help ensure compliance with local accounting, tax and regulatory requirements. It's like having a crystal ball that lets you view, control and manage each member of your team, irrespective of their geographical location. And the best part - Get real-time visibility into operational and financial performance while standardizing core processes, managing risk and controlling costs at all levels of the organization. Utilize this system and turn your global reach into a competitive advantage.

  • See the Big Picture, Up Close: Focus on the nitty gritty details of your local operations, and with just a zoom out, you can also see how those details fit into the grand scheme of things across your entire global organization.
  • Stay On Top of the Flow: Keep a sharp eye on how materials, end products, and shipments move from your global manufacturing subsidiaries to your customers. It is all about having the right goods, in the right place, and at just the right moment.
  • Get Financial Insights: The more you know about the financial health of your individual business units and your overall global operations, the better the decisions you can make. It’s your ticket to driving your company towards a successful future.
  • Navigate Global Challenges: Dealing with different languages, currencies, and exchange rates can surely be a headache. So, we’ve made it easier for you. Our tool allows users to view financial data in their local currencies.
  • Stay Agile and Future-Proof: Our product is designed to adapt as you grow and move forward. In other words, it’s your secret weapon for securing a future-proof and thriving business.