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Security Practices

We acknowledge the significance of implementing robust corporate security measures.

Our comprehensive security practices involve a diverse set of measures, policies, and procedures adopted by organizations to safeguard their assets, personnel, and customers. The primary objective of these practices is to deter unauthorized access, reduce risks, maintain uninterrupted operations, and effectively oversee the development and management of enterprise systems, cloud services, and on-premises products. This approach encompasses a combination of technology integration, personnel training, and thorough risk assessment to tackle internal and external threats efficiently.

Corporate Security

Corporate security practices play a crucial role in operating a prosperous business in today's business environment. To uphold the reputation of Safeguard Company, we have implemented an all-encompassing security framework. This practice encompasses various measures such as the protection of sensitive data, ensuring regulatory compliance, and mitigating financial risks. By doing so, we aim to reduce the adverse effects of potential threats and ultimately save businesses significant expenses in the foreseeable future.

Software Security

Our approach covers all stages of the product development lifecycle, incorporating security measures into the design, build, testing, and maintenance processes for our products. Whether utilized on-premises or delivered via the AWS Cloud, our methodology aims to ensure that our products not only meet customers' security needs but also deliver a cost-effective ownership experience.

Support Security

The references to the Technical Support Policies in former Nirmalya agreements or agreements with vendors acquired by Nirmalya may differ. These references include the Software Support Services Terms and Conditions, Maintenance Services Policy, Standard Maintenance Program, product support policy, Support Services policies, Support Maintenance Agreement, Maintenance and Technical Support Agreement, Maintenance and Support Schedule, and Licensee Support Services Policy. Please note that these Technical Support Policies are subject to change at Nirmalya's discretion. However, any changes made to our policies will not lead to a significant decrease in the level of services provided for supported programs during the support period for which technical support fees have been paid.

Cloud Security

Our AWS cloud offers a uniform contract model for all programs and services worldwide. The standard contracts often make references to relevant policies and documents specific to a particular order. Our primary objective is to support customers in navigating the rapidly changing global business landscape and addressing the complexities brought by evolving regulations. To ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, we highly recommend cloud customers to thoroughly evaluate their cloud strategy before deploying it in AWS Cloud. It is the sole responsibility of customers to make the final determination regarding the suitability of utilizing the appropriate cloud services.