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Crafting Customized Furniture and Lighting Solutions: Toughergo Journey towards Enhanced Productivity and Business Growth in India

How Toughergo Customized Furniture and Lighting Solutions Propel Success in India

Toughergo specializes in crafting customized furniture for a variety of purposes including workspaces, residences, commercial establishments, as well as lightings. Aim to enhance productivity and intelligence in office or household by offering unique, comfortable, and delightful furniture, lighting, and accessories throughout India. Through the utilization of NERP with unified Commerce solutions, Toughergo has not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also effectively grown our business, enabling us to flourish in a fiercely competitive market.


Increase in Revenue


Total Cost of Ownership


Enhanced Control on Resources

The Challenge

Toughergo, a renowned custom furniture manufacturer specializing in office and residential solutions, operates with an unwavering commitment to upholding exceptional standards in quality, efficiency, dependability, and effectiveness. The realm of bespoke furniture production presents a unique set of challenges that encompass diverse facets such as order administration, resource allotment, supply chain supervision, collaborative efforts, operational oversight, and data analysis for reporting purposes.

As Toughergo expands its operations across various regions in India, it is facing significant obstacles in key areas such as procurement and manufacturing, order management, resource allocation, supply chain management, collaboration, controlling operations, and data analysis reporting. To handle these aspects, Toughergo has been utilizing spreadsheets and a few accounting packages. However, the organization is now confronted with the challenge of finding a comprehensive solution that can effectively manage the entire manufacturing process. This solution should encompass a unified portal for B2B and B2C, customer relationship management, project estimation and planning, vendor management, workshop management, resource allocation (both human and machine), supply chain management, collaboration, controlling operations, and data analysis with reporting capabilities.In light of these requirements, there is a clear demand for a unified and robust solution that can efficiently manage and streamline these critical operations for Toughergo.

To overcome these challenges and enhance overall performance, Toughergo has embarked on a digital transformation journey. The main goal of the organization is to boost operational efficiency and facilitate scalability by integrating the advanced NERP platform. This cohesive system aims to streamline accounting data, automate various processes, and serve as a reliable source of precise information, enabling the business to achieve significant efficiency improvements.

The Solution

Toughergo made the strategic choice of blending NERP with unified Commerce on the cloud in order to synchronize with its digital transformation strategy. This decision took into account the assimilation of leading practices within the industry and effectively utilized the swiftness and adaptability provided by cloud technology.

The main driver behind selecting NERP was its comprehensive solution, which covers various aspects including a unified portal for B2B and B2C, order management, machine and resource allocation, supply chain management, warehouse management, collaboration and control, customer relationship management, inventory tracking, accounting control, real-time visibility of operations, and data analysis and reporting. NERP enables organizations to optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and effectively achieve their goals.

Moreover, this solution offers a plethora of benefits, such as reduced operational costs and improved delivery timelines obtained through efficient and interconnected processes. Additionally, it ensures greater transparency and strengthened decision-making capabilities by leveraging the power of data intelligence. This solution streamlines cooperation among various departments and across geographic locations while enhancing the accuracy of financial reporting, forecasting, and planning through automated methods. Ultimately, it enhances data dependability, leading to enhanced efficacy in decision-making across all operational aspects.

Toughergo has accomplished extraordinary success in implementing NERP alongside unified commerce, resulting in a remarkable revolution across various vital areas including Customer Relationship, Operations, Procurement, Logistics, Finance, Warehouse Management, Total Quality Management, Human Capital Management, Electronic Document Management, Asset Management & Maintenance, Governance & Compliances, Environment Health Security, and Dashboard & Analytics. This notable transformation has empowered our company to substantially reduce the total cost of ownership in these domains, simultaneously freeing our team from the arduous task of managing other operations. As a result, highly skilled IT professionals can now focus on value-driven assignments, significantly enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

The Result

Toughergo has effectively improved its operations, achieving better efficiency, stronger customer relationships, and seamless integration through the implementation of NERP. The adoption of automation in financial reporting, forecasting, and planning processes has successfully enhanced the quality and precision of these vital activities. Moreover, this streamlined approach has fostered improved collaboration, transparency, order tracking, customer management, stock replenishment, and warehousing. It has enabled the identification of customer needs and provided management with prompt decision-making capabilities, allowing them to stay ahead of competitors.

Furthermore, the adoption of the NERP system has produced substantial advantages for the purchasing division. It has successfully decreased operational expenses to a significant extent, alongside significantly improving supplier adherence. Consequently, there is now a heightened level of trust in the overall excellence of both procedures and goods. The incorporation of inter-departmental reporting has bestowed invaluable discernment regarding costs, allowing PPPL to evaluate suppliers with efficiency and obtain the most competitive prices.

The adoption of NERP has successfully decreased operational costs while improving delivery speed with automated and integrated processes. Furthermore, it has amplified transparency and provided assurance in decision-making by utilizing data intelligence. Moreover, it has facilitated smooth collaboration among various departments and locations, enhancing the reliability of data. As a result, these enhancements have led to well-informed decision-making across operations and seamless collaboration among departments and locations. Consequently, Toughergo has achieved the ability to identify patterns and ensure timely availability of materials without the concern of excessive inventory.

Toughergo's revenue has witnessed a remarkable increase of 30%, coupled with effective cost reduction and faster value attainment through the adoption of NERP. Furthermore, the improved on-time delivery has instilled customer trust in project completion punctuality, resulting in heightened satisfaction.

Ultimately, NERP has played a pivotal role in driving the triumph of PPPL, enabling the organization to gain significant benefits throughout various departments.

Key Business Outcomes and Advantages Include

  • Attained a noteworthy reduction in operational expenses while enhancing supplier compliance and achieving an impressive 30% revenue growth.
  • Enabled centralized control by providing visibility of available stocks and tracking across all stores and warehouses.
  • Utilized data intelligence to enhance transparency, ensuring secure decision-making.
  • Streamlined collaboration and workflow across various departments and locations.
  • Implemented automation to enhance the quality and accuracy of financial reporting, forecasting, and planning.
  • Increased overall data reliability, leading to more informed decision-making across all operational facets.

Featured Solutions & Services

  • ERP leverages an in-memory database specifically designed for digital business and the Intelligent Enterprise, allowing for the maximization of data potential.
  • HCM effectively addresses employee needs and bridges experience gaps to ensure a resilient and productive workforce.
  • CRM empowers marketers to enhance customer lifetime value by providing real-time, omni-channel experiences.
  • WMS optimizes inventory control, streamlines order fulfillment, and enhances overall operational efficiency, offering improved accuracy, productivity, and real-time visibility.
  • EDM simplifies approval processes through customizable workflows, automated notifications with version control, security measures, and cost savings, making it an essential tool for print media businesses.
  • MES acts as a dynamic information center that links different elements of the production process, effortlessly blending separate systems to achieve unmatched insight and command over their operations.
  • PMS facilitates superior resource allocation, risk mitigation, and encourages a culture of open and transparent communication channels. This enables team members to readily share information, exchange innovative ideas, and promptly address any arising issues or concerns.


An innovative company specializing in custom furniture, Toughergo has established a commendable reputation for its exceptional performance in the market. They excel in crafting personalized furniture for various purposes, including workspaces, homes, and commercial establishments. Our main objective is to enhance productivity and intelligence in offices and households across India by offering unique, comfortable, and delightful furniture, lighting, and accessories. Recognizing the significance of an ideal workspace, Toughergo designs solutions that cater to your specific needs, addressing smart home issues and creating the perfect working environment. Primary goal with each new product is to provide comprehensive solutions that ensure utmost satisfaction. By focusing on aligning space and individuals to optimize productivity, Toughergo has emerged as a prominent player in the bespoke furniture manufacturing industry, successfully completing numerous noteworthy large-scale projects.

Industry Segment Region Company Size
Manufacturing Furniture and Lighiting India 500+ Employee

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