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Pramila : Revolutionizing Efficiency, Transforming Operations, and Boosting Success

Path to Excellence & Building a Strong Foundation with Unified Nirmalya Enterprise Resosurce Planning

Pramila Projects Private Limited (PPPL) is a technologically advanced engineering and Construction Company that has built a strong reputation for excellence in the market. Their expertise lies in Structural Steel Fabrication & installation, Mechanical Equipment installation, Pre-engineering building (P.E.B.) installation, Roof Sheeting, Wall cladding, Boiler Maintenance, and Road Construction. Since establishment in 2007, PPPL have emerged as a pioneering force in the construction industry, undertaking numerous notable and large-scale projects. Their primary focus is on attaining a leading position through commitment to quality and innovation. By leveraging NERP solutions, PPPL has not only optimized operations but also successfully expanded business, enabling to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.


Increase in Revenue


Total Cost of Ownership


Time to Value

The Challenge

PPPL, an acclaimed EPC firm based in India, is devoted to delivering excellence in the domains of quality, speed, reliability, and performance. One of the primary hurdles encountered in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) pertains to various aspects ranging from project management to resource allocation, supply chain management to collaboration, controlling to overseeing operations, and data analysis to reporting.

With PPPL expanding its operations across different regions in India, significant challenges have arisen, particularly in the areas of procurement and construction, project management, resource allocation, supply chain management, collaboration, controlling operations, and data analysis reporting.

PPPL has been employing spreadsheets and in-house software to efficiently handle various aspects of their company. However, the organization is facing a challenge in finding a comprehensive solution that encompasses the entire EPC process. This includes bidding, project estimation, DPR, project planning, vendor management, site management, project-wise profit analysis, variance assessment, multi-site project monitoring, project management, resource allocation, supply chain management, collaboration, controlling operations, and data analysis with reporting capabilities. Thus, there is a need for a unified and robust solution to effectively manage and streamline these crucial operations for PPPL.

In order to surmount these obstacles, optimize operations, maintain data consistency, and acquire comprehensive analytical findings, PPPL has embarked on a digital transformation expedition. The primary objective of the organization is to augment operational efficiency and enable scalability through the integration of the advanced platform NERP. This cohesive system aims to streamline accounting data, automate diverse procedures, and serve as an unwavering source of accurate information, empowering the business to accomplish significant efficiency improvements.

The Solution

PPPL opted to incorporate NERP on the cloud to align with its digital transformation strategy. The decision considered the integration of industry best practices and leveraged the agility and speed offered by cloud technology.

This choice was primarily driven by NERP's holistic solution, encompassing diverse aspects such as bidding, tendering, project management, resource allocation, supply chain management, collaboration, project control, oversight, data analysis, and reporting. NERP empowers organizations to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and successfully attain their objectives.

Additionally, this solution presents numerous advantages including lower operational expenses and enhanced delivery timelines achieved through streamlined and interconnected procedures. Furthermore, it guarantees augmented clarity and fortified decision-making by harnessing the potential of data intelligence. The solution simplifies collaboration among different departments and geographic locations, while optimizing the quality of financial reporting, forecasting, and planning through automation. Ultimately, it bolsters data reliability, resulting in improved decision-making efficacy across all operational aspects.

PPPL has achieved exceptional success in implementing NERP within a cloud-based environment, leading to a remarkable revolution in several crucial areas such as Projects, Operations, Procurement, Logistics, Finance, Warehouse Management, TQM, HCM, CRM, EDM, Asset Management & Maintenance, Governance & Compliances, EHS, and Dashboard & Analytics. This remarkable transformation has enabled our company to dramatically decrease the total cost of ownership in these domains, simultaneously relieving our IT team from the burden of system operation management. Consequently, our skilled IT professionals can now concentrate on value-driven tasks, significantly enriching overall productivity and efficiency.

The Result

PPPL has successfully streamlined its operations, leading to improved efficiency and seamless integration. The financial reporting, forecasting, and planning processes have all been upgraded through automation, elevating the quality and accuracy of these crucial activities. This has also facilitated enhanced collaboration, transparency, and decision security.

Additionally, the implementation of NERP has yielded significant benefits for the purchasing department. Operational costs have been significantly reduced, while supplier compliance has been greatly enhanced. As a result, there is now a higher level of confidence in the overall quality of both processes and products. The introduction of cross-departmental reporting has provided invaluable insights into costs, enabling PPPL to evaluate suppliers effectively and secure the most competitive prices.

The implementation of NERP has effectively reduced operational expenses while enhancing delivery speed through automated and integrated procedures. Additionally, it has enhanced transparency and decision-making assurance through the utilization of data intelligence. Furthermore, it has facilitated seamless collaboration among diverse departments and locations, bolstering data dependability. Consequently, these improvements have resulted in more informed decision-making across operations and streamlined collaboration among departments and locations. Consequently, PPPL has been successful in identifying patterns and ensuring timely availability of materials without the risk of excessive inventory. Furthermore, the system has enabled effective management of smaller batch sizes and a wide range of product variations by providing the necessary transparency.

PPPL's revenue has experienced a noteworthy rise of 20%, while successfully reducing the overall cost of ownership and accelerating the time required achieving value through the implementation of NERP. Moreover, the enhanced on-time delivery performance has fostered customer confidence in the timely completion of projects, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction.

In essence, NERP has been crucial in propelling the success of PPPL, empowering the organization to attain substantial advantages across multiple departments.

Key Business Outcomes and Advantages Include

  • Achieved a significant reduction in operational expenses, while also improving compliance from suppliers and experiencing a remarkable 20% increase in revenue.
  • Successfully implemented a cross-departmental procurement reporting system that enables thorough analysis of supplier performance, costs, and pricing.
  • Improved transparency and ensured decision security through the utilization of data intelligence.
  • Streamlined collaboration among different departments and locations, facilitating a smoother workflow.
  • Successfully enhanced the quality of financial reporting, forecasting, and planning by incorporating automation.
  • Improved overall data reliability, resulting in more informed decision-making across all operational areas
  • Streamlined and modernized various archival procedures across different departments including finance, HR, supply chain management, sales and distribution, procurement, and material management by implementing automated digitalization processes

Featured Solutions & Services

Unified Nirmalya platform brings forth a seamless integration, enhanced simplicity, and increased efficiency. It facilitates the synchronization of data and empowers advanced analytics, leading to improved collaboration, transparency, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

  • ERP enables to maximize the potential of data through an in-memory database designed for digital business and the Intelligent Enterprise
  • HCM assists in effectively addressing employee needs and bridging experience gaps to ensure a resilient and productive workforce
  • CRM empowers marketers to enhance customer lifetime value by delivering real-time, omni-channel experiences
  • WMS optimizes inventory control, streamlines order fulfillment, and enhances overall operational efficiency, offering the advantages of improved accuracy, productivity, & real-time visibility
  • EAM enables efficient monitoring, maintenance, and control, while streamlining production scheduling and enhancing asset tracking and traceability


Pramila Projects Private Limited (PPPL) is an innovative engineering and construction company that has cultivated a commendable standing for its outstanding performance in the market. Their proficiency encompasses various areas such as Structural Steel Fabrication & installation, Mechanical Equipment installation, Pre-engineering building (P.E.B.) installation, Roof Sheeting, Wall cladding, Boiler Maintenance, and Road Construction. Establishing our presence in 2007, we have swiftly emerged as a trailblazer in the construction sector, successfully executing numerous noteworthy and substantial projects.

Industry Segment Region Company Size
Construction & Engineering EPC India 450+ Employees

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We have significantly enhanced efficiency by centralizing, hosting, and making all our operations accessible in the cloud. Nirmalya Unified Platform has enabled us to support remote sales and customer service, offer an elevated level of service to our customers, and effectively manage our operations with real-time data.

Saroj Patro | CMD, Shoukeen Industries

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