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The Prameya: Revitalizing the Future through Digital Transformation

The Prameya, Odisha's top-selling Odia-language daily newspaper, is owned by Summa Real Media Private Limited, which is widely recognized as the SOA Group. SOA Group encompasses various media platforms, news portals, and publications that aim to entertain and enlighten audiences worldwide. Presently, Summa Real Media Private Limited is dedicated to supporting the growth of its newspapers while implementing innovations in media. However, the organization faced hindrances due to an outdated and heavily customized technology infrastructure. Consequently, the group devised a strategy to undertake a digital transformation, aiming to modernize its archaic IT systems and streamline resource management. With a greater capacity for savings and efficiency, Summa Real Media Private Limited could focus on the future endeavors.

Through the utilization of NERP with Enterprise Content Management, Suma has not only enhanced operational efficiency but also effectively grown their business, enabling to flourish in a fiercely competitive market.


Increase in Revenue


Viewership Rise


Mnimized Storage Costs

Our database had been progressively expanding each year, resulting in rising operational expenses and unsatisfactory viewership. We recognized the necessity for a transformation to enhance operational efficiency, decrease infrastructure costs, and streamline our processes. Nirmalya Enterprise Resource Planning emerged as the reliable digital backbone for our solutions, offering valuable support that enabled our brands to innovate, adapt quickly, and retain an advantageous position in the market.

Pramod Kumar, IT Head

The Challenge

The printing sector in India has encountered numerous hurdles in recent times, with the prevailing economic circumstances leaving no exception for Prameya. This organization has been confronted with escalating expenses, the rapid infusion of digital technology, shifting consumer attitudes, growing environmental concerns, and intensified competition from social media platforms.

Prameya has been utilizing in-house portal and a few accounting packages, the organization is now confronted with the challenge of finding a comprehensive solution that can effectively manage the entire print media process. This solution should encompass a unified content management, customer relationship management, marketing, vendor management, procurement, resource allocation, supply chain management, collaboration, controlling operations, and data analysis with reporting capabilities. In light of these requirements, there is a clear demand for a unified and robust solution that can efficiently manage and streamline these critical operations for Prameya.

To overcome these challenges and enhance overall performance, Prameya has embarked on a digital transformation journey. The main goal of the organization is to boost operational efficiency and facilitate scalability by though unified NERP platform. This cohesive system aims to streamline news collection, editing, printing, supply chain, automate various processes, and serve as a reliable source of precise information, enabling the business to achieve significant efficiency improvements.

The Solution

The Prameya made the strategic choice to integrate a unified NERP system on the cloud as part of its digital transformation strategy. The selection process took into account the integration of top-notch industry practices while capitalizing on the agility and swiftness provided by cloud technology.

The decision to choose NERP as the preferred solution was predominantly influenced by its comprehensive approach, addressing various vital areas including media operations, supply chain management, sales and marketing, collaboration, financial management, oversight, data analysis, and reporting. By implementing NERP, Prameya gains the ability to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and effectively achieve their objectives.

Moreover, this solution offers various benefits such as reduced operational costs and improved delivery schedules through efficient and integrated processes. Moreover, it ensures enhanced clarity and strengthened decision-making capabilities by harnessing the power of data intelligence. The solution facilitates seamless collaboration among diverse publishing units and geographical regions, while optimizing the accuracy of financial reporting, forecasting, and planning through automated procedures. Ultimately, it enhances the reliability of data, thereby improving decision-making efficiency across all operational domains.

Prameya has achieved impressive results by digitizing processes for finance, HR, supply chain management, sales and distribution, procurement, Asset Management & Maintenance, Governance & Compliances, and material management, among others, Prameya has automated and improved numerous archival procedures.

This remarkable transformation has not only led to substantial improvements but has also contributed to a dramatic decrease in the total cost of ownership in these domains. As a result, it has relieved our IT team from the burden of system operation management. Skilled IT professionals can now dedicate their time and expertise to value-driven tasks, which has significantly enhanced overall productivity and efficiency.

The Result

Prameya has successfully streamlined its operations, leading to improved efficiency and seamless integration. The financial reporting, forecasting, and planning processes have all been upgraded through automation, elevating the quality and accuracy of these crucial activities. This has also facilitated enhanced collaboration, transparency, and decision security.

Additionally, the implementation of NERP has yielded significant benefits for the purchasing, sales, marketing and operations departments. Operational costs have been significantly reduced, while supplier compliance has been greatly enhanced. As a result, there is now a higher level of confidence in the overall quality of both processes and deliverables. The introduction of cross-departmental reporting has provided invaluable insights into costs, enabling Prameya to evaluate suppliers effectively and secure the most competitive prices.

NERP has effectively reduced operational expenses while enhancing news delivery speed through automated and integrated procedures. Additionally, it has enhanced transparency and decision-making assurance through the utilization of data intelligence. Furthermore, it has facilitated seamless collaboration among diverse departments and locations, bolstering data dependability. Consequently, these improvements have resulted in more informed decision-making across operations and streamlined collaboration among departments and locations.

Prameya’s revenue has experienced a noteworthy rise of 20% and viewership rise of 75%, while successfully reducing the overall cost of ownership and accelerating the time required achieving value through the implementation of NERP.

In essence, NERP has been crucial in propelling the success of Prameya, empowering the organization to attain substantial advantages across multiple departments.

Key Business Outcomes and Advantages Include

Key Business Outcomes and Advantages Include

  • Streamlined and modernized various archival procedures across different departments including finance, HR, supply chain management, sales and distribution, procurement, and material management by implementing automated digitalization processes.
  • Successfully minimized storage costs by 40% annually through the optimization of infrastructure architecture.
  • Demonstrated a notable enhancement in customer satisfaction, resulted in a significant decrease in employee help desk calls, and subsequently boosted overall productivity.
  • Employed the Support approach which led to the successful real-time resolution of 47% of all incidents through the implementation of a unified platform.
  • Implemented a workflow-based content management solution, resulting in a remarkable improvement of viewership by 250% from the initial stage of reporting to the final publishing stage.

Featured Solutions & Services

  • ERP leverages an in-memory database specifically designed for digital business and the Intelligent Enterprise, allowing for the maximization of data potential.
  • HCM effectively addresses employee needs and bridges experience gaps to ensure a resilient and productive workforce.
  • CRM empowers marketers to enhance customer lifetime value by providing real-time, omni-channel experiences.
  • WMS optimizes inventory control, streamlines order fulfillment, and enhances overall operational efficiency, offering improved accuracy, productivity, and real-time visibility.
  • EDM simplifies approval processes through customizable workflows, automated notifications with version control, security measures, and cost savings, making it an essential tool for print media businesses.


The Prayama, Odisha's top-selling Odia-language daily newspaper, is owned by Summa Real Media Private Limited, which is widely recognized as the SOA Group. SOA Group encompasses various media platforms, news portals, and publications that aim to entertain and enlighten audiences worldwide. Presently, Summa Real Media Private Limited is dedicated to supporting the growth of its newspapers while implementing innovations in media.

Industry Segment Region Company Size
Media & Entertainment Print Media India 800+ Employees

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Nirmalya has been able to help us delivering consistent employee experience across all locations to bind everybody together and give every employee the same experience

Sunil Das | CEO, News7 & Prameya

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