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Smart Warehouse Management

Enhance warehouse operations to effectively tackle the demands of the current market, adeptly overseeing intricate fulfilment processes, and attaining complete visibility of inventory across the distribution centre and store shelves.

Accelerate day-to-day warehouse operations using industry leading practices, such as mobile RF barcode scanning, defined strategies for putaway and picking, task management, return authorization receipts and cycle count plans. Handle thousands of SKUs across multiple locations and eliminate manual processes, allowing you to minimize handling costs, run your warehouses more efficiently and consistently meet customer expectations. Leverage warehouse operations to effectively adapt to the demands of today's market, efficiently handling intricate fulfilment processes, and attaining comprehensive inventory visibility - spanning from the distribution centre to the store shelf.


Effortlessly integrates with inventory management, order fulfilment, and manufacturing systems, enabling smooth communication and ensuring cohesive collaboration across teams using up-to-date, real-time information.

Real-time Data Visibility

WMS mobile application promptly updates or generates the necessary transaction and inventory data in NERP, ensuring seamless transparency of transactions and inventory information throughout the organization.


Utilizing a mobile device for warehouse tasks enhances inventory precision and minimizes the duration consumed in locating and managing items. Users receive guidance to efficiently accomplish crucial duties, encompassing receiving and stocking goods, as well as selecting and dispatching them.



Bringing data, technology & expertise together to transform your business and make future-ready.


Integrating different varieties of data to enhance transparency, insights, and transform digitally to capitalize on data and innovate without boundaries.


Reliable & Resilient – your platform & partner for digital transformation without limits.

Simplify, Streamline, and Succeed

Experience a multitude of benefits that awaits

  • Automate and streamline warehouse processes from inbound receipts to outbound deliveries for improved efficiency, smoother operations, and the ability to handle higher volumes.
  • Create floor plans and place pallets, shelves, and equipment in the best locations to run at peak efficiency and save time and money.
  • Create accurate demand forecasts, run a just-in-time inventory strategy, and improve traceability.
  • Forecast labour needs, create schedules, optimize travel time within a warehouse, and assign the right task to the right employee based on skill level, proximity, and other factors.
  • Improve order fulfilment, faster deliveries, and fewer inaccuracies to increase customer satisfaction and improve your brand reputation.
  • Enhance operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction by integrating multiple channel fulfilment processes into a unified system.
  • Optimize picking efficiency and facilitate seamless outbound shipments to stores through advanced wave management techniques leveraging intelligent algorithms.
  • Support both B2B and B2C order fulfilment by efficiently organizing inventory into outbound loads with multi-stop routes.
  • Efficiently coordinate and manage inbound and outbound shipments, cross-docking, and flow-through allocations. Additionally, provide value-added services like labelling, tagging, and kitting as per customized requirements.
  • Enhance visibility and coordination throughout warehouse operations by synchronizing yard-to-dock movements with other tasks, ensuring end-to-end visibility.
  • Minimize disruptions in manufacturing flows by minimizing stockouts of raw materials amenable accurate tracking of inventory utilizing lot, batch, and serial numbering techniques.

Prominent attributes to enhance your organization

Simplify and streamline your organization's complex processes with Nirmalya Enterprise Resource Planning, an all-in-one enterprise resource planning platform.


Transform your company's inbound logistics operations with our cutting-edge feature. Our intuitive dashboards enable seamless coordination of transportation, receipt, and storage of inbound inventory, optimizing efficiency and productivity. From expediting outstanding orders to efficiently managing container logistics and scheduling receipt dates, our platform empowers you with complete control and real-time visibility. Perform inspections and track vendor quality to ensure products meet your exacting standards upon receipt. Simplify and standardize the putaway process with our predefined strategies, leveraging mobile receiving capabilities to capture accurate data and maximize warehouse space utilization.

  • Manage inventory from the moment a purchase order is logged until goods are received at your warehouse. Regularly update shipping information to ensure the whole organization remains informed.
  • Use predefined putaway strategies to determine the suitable location and method of storing inventory in the warehouse. Our mobile app guides users through the entire putaway process, ensuring that items are placed accurately in their designated areas.
  • Organize items by the shipping container they were packed in and obtain the complete container effortlessly with a simple click.
  • Enhance the warehouse arrangement, it is advised to place high-demand products in close proximity to fulfilment centres and organize similar items in clusters for improved efficiency.
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Experience seamless order fulfilment with our cutting-edge technology designed to expedite and accurately fulfil customer orders. Our intelligent pick-and-pack strategies, coupled with streamlined wave release tactics, ensure that every order is processed swiftly and without errors. By embracing our efficient solutions, companies can optimize their fulfilment processes, enhancing overall efficiency and improving customer satisfaction. Take full control of your order management and experience the advantages of our customizable features today.

  • Increase order processing efficiency by grouping similar orders together and fulfilling them simultaneously.
  • Fulfil customer orders seamlessly across multiple locations by utilizing cross-subsidiary fulfilment capabilities.
  • Minimize the need for multiple visits to the same bin in a day; consider selecting similar items from multiple orders simultaneously.
  • Enhance labour efficiency through consolidated order picking and packing, which encourages staff to efficiently gather similar items for multiple orders simultaneously.
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Transform your warehouse operations with our cutting-edge mobile warehouse management feature. Say goodbye to desk-bound employees and embrace a more dynamic approach by empowering them to perform vital tasks like receiving, putaway, picking, and packing directly from their mobile devices. With real-time access to critical information on warehouse operations, inventory, and orders, our WMS app increases efficiency, minimizes human error, and guarantees accurate data and visibility, all leading to a highly optimized and productive warehouse environment.

  • Ensure a precise data acquisition and validation vis-à-vis initial transaction empowers warehouse managers and customer service representatives to effectively monitor sales status while mitigating the risk of expensive mis-picks.
  • Accurately scan items upon entry, movement, and exit from the warehouse, we can eliminate any delays in the inventory records and significantly enhance visibility.
  • Provide a sequential arrangement of items by following detailed instructions, ensuring their correct placement in the designated areas during the putaway process.
  • Enables the precise recording of item, lot, and serial numbers, thus ensuring the accuracy and currency of inventory data though Mobile scanning.
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Storage & Bin Management

Create storage bin manually (Normal or Batch Mode) or group a range of storage bins with similar characteristics and define them simultaneously. In manual mode, you can create storage bins one by one, entering essential details like bin number, size, capacity, and location. For businesses dealing with a vast range of products and high order volumes, batch mode creation proves to be most efficient. This method involves grouping a range of storage bins with similar characteristics and defining them simultaneously. By leveraging batch mode, you can save time and effort, and ensure consistency in bin creation across your warehouse.

  • Block or unblock storage bins selectively, on the basis of rows, in bulk storage with a time limit for put ways, and whole storage type.
  • Get overview of the storage bin list contains information about capacity utilization in the warehouse, the materials that are stored there, how long the articles have been in storage, and the quants that are in storage.
  • Group storage bins based on demand or frequency of orders is another strategy to consider by placing frequently requested items in easily accessible areas, you can minimize picking time and maximize efficiency.
  • Create separate sections for small, medium, and large items, or categorize them based on weight classes to optimize storage space and facilitates efficient use of equipment, such as forklifts or pallet jacks.
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Planning & Monitoring

Oversee, plan and optimize work processes and notify responsible personnel in case there are delays or errors in the overall system. The warehouse activity monitor helps you to identify and correct warehousing errors or critical processes soon after they occur, thus enabling you to carry out warehousing transactions in a timely manner. Planning and monitoring play a vital role in optimizing work processes and ensuring timely execution of warehousing transactions with the help of a warehouse activity monitor, businesses can identify and rectify errors or delays promptly, enabling them to maintain a smooth and streamlined operation.

  • Monitor SKU levels in respective warehouses whenever you create a sales or purchase order enabling you to keep track of your item quantity on a day-to-day basis.
  • Track transfer orders and receive real-time updates on the whereabouts of stock and automatic stock level updates between warehouses and receive reorder notifications.
  • Detect issues and notify the responsible personnel in real-time, allow to promptly addressing errors, businesses can avoid escalations, minimize customer dissatisfaction, and maintain a high level of operational efficiency.
  • Enable businesses to take swift corrective actions, minimizing the impact of errors or delays on the overall system though monitoring real-time data and provides alerts or notifications whenever there are deviations from the planned processes.
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Whether you are running a small business or managing a large organization, finding ways to streamline processes and improve productivity is essential. One area where automation can make a significant impact is in processing tasks. By leveraging automated background processing, you can reduce individual workload considerably and accelerate overall processing speed. Accelerate processing though automated background processing quickly in the system to reduce individual workload considerably. Automated background processing allows you to offload mundane tasks to the system, reducing the individual workload considerably. This can help prevent burnout and increase employee satisfaction.

  • Prioritize incoming customer orders based on the frequency, not only strengthens customer relationships but also helps in maximizing order fulfilment efficiency.
  • Process and consolidate orders manually and automatically as per need, helps handle a large volume of orders swiftly and accurately.
  • Streamline order processing methods decreases the chances of errors, rework, and delays, ultimately alleviating the burden on individual employees.
  • Optimize order workflows with reduced individual workload, personalize the order fulfilment experience and address any specific customer requirements with utmost care.
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Stock Management

With a myriad of products and logistical complexities, businesses need robust solutions to gain real-time visibility into their inventory across different locations. Get real-time visibility into inventory across locations, including items in transit and in stores and tracking information using automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology such as Barcodes/QRcodes or RFID. Real-time visibility provides actionable insights into stock performance, enabling businesses to make informed decisions regarding supplier relationships, production planning, and demand forecasting.

  • Allocate inventory according to custom workflows and picking logic so that inventory can be moved faster, both into and out of the warehouse.
  • Get demands forecasting using advanced analytics and insights into product and vendor performance.
  • Adjust inventory levels on the fly to ensure there is just enough stock to satisfy customer demand, whether in-store or online.
  • Automatically capture and track inventory data in real-time, reducing manual errors and improving efficiency with the advent of AIDC technologies such as Barcodes/QRcodes or RFID.
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Warehouse Movements

Effective management of goods movements within a warehouse or between multiple warehouses is essential for streamlining processes, reducing costs, and improving overall productivity. Accelerate goods movements within warehouse or between warehouses based on existing Transfer or Movement documents for goods receipts, goods issues, and differences to store data before it is posted to the storage areas in the warehouse. Forecasting when an article should be replenished based on previous order patterns. By optimizing the movement of goods, businesses can minimize bottlenecks, eliminate unnecessary delays, and enhance the overall flow of operations.

  • Enhance inventory accuracy and decision-making by utilizing Transfer or Movement documents which enable businesses to minimize discrepancies and effortlessly monitor goods in real-time.
  • Improve resource utilization, increase throughput, and achieve cost reductions in labour by optimizing warehouse operations.
  • Accelerate the order fulfilment process, reduce lead times, and enhance overall customer satisfaction by reducing the time taken for goods movements, thus expediting the processing of customer orders.
  • Ensure seamless workflow by examining and labelling incoming goods while strategically determining the ideal storage location for items based on their picking frequency.
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Stock Transfer & Replenishment

Whether it's transferring stocks between plants or storage locations, warehouses, or even storage bins within a facility, optimizing these internal transfers can significantly boost productivity and reduce costs. Transfer stocks against transfer order from one plant/storage location to another plant/storage location, one Warehouse to another warehouse, and one storage bin to another storage bin. Forecast the necessary stock for fixed storage bins by considering planned stock removals resulting from existing deliveries with picking from fixed storage bins, alongside the current stock situation.

  • Simplify stock transfers to guarantee timely availability of the correct products, minimizing delays and optimizing customer satisfaction.
  • Efficiently monitor and carry out stock transfers, streamlining operations and enhancing overall productivity by implementing robust transfer order processes.
  • Enhance inventory control to prevent surplus stock and empower executives to promptly respond to demand forecasting by swiftly moving products.
  • Minimize the time-consuming process of traditional communication for high volume inventory transactions and maintain a comprehensive record of inventory/warehouse transfer data.
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Putaway & Picking

Efficient warehouse operations are crucial for businesses to effectively manage their inventory and meet customer demands. From the moment goods arrive at the warehouse to the time they are shipped out, every step in the process needs to be organized and streamlined. Two essential aspects of warehouse operations are putaway and picking, which involve the storage and retrieval of goods. View the list of goods to pick or putaway, scan and send back the completed items list, which reflects in real time. When the system creates transfer orders to move goods into or out of the warehouse, you do not have to intervene when it comes to finding storage bins.

  • Employ putaway and removal strategies used by the system to search for storage bins in the most expeditious manner and define stock removal strategy FIFO, LIFO, or Partial Quantities Fist as per the need.
  • Define storage unit management to optimize warehouse capacity and control material flow using storage units within the warehouse.
  • Ensure items are stored in the most suitable location, maximizing efficiency and minimizing the time required for future retrieval.
  • Optimize the picking process by providing real-time visibility of available inventory to ensure accurate inventory counts and minimizes the risk of errors.
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Cross Docking

Cross docking improves inventory control by reducing the amount of inventory held in stock. With just-in-time delivery, businesses can more accurately match supply with demand, minimizing the risk of overstocking or stockouts. This leads to improved cash flow and reduced inventory carrying costs. Handle materials more efficiently and minimizes unnecessary material double-handling to reduce cycle times, inventory and handling costs. By minimizing storage needs and reducing handling time, cross docking significantly reduces warehousing costs. Businesses no longer have to allocate valuable space for storing inventory, resulting in substantial savings in rent, utilities, and labour costs.

  • Enable goods to be either directly moved between the goods receipt and goods issue areas, or first moved from goods receipt to a cross-docking storage type, before being moved to the goods issue area.
  • Get information on actual and arising problematic situations in the warehouse, which are related to cross-docking, and enables you to handle exceptions.
  • Monitor cross-docking in the warehouse, including cross-docking decisions and their statuses.
  • Empower warehouse managers to proactively address exceptions, ensuring smooth operations and preventing potential bottlenecks.
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Cycle Count

Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your inventory management with Smart Count, the cutting-edge solution designed to simplify cycle counting. By closely monitoring transactions for the items being counted, Smart Count guarantees timely notifications to counters, empowering them to take immediate action. Our intelligent system allows administrators to set preferences for handling on-hand quantity changes during the counting process. Experience seamless inventory control like never before with Smart Count.

  • Ensure constant reliance on precise inventory counts, thereby enhancing the overall accuracy of your inventory management.
  • Maintain a proactive approach by promptly monitoring any fluctuations in inventory levels, empowering you to make necessary adjustments and optimize your inventory control.
  • Streamline operations effectively to efficiently meet customer demands by ensuring the availability of the right products in a streamlined manner.
  • Maintain a record of transactions occurring for the items being tallied. In case any activity takes place while counting, promptly notify the counters to enable them to respond accordingly.
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Dashboard and Analytics

Dashboards and analytics have become vital instruments for enterprises seeking to enhance their warehouse management procedures. These tools offer an instantaneous overview of inventory, facilitate informed decision-making based on data, refine stock levels, and improve visibility and planning. Consequently, they play a pivotal role in reducing inventory on hand, streamlining operations, and maximizing profitability, making them indispensable elements of contemporary business strategies. By scrutinizing data patterns, enterprises can forecast demand, adapt procurement strategies, and optimize inventory levels correspondingly.

  • Fully personalized view of your daily metrics with Real-time option to help you make important business decisions on the spot.
  • Track the time until items are out of stock, and see historical purchase amounts along with estimated costs for re-purchasing.
  • Help inventory managers quickly get up to speed on the current state of their inventory, and help them plan for the future.
  • Minimize the chances of stockouts or excess inventory, ensuring smoother operations and improved customer satisfaction.
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Resolving a wide range of challenges


Observe real-time update of inventory quantities and status, organized by bin location, as merchandise enters, progresses within, and departs from the warehouse.


Using a mobile device, orders can be received and item characteristics can be inputted at the time of receipt.


Enhance the efficiency of the warehouse arrangement; arrange quick-selling products in close proximity to fulfilment centres while ensuring that similar items are grouped together.

Order Picking

Utilize wave release and multi-order picking techniques for efficiently consolidating similar orders. Enhance operational efficiency by picking items for multiple orders in a single warehouse run.


Utilize optimally designed workflows on mobile devices to guide users seamlessly through a systematic procedure for selecting individual orders.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve efficiency in order delivery and reduce errors in picking and fulfilment through the use of data validation.

We have significantly enhanced efficiency by centralizing, hosting, and making all our operations accessible in the cloud. Nirmalya Unified Platform has enabled us to support remote sales and customer service, offer an elevated level of service to our customers, and effectively manage our operations with real-time data.

Saroj Patro | CMD, Shoukeen Industries

Accelerated Value Realization

Our implementation strategy is designed to ensure that your business operations undergo a swift and seamless transformation, resulting in faster time to value. Our experienced consultants utilize a structured approach that combines extensive industry knowledge with the latest implementation techniques. This enables you to expedite the deployment of our powerful solution and experience a rapid return on investment.

Through our streamlined process, you can optimize productivity and streamline business processes with minimal disruption. We have consolidated the expertise gained from global deployments into a set of leading practices, providing a clear path to success and delivering rapid business value.

With Nirmalya, you can confidently expect to go live within a predictable timeframe through smart, stepped implementations.

How much does it cost?

Nirmalya offers its services to companies of all sizes, including startups, fast-growing businesses, medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, and non-profit organizations. We assist these companies in streamlining their operational capabilities without the need for significant capital and operational expenditures. By eliminating the burden of maintaining an Enterprise Resource Planning system, which typically involves investments in manpower, hardware, and software, we help companies focus on their core activities.

Our collaboration with companies involves an initial setup fee for implementation, followed by an annual license fee based on the modules chosen by the customer for implementation. As businesses expand, customers have the flexibility to incorporate new modules as needed.


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