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Order Management

Improve the efficiency of the order-to-payment process, tailor the invoice generation to individual needs, reduce billing errors, and streamline order management by consolidating all your orders in a single, centralized platform.

Efficiency and accuracy are at the heart of Order Management. This comprehensive feature automates and manages every stage of an order's life cycle, leaving no room for errors or delays. From the initial placement of an order by a customer to its seamless delivery and subsequent post-sales service, Order Management ensures that all records are maintained meticulously. It covers critical aspects such as order capture and validation, order release, shipment confirmation, customer communication, and settlement. Moreover, Order Management easily handles complex scenarios like split shipments and drop ship, simplifying your operations. By effectively tracking and managing the flow of information across your entire network of fulfilment locations and providers, it guarantees a swift and efficient order processing. When faced with any fulfilment challenges, you can count on Order Management to swiftly resolve them and minimize any disruptions to your operations.


Provide customers with an omnichannel experience, enabling them to make purchases from any location, receive their orders anywhere, and easily return items.


Consolidate inventory, pricing, orders, payments, and returns information into a single source, both customers and employees can access reliable and prompt answers, resulting in a superior customer experience.


Enhance quote accuracy, eliminate billing errors, optimize revenue recognition processes, and expedite order fulfilment by seamlessly integrating sales, finance, and operations teams.



Bringing data, technology & expertise together to transform your business and make future-ready.


Integrating different varieties of data to enhance transparency, insights, and transform digitally to capitalize on data and innovate without boundaries.


Reliable & Resilient – your platform & partner for digital transformation without limits.

Transform, Innovate, and Prosper

Experience a multitude of benefits that awaits

  • Utilize the Manage Sales Orders Versions for the creation, modification, and display of sales orders swiftly and effortlessly.
  • Automated business process on the basis of order type, a designated business procedure will be initiated, pre-configured with relevant default values.
  • View imperative sales order information on an object page and verify the details for situation handling.
  • Obtain a holistic perspective of all pertinent sales orders, accompanied by their key data.
  • Review compiled sales data for a specific time period to gain an insight into the business documents of a particular customer.
  • Develop and uphold work processes for the sanction of sales orders and alternative sales documents.
  • Implement APIs for sales orders and other sales documents to establish a seamless connection of business processes across your system landscape.
  • Employ payment cards and external payments in relation to sales orders and other sales documents.
  • Streamline processes to reduce inefficiencies and errors, guaranteeing prompt and error-free order fulfilment.
  • Customize fulfilment guidelines to enhance efficiency across various locations, such as warehouses, stores, and suppliers.
  • Determine the most suitable shipping destination by considering proximity or product availability, allowing for optimal delivery.

Prominent attributes to enhance your organization

Simplify and streamline your organization's complex processes with Nirmalya Enterprise Resource Planning, an all-in-one enterprise resource planning platform.

Order Management

Elevate your customers' satisfaction to new heights with our advanced multichannel order management system. It offers shoppers the freedom to purchase products from any location, effortlessly collect their orders from anywhere, and conveniently return items as needed. Seamlessly integrate a wide range of fulfilment options, including direct shipping from the warehouse, store fulfilment, and drop shipping, while driving profitability for your business. Achieve full inventory visibility across all channels, effectively orchestrate orders, and monitor the entire order life cycle through intuitive dashboards. With our intelligent system, you can make informed decisions on order fulfilment, taking into account global inventory availability and predefined business rules. Stay ahead of your customers' delivery expectations by delivering the perfect order every time.

  • Multichannel order management enables businesses to effectively meet customer expectations while supporting numerous fulfilment choices, ultimately driving profitability.
  • Efficiently direct orders to the most cost-effective or geographically suitable fulfilment centres, reducing shipping expenses and transit durations.
  • Provide a shopping experience that fosters customer loyalty, resulting in increased purchases and advocacy for the brand.

Sales Order Management

Experience enhanced efficiency and improved cash flow with our sales order management software. By automating the entire order-to-cash process, including order receiving, approval, scheduling, fulfilment, tracking, and payment collection, it eliminates manual bottlenecks and enhances productivity. Define customized rules for order handling to automate daily tasks and streamline operations. With our system, you can fulfil orders quickly and accurately, supporting timely invoicing and payments. Say goodbye to errors and delays, and optimize your processes for on-time delivery and budget compliance.

  • Enhance productivity by implementing personalized, predefined rules that automate time-consuming tasks, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Gain comprehensive understanding of profit implications by accessing up-to-date cost and gross profit information as sales orders are inputted, enabling businesses to make informed decisions.
  • Employ workflow automation and user permission settings to ensure seamless progression of approvals, while continuously monitoring progress in real time.

Goods Return Management

Experience a seamless returns management process and enhance your profitability by harnessing the power of our order management feature. Our innovative solution simplifies the returns process, enabling swift integration of returned items into your inventory, making them readily available for sale. With our comprehensive capabilities, you can effortlessly accept returns from all channels, facilitate smooth exchanges, effectively manage credits, and establish tailored returns process rules. Say goodbye to the challenges of dealing with disparate systems, as our advanced system ensures accurate returns management, allowing saleable items to swiftly re-enter your available-to-promise inventory without any delays. Elevate your customers' experience with streamlined returns and exchanges, while maintaining control over the credit process through customizable rules that cater to returns from multiple channels.

  • Equip customer service representatives with comprehensive information and real-time inventory updates enables them to propose alternative products and fulfilment choices in order to convert return situations into exchanges.
  • Ensure streamlined and consistent return and exchange processes across various sales channels by implementing a singular, integrated system.
  • Enhance efficiency by swiftly inspecting items returned in-store, making them immediately accessible in inventory across all channels.

Pricing Management

Streamline your pricing operations and boost your bottom line with our comprehensive pricing management feature. Simplify the process of managing, controlling, and updating prices by utilizing our centralized platform. With the ability to define and maintain multiple pricing strategies, you can cater to various customer segments and specific currency requirements effortlessly. Our powerful promotion engine adds another dimension to your profitability, allowing you to create customized promotions across all sales channels. From brick-and-mortar stores to online platforms and contact centres, our platform ensures a consistent and compelling customer experience. Leverage the invaluable data provided to evaluate the effectiveness of your pricing strategies and make data-driven decisions to maximize your profits.

  • Generate exclusive offers intended to incentivize customers towards product purchases though promotional activities effectively clear slow-moving inventory, boost sales, and acknowledge esteemed clientele.
  • Implement diverse pricing tiers alongside customer- and currency-specific pricing structures to guarantee accurate charges for customers.
  • Extend discounts and promotions to facilitate the sale of surplus stock prior to expiration or obsolescence, preventing it from turning into obsolete inventory.

Dashboard and Analytics

Transform your business operations with Nirmalya's real-time gross profit analysis platform designed to help organizations to accelerate their profit. By giving you immediate access to estimated gross profitability percentages on orders as they are inputted, you can make informed decisions for greater financial success. Choose from a range of costing methods including last receipt, average, standard, and defined to analyse each line item and ensure it aligns with your profitability goals. Monitoring ASP, MRR, LTV, AND CAC helps understanding price dynamics and customer acquisition cost.

  • Improve sales forecasting accuracy, inventory planning, resource management, and sales strategies by analysing historical sales data and market trends.
  • Customize sales and marketing strategies to align with customer preferences, behaviours, and purchasing patterns to better meet their needs.
  • Identify areas for enhancement and implement strategies to enhance sales productivity and effectiveness by monitoring key sales metrics and performance.
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Resolving a wide range of challenges


Seamlessly integrate order and inventory data to guarantee that orders are promptly fulfilled by allocating available inventory, thus eliminating stockouts.


Streamline the fulfilment process by automating it, thereby eliminating costly errors that arise from manual procedures.

Cost Optimization

Optimize order fulfilment by automatically routing orders based on the global availability and location of inventory, thereby minimizing unnecessary shipping expenses.


Ensure the accurate management of returns, ensuring that items eligible for resale are promptly added back to the available-to-purchase inventory without any delay.


Intelligently identify the optimal fulfilment method by considering worldwide inventory availability and predefined business regulations.


Enhance cash flow by implementing automated order-to-cash procedures, eliminating obstacles, and optimizing processes to ensure timely and cost-effective order deliveries.


Mobile scanners can be configured to scan upon order receipt, ensuring that all essential data is accurately captured before items are received.


Leverage existing purchasing contracts and blanket purchase orders, manual tasks associated with issuing new purchase orders to vendors minimized.


Efficiently oversee and evaluate supplier performance using streamlined workflows and scorecards for vendor performance assessment.

Nirmalya has been able to help us delivering consistent employee experience across all locations to bind everybody together and give every employee the same experience

Sunil Das | CEO, News7 & Prameya

Accelerated Value Realization

Our implementation strategy is designed to ensure that your business operations undergo a swift and seamless transformation, resulting in faster time to value. Our experienced consultants utilize a structured approach that combines extensive industry knowledge with the latest implementation techniques. This enables you to expedite the deployment of our powerful solution and experience a rapid return on investment.

Through our streamlined process, you can optimize productivity and streamline business processes with minimal disruption. We have consolidated the expertise gained from global deployments into a set of leading practices, providing a clear path to success and delivering rapid business value.

With Nirmalya, you can confidently expect to go live within a predictable timeframe through smart, stepped implementations.

How much does it cost?

Nirmalya offers its services to companies of all sizes, including startups, fast-growing businesses, medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, and non-profit organizations. We assist these companies in streamlining their operational capabilities without the need for significant capital and operational expenditures. By eliminating the burden of maintaining an Enterprise Resource Planning system, which typically involves investments in manpower, hardware, and software, we help companies focus on their core activities.

Our collaboration with companies involves an initial setup fee for implementation, followed by an annual license fee based on the modules chosen by the customer for implementation. As businesses expand, customers have the flexibility to incorporate new modules as needed.


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