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Order Management

Optimize the procedure from order to payment, personalize the generation of invoices, and minimize inaccuracies in billing.

By leveraging sales order management and processing, a streamlined integration follows into the sales process chain. This chain ranges from quote generation to product shipment, extending from invoice issuance to revenue booking. You can embody presales business operations through sales inquiries and sales quotations. Customers hold the ability to answer a sales quotation with a purchase order. This in turn prompts a sales order. Essentially, a sales order is a solicitation to supply a determined quantity of products or offer a specified service within a given time frame. Various subsequent processes, such as delivery processing are initiated by these sales orders.

  • Efficiently manage sales orders: Utilize the Manage Sales Orders Versions for the creation, modification, and display of sales orders swiftly and effortlessly. Automated business process: On the basis of order type, a designated business procedure will be initiated, pre-configured with relevant default values.
  • Quick access to crucial sales data: View imperative sales order information on an object page and verify the details for situation handling.
  • Comprehensive sales order overview: Obtain a holistic perspective of all pertinent sales orders, accompanied by their key data.
  • Detailed view of a specific customer's documents: Review compiled sales data for a specific time period to gain an insight into the business documents of a particular customer.
  • Streamlined workflow maintenance: Develop and uphold work processes for the sanction of sales orders and alternative sales documents.
  • Integration through APIs: Implement APIs for sales orders and other sales documents to establish a seamless connection of business processes across your system landscape.
  • Payments within sales orders: Employ payment cards and external payments in relation to sales orders and other sales documents.