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Enterprise Asset Management

Enhance productivity, schedule breaks, optimize asset efficiency, and minimize operational downtime by conveniently utilizing web and mobile applications to add value to assets from any location, at any time.

Revolutionize your asset management strategies with our state-of-the-art Enterprise Asset Management platform. With its intuitive interface and powerful functionalities, our software takes the complexity out of managing your enterprise assets. Ensure optimal asset utilization, minimize downtime, and enhance operational efficiency with features such as preventive maintenance scheduling, real-time asset tracking, and work order management. Gain valuable insights into your assets' performance and make informed decisions with our advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. Enterprise Asset Management holds significance in enabling organizations to effectively monitor, evaluate, handle, and enhance the quality and dependability of their assets. EAM's implementation of optimal methodologies aids maintenance teams in achieving enhanced command over intricate operational landscapes.

Asset Utilization

Guarantee maximum utilization of assets to enhance operational efficiency and minimize costs.

Proactive Maintenance

Identify potential issues, schedule maintenance activities, and prevent expensive equipment breakdowns.

Regulatory Compliance

Verify assets comply with applicable standards, preventing penalties and safeguarding reputation.



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Experience a multitude of benefits that awaits

  • Track assets from purchase to disposal easily, knowing their location, usage, and the best moment for maintenance.
  • Streamlines asset management, reducing the time and effort for managing your assets to focus on revenue generation activities.
  • Save on utility and capital expenses with a reliability centered maintenance approach that works the best for each asset.
  • Make data driven decisions, leading to better business outcomes with real-time data and advanced analytics at fingertips.
  • Improve MTTR and MTBF by automating PPM schedules with instantly accessible and easy-to-follow digital checklists
  • Calculate the depreciation value of any asset using popular methods for taking a call on the right time for asset recycling.
  • Know the big picture on work order execution and get notified of important updates on your mobile anytime.
  • Monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness for each shift, operation, and product to minimize the quantity of rejected goods while improving asset productivity levels.
  • Utilize a simplified presentation of maintenance performance across different locations and meticulously track the quantity of active, impending, and pending tasks.

Prominent attributes to enhance your organization

Simplify and streamline your organization's complex processes with Nirmalya Enterprise Resource Planning, an all-in-one enterprise resource planning platform.

Interactive Dashboard

Utilize the capabilities of mobile and web platforms to generate key performance indicator (KPI) metrics and graphs regarding the performance of assets, technicians, and locations. Gain insights into work distribution by visualizing it through a 52-week planned preventive maintenance (PPM) calendar, which can be viewed in an aerial perspective.By scrutinizing data patterns, enterprises can forecast demand, adapt procurement strategies, and optimize assets correspondingly.

  • Utilize a simplified presentation of maintenance performance across different locations and meticulously track the quantity of active, impending, and pending tasks.
  • Fully personalized view of your daily metrics with Real-time option to help you make important business decisions on the spot.
  • Track the time until assets are out of order, and see historical purchase amounts along with estimated costs for re-purchasing
  • Helpoperation managers quickly get up to speed on the current state of assets, and help them plan for the future.

Work Order Management

Efficient work order management is vital for businesses across industries to enable streamlined processes, improves productivity, and enhances customer satisfaction. With simplicity and convenience at your fingertips, generating service requests is a breeze on both Web and Mobile platforms or via a quick scan of a QR code. These requests seamlessly morph into well-defined, outcome-driven work orders that can be effortlessly monitored and traced. By incorporating multimedia representations, SLA compliance monitoring, and e-signatures, work order management becomes more efficient and productive.

  • Leverage e-signatures for efficient identification and authentication of essential stakeholders engaged in the work order process, eliminating the necessity of physical documentation. This streamlines administrative tasks, reduces burdens, and expedites workflow.
  • Guarantee adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and remain updated on any breaches or violations.
  • Prioritize conveying concerns through vocalization, image annotation, or video, emphasizing their significance.
  • Receive instantaneous notifications and alerts in real-time regarding violations or delays, enabling prompt remedial actions to be taken.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an essential practice that plays a crucial role in achieving these goals. By adopting a proactive approach, organizations can prevent unexpected failures and optimize the performance and lifespan of their assets. Create Planned Preventive Maintenance schedules by accounting for both time and asset usage in order to prevent expensive breakdowns and maintain production stability. Inform technicians promptly through mobile notifications regarding their assigned tasks, enabling them to carry out thorough repairs using convenient digital checklists. By digitizing checklists, organizations can ensure that technicians have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Schedule routine maintenance using a 52-week Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) calendar.
  • Enhance communication, decrease response times, and boost productivity through automated task allocation based on department, category, criticality, and other pertinent factors.
  • Gain a thorough comprehension of the organized to-do list in the correct sequence.
  • Empower technicians with accurate and efficient repair methods by providing step-by-step instructions, adherence to safety protocols, and access to troubleshooting guides.

Corrective Maintenance

When it comes to keeping equipment, machines, and systems in optimal working condition, corrective maintenance plays a crucial role. Utilize effective strategies to address breakdowns or perform reactive maintenance, aiming to detect, isolate, and rectify faults. This process is crucial for reinstating the functionality of equipment, machines, or systems, ensuring they can resume their intended operations smoothly. Automated task reassignment also helps in resource allocation, ensuring the optimal utilization of available workforce by matching skillsets and expertise with the requirements of each task, businesses can maximize productivity while minimizing delays and errors.

  • Outline different forms of corrective maintenance, such as Fail Repair, Overhaul, Salvage, and Servicing.
  • Implement an automated task reassignment system customized based on department, category, and criticality.
  • Place emphasis on prioritizing the most vital work orders to enhance production and efficiency.
  • Guarantee prompt attention to equipment or systems with the greatest operational impact, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

Spare Parts Management

Efficient spare parts management is crucial for maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. By utilizing integrated online vendor portals, organizations can achieve comprehensive inventory management, obtain necessary parts instantly at favourable prices, and empower technicians to make informed decisions. Achieve comprehensive inventory management and access the necessary parts instantly at the most favourable prices through an integrated online vendor portal. Technicians can conveniently review the availability of required parts before commencing a task directly from the work order.

  • Distinguish between Open, Scheduled, and Assigned work orders and effectively manage spare parts by promptly addressing priority tasks and giving appropriate attention to routine maintenance.
  • Gather important metrics like Mean Time To Repair, Mean Time Between Failures, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and PM Compliance.
  • Assess budget-centric metrics related to Assets and minimize the need for unscheduled maintenance tasks while optimizing the utilization of spare parts.
  • Evaluate MTTR, MTBF, OEE, and PM Compliance metrics to enhance spare parts management and ensure efficient use of budget resources.

Asset Tracking with RFID/QR Code

Asset tracking with RFID/QR Code technology revolutionizes the way organizations monitor and manage their assets. By leveraging the power of GPS, BLE, and RFID Beacon technology, organizations can gain accurate, real-time information about their assets, leading to enhanced efficiency, reduced losses, and improved decision-making. Monitor the movement of assets seamlessly in real-time by means of GPS/BLE/RFID Beacon technology. Receive accurate updates regarding the precise location and utilization of assets to prevent their misplacement and reduce instances of underutilization.

  • Empower the maintenance team to quickly locate assets in the event of misplacement or theft, minimizing losses and associated expenses.
  • Effortlessly access comprehensive asset information instantly, effectively monitor and supervise the condition of vital assets.
  • Streamline asset management processes by seamlessly transferring data using wireless configuration, resulting in time savings and increased operational efficiency.
  • Employ data-driven decision-making to enhance business outcomes by making informed choices, whether it is allocating assets, identifying operational bottlenecks, or optimizing workflows.

Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management brings numerous benefits to organizations across various industries by actively monitoring assets in real-time and continuously tracking crucial parameters; APM ensures the smooth functioning of intricate and essential equipment. It minimizes unexpected operational downtime, enhances asset efficiency, and reduces maintenance costs.APM also plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and regulatory compliance. By monitoring asset performance and detecting anomalies, APM helps identify potential safety risks and facilitates timely interventions.

  • Guarantee the prompt detection of possible equipment problems and enable the automated arrangement of maintenance tasks, efficiently averting any impending issues.
  • Reduce unforeseen instances of non-operational states for complex and crucial assets, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.
  • Elevate asset utilization efficiency while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.
  • Mitigate expenses associated with unnecessary preventive maintenance practices, effectively curbing excessive costs.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management provides a comprehensive strategy for effectively overseeing assets from start to finish. With the adoption of EAM, businesses can optimize the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal processes of their assets. Maximize the efficiency of the entire asset lifecycle, from procurement to disposal, through the integration of a unified EAM software solution. Improve the reliability, accessibility, and performance of assets to increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. By implementing regular maintenance schedules and proactive repairs, assets can operate at their maximum potential and avoid untimely breakdowns.

  • Optimize asset performance, decrease maintenance costs, and streamline the entirety of the asset lifecycle through the use of Asset Lifecycle Management.
  • Introduce affordable reliability-cantered maintenance practices and reduce the necessity for premature asset replacement.
  • Boost reliability and minimize unexpected failures by adopting proactive maintenance approaches and leveraging real-time asset data.
  • Detect potential problems before they worsen, enabling prompt repairs and enhanced asset utilization by harnessing the power of data analytics and predictive maintenance methods.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

It is essential for manufacturers aiming to enhance productivity and achieve top-tier production to utilize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). By continuously monitoring and evaluating asset availability, performance, and product quality in real-time, companies can proactively optimize productivity. OEE offers real-time visibility into asset availability, performance, and product quality. Through an analysis of OEE data, manufacturers can efficiently adjust productivity levels, promptly identify and address any arising issues, thus leading to improved efficiency and profitability.

  • Provide the authority to promptly address problems, thereby reducing productivity disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • Supervise the utilization of assets to identify instances of equipment downtime, changeovers, and other factors that could result in productivity decline.
  • Promptly identify any arising issues and swiftly implement corrective measures to minimize any associated losses.
  • Obtain OEE scores for each shift, product, operator, and operation in order to identify and resolve production bottlenecks efficiently.

Asset Auditing

Asset auditing is an essential process for businesses to guarantee the precision and effectiveness of their financial statements. By making use of QR codes and leveraging automated scans, businesses can verify asset locations, identify issues, and carry out physical audits with utmost accuracy. QR code asset auditing presents a multitude of advantages, including enhanced accuracy, time and cost savings, real-time reporting, and increased accountability. It ensures that assets are placed in designated locations, utilized efficiently, and accurately accounted for in the financial statements.

  • Increase the level of accuracy in asset tracking to minimize errors and ensure reliable financial reporting.
  • Reduce the time and costs associated with manual data entry and extensive physical inspections.
  • Implement a double-check mechanism for asset tracking to ensure efficiency and streamline operations.
  • Identify asset issues, such as damages and ghost assets, through regular asset audits using QR code scanning.

Energy Monitoring

The global momentum behind the green building initiative is growing, and rightfully so. Besides minimizing environmental harm, it provides numerous advantages for both businesses and individuals. By integrating energy monitoring systems, you can actively participate in this movement and play a role in effectively reducing carbon emissions. With the convenience of mobile remote capabilities, effortlessly track the real-time energy consumption of individual connections or the entire facility. Embrace the green building initiative and take a significant step towards effectively curbing carbon emissions.

  • Embrace sustainability and mitigate environmental harm is a fundamental goal for both businesses and individuals, representing a significant stride towards a greener future.
  • Obtain accurate hour-by-hour graphical representations that provide in-depth understanding of energy consumption patterns for constant monitoring.
  • Participate actively in managing and decreasing the most significant utility expenses of businesses, leading to enhanced profitability and effective resource allocation to crucial sectors.
  • Identify energy wastage and anomalies through real-time tracking, enabling the identification of appliances or areas that consume excessive energy and facilitating appropriate measures to rectify the problem

Asset Floor Plan

Accessing asset floor plans from a mobile device is undoubtedly a game-changer in asset management. From tracing asset locations to determining maintenance status, triggering schedules, and optimizing resource allocation, offers a comprehensive solution to enhance efficiency and effectiveness to minimize downtime, improve productivity, and remain competitive. Analysing the usage patterns and the displayed locations on the plan allows determining underutilized assets easily. Trace the exact location of assets, know their maintenance status at a glance and trigger schedules from the map for quicker work order resolution.

  • Minimize the occurrence of assets simultaneously ceasing production cycles.
  • Efficiently pinpoint specific information by utilizing zoom functionalities on plans and maps.
  • Identify assets that are not fully utilized and allocate them to areas where they are needed to minimize unnecessary costs.
  • Accelerate work order resolution by incorporating maintenance schedules on mapped floor plans and assigning maintenance tasks accordingly.

Health and Safety

It is crucial to remain informed about potential consequences resulting from asset malfunction, such as worker harm, fires, environmental contamination, and others, in order to ensure the health and safety of individuals in the workplace. Moreover, operating equipment efficiently and demonstrating adherence to regulatory authorities can help minimize carbon footprints. By prioritizing health and safety, organizations not only safeguard their workforce but also showcase their commitment to regulatory compliance, which is reflected in their minimal carbon footprints.

  • Ensure employee safety by equipping them with suitable protective gear and providing thorough training on its proper usage.
  • Uphold a dedication to environmental safety by adopting sustainable approaches, including waste reduction, recycling, and responsible resource management.
  • Enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental footprint by actively decreasing energy consumption and subsequently minimizing carbon emissions.
  • Foster an environment of constant communication and knowledge sharing to keep employees well-informed about potential risks, thereby minimizing workplace incidents.

Dynamic Work Scheduling

Dynamic work scheduling has the potential to greatly improve workforce management, reduce the number of outstanding tickets, and increase the success rate of resolving issues on the initial attempt. By offering the flexibility to assign tasks manually or automatically, taking into account different variables, organizations can optimize their operations and guarantee the most suitable solutions for every scenario. Manually designate tasks by effectively monitoring the workload of each technician in real-time and ensuring an equal distribution of responsibilities.

  • Automate task assignments based on service category and user groups, guaranteeing the most appropriate fixes for a given situation.
  • Foster an inclusive work environment that boosts active engagement and participation across the entire workforce, aiming to heighten workforce involvement.
  • Improve the rate of successful issue resolution on initial attempts while minimizing the accumulation of pending tickets.
  • Enhance efficiency, expedite issue resolution, and optimize workforce management through dynamic work scheduling, ultimately driving productivity and effectiveness.

Mobile Access

Mobile access has revolutionized the way businesses oversee their operations. With the ability to instantly access and update real-time data, synchronize work offline, and facilitate enhanced collaboration, businesses can operate at a faster pace while reducing errors and duplications. Real-time updates and notifications, coupled with electronic signatures, further streamline processes, ensuring a more efficient and responsive operation. Oversee operations, schedule, and approve work orders while on the go to keep up the pace of work. Real-time updation of data, offline work synchronization, and automated reporting via mobile reduce the chances of errors and duplications

  • Enable users to stay connected and make well-informed decisions without the constraint of a stationary workspace.
  • Real-time updates and notifications, along with electronic signatures, ensure promptness.
  • Assets can be swiftly identified by technicians through the utilization of the mobile app.
  • Promote a culture of collaborative work to boost efficiency and streamline workload optimization.

Resolving a wide range of challenges

Asset Lifecycle

Effectively manage the lifecycle of assets to reduce downtime, minimize costs, and prolong the lifespan of their assets.

Resource Allocation

Real-time data regarding asset availability, location, and usage patterns can be utilized to optimize asset allocation, prevent unnecessary purchases, and avoid overutilization of assets.

Maintenance & Repairs

Implement preventive and predictive maintenance strategies to proactively identify and resolve issues before they escalate into expensive breakdowns.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance maintained through the implementation of features such as asset tracking, documentation management, and audit trails.

Visibility & Control

Make data-driven decisions to plan for future investments, pinpoint underutilized or redundant assets, and seize optimization opportunities.

Savings & ROI

Identify cost-saving opportunities, empowering businesses to make informed decisions regarding asset upgrades, repairs, or retirements.

We have significantly enhanced efficiency by centralizing, hosting, and making all our operations accessible in the cloud. Nirmalya Unified Platform has enabled us to support remote sales and customer service, offer an elevated level of service to our customers, and effectively manage our operations with real-time data.

Saroj Patro | CMD, Shoukeen Industries

Accelerated Value Realization

Our implementation strategy is designed to ensure that your business operations undergo a swift and seamless transformation, resulting in faster time to value. Our experienced consultants utilize a structured approach that combines extensive industry knowledge with the latest implementation techniques. This enables you to expedite the deployment of our powerful solution and experience a rapid return on investment.

Through our streamlined process, you can optimize productivity and streamline business processes with minimal disruption. We have consolidated the expertise gained from global deployments into a set of leading practices, providing a clear path to success and delivering rapid business value.

With Nirmalya, you can confidently expect to go live within a predictable timeframe through smart, stepped implementations.

How much does it cost?

Nirmalya offers its services to companies of all sizes, including startups, fast-growing businesses, medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, and non-profit organizations. We assist these companies in streamlining their operational capabilities without the need for significant capital and operational expenditures. By eliminating the burden of maintaining an Enterprise Resource Planning system, which typically involves investments in manpower, hardware, and software, we help companies focus on their core activities.

Our collaboration with companies involves an initial setup fee for implementation, followed by an annual license fee based on the modules chosen by the customer for implementation. As businesses expand, customers have the flexibility to incorporate new modules as needed.


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