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Accelerate productivity, plan downtime, boost asset performance and reduce operational downtime by adding value to assets from anywhere at any time via web and mobile applications.

  • Track assets from purchase to disposal easily, knowing their location, usage, and the best moment for maintenance.
  • Streamlines asset management, reducing the time and effort for managing your assets to focus on revenue generation activities.
  • Save on utility and capital expenses with a reliability centered maintenance approach that works the best for each asset.
  • Make data driven decisions, leading to better business outcomes with real-time data and advanced analytics at fingertips.
  • Improve MTTR and MTBF by automating PPM schedules with instantly accessible and easy-to-follow digital checklists
  • Calculate the depreciation value of any asset using popular methods for taking a call on the right time for asset recycling.
  • Know the big picture on work order execution and get notified of important updates on your mobile anytime.
  • Monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness for each shift,operation, and product to minimize the quantity of rejected goods while improving asset productivity levels.
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Empower sales and service using AI & BI enabled CRM - with 360 degree view of each customer, past interactions, and Shorten sales & service cycles.

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Interactive Dashboard

Generate KPI metrics and graphs on asset, technician, and location performance from mobile and web. View work distribution as a 52-week PPM calendar in an aerial view.

  • View the count of current, upcoming, and overdue work
  • Data updated to the precision of a minute
  • Filtered view of maintenance performance across locations

Work Order Management

Create service requests within a few taps on Web or Mobile or just a QR code scan. Convert them into clear, result-oriented, and easy-to-track work orders.

  • Best portray issues as voice, image annotation, or video
  • Enforce adherence to SLA and be in the loop of violation
  • E-signatures to identify main stakeholders quickly

Preventive Maintenance

Define PPM schedules based on time and asset usage to avoid costly breakdowns and production stability. Notify technicians via mobile on task assignments who execute easy digital checklists for providing complete fixes.

  • Schedule maintenance though a 52-week PPM calendar
  • Auto assignment of tasks based on department, category, criticality, etc.
  • Complete knowledge of to-do-list in proper sequence

Corrective Maintenance

Manage breakdowns or reactive maintenance to identify, isolate and repair a fault in order to restore equipment, a machine or a system to an operational condition so it can perform its intended function.

  • Define corrective maintenance types such as Fail Repair, Overhaul, Salvage, Servicing, and Rebuild Auto assignment of tasks based on department, category, and criticality
  • Prioritize the most critical work orders to maximize production and efficiency

Spare Parts Management

Gain total control of inventory and get the right parts, on demand, for the best price using an integrated online vendor portal. Technicians can go into the work order and check if the part they need is available before taking up a task.

  • Open Vs Scheduled Vs Assigned work order
  • Get Mean Time To Repair, Mean Time Between Failures, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and PM Compliance
  • Budget oriented metrics with Assets

Asset Tracking with RFID/QR Code

Track, Trace and Manage moving assets in real-time with GPS/BLE/RFID Beacon. Be informed of asset location precisely and its usage to avoid asset misplacement and underutilization.

  • Quick and easy on-demand access to everything you need to know about assets
  • Fast data transfer though wireless setup
  • Track and monitor critical asset health

Asset Performance Management

Asset performance management monitors assets continuously in real-time by keeping track of key parameters to diagnose nearing equipment problems and trigger maintenance schedules automatically.

  • Reduces unscheduled downtime of complex and critical assets
  • Improves asset utilization while reducing energy consumption
  • Reduces costs associated with overdoing preventive maintenance

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage asset lifecycle from procurement to recycling with a single EAM software that helps improve asset reliability, availability, and efficiency for increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Optimize asset performance throughout its lifecycle
  • Reliability-centered maintenance for cost savings
  • End premature asset replacement

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Track and measure current productivity levels of assets covering asset availability, performance, and product quality in real-time and fine-tune productivity levels to achieve world-class production.

  • Identify issues as they arise and take corrective action quickly
  • OEE scores for each shift, product, operator, and operation
  • OEE reports to detect and solve production bottlenecks

Asset Auditing

Ensure assets are in the designated locations, used efficiently, and accounted for accurately in the financial statements. Perform fixed asset auditing with a simple scan of the QR code pasted on the asset.

  • Double-check the primary asset location indicated by sensors
  • Uncover issues such as asset damages, ghost assets, etc
  • Automate physical audits with great accuracy at unbelievable speeds

Energy Monitoring

Monitor energy usage in real-time for each connection or an entire facility via mobile remote. Reduce carbon emissions with a firm step towards green building initiative.

  • Identify energy wastage and abnormalities in consumption
  • Graphs with precision to the extent of one hour
  • Have a say in taming the highest utility costs of business

Asset Floor Plan

Access floor plans from a mobile device to trace the exact location of assets and know their maintenance status at a glance. Trigger schedules from the map for quicker work order resolution.

  • Avoid the majority of the assets simultaneously shutting themselves from production cycles
  • Zoom in and zoom out on plans and maps for the most convenient identification
  • Identify underutilized assets and allocate them to areas where they are needed

Health and Safety

Be informed of potential outcomes of asset failure, such as worker injuries, fires, environmental pollution, etc. Reduce carbon footprints by running equipment optimally and demonstrating compliance with regulatory bodies.

  • Ensure safety with personal protective equipment(PPE)
  • Uphold environmental safety
  • Reduce carbon emissions

Dynamic Work Scheduling

Assign tasks manually with a real-time view of the workload of each technician available for uniform distribution of workload and auto-assign tasks based on service category, user groups to ensure the best fixes for a given situation.

  • Reduce ticket backlogs
  • Best workforce engagement
  • Improved first-time fix rates

Mobile Access

Oversee operations, schedule, and approve work orders while on the go to keep up the pace of work. Real-time updation of data, offline work synchronization, and automated reporting via mobile reduce the chances of errors and duplications.

  • Technicians quickly locate assets via the mobile app
  • Better collaboration among the workforce
  • Instant updates and notifications with E-signature

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