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Audit Management

Digitally transform your audit management process from audit planning and preparation to report and closure.

Improve the quality of your audits and gain trustworthy insights by integrating your entire business with essential risk and control measures. Optimize your internal audit processes by automating them with our efficient audit management platform. Experience a more seamless internal audit journey with the convenience of our mobile-friendly features, which greatly simplify tasks like evidence documentation, organizing electronic working papers, and creating audit reports. Streamline your auditing activities by leveraging mobile capabilities to simplify tasks such as evidence documentation, electronic working paper organization, and audit report creation.

Achieve Real-time Insights

Enhance your analytical capabilities and obtain more accurate and valuable insights by utilizing real-time audit analytics.

Streamline Risk Evaluation

Empower internal auditors to conduct timely risk assessments and foster seamless collaboration through an integrated approach.

Enhance Efficiency

Experience a seamless workflow that significantly reduces costs and ensures accurate results, allowing your team to focus on strategic decision-making.



Bringing data, technology & expertise together to transform your business and make future-ready.


Integrating different varieties of data to enhance transparency, insights, and transform digitally to capitalize on data and innovate without boundaries.


Reliable & Resilient – your platform & partner for digital transformation without limits.

Precision, Integrity and Results

Experience a multitude of benefits that awaits

  • Create a dynamic, scalable, and customizable workflow for managing audits that is tailored to your organization's specific requirements.
  • Streamline the audit process by automating it for faster execution or configuring intricate workflows for more complex audits.
  • Embrace digital transformation by digitizing your audit management process, covering everything from planning and preparation to generating reports and completing closure.
  • Improve the quality of audit issue reporting through collaborative efforts and conducting online management reviews.
  • Simplify collaboration among auditors, suppliers, and regulators through best-practice-based workflows designed to ensure quality and safety.
  • Keep all stakeholders informed about upcoming audits with timely alerts, enabling them to prepare accordingly.
  • Enable efficient and flawless audit performance, promoting promptness and perfection.
  • Achieve enhanced performance, customer satisfaction, and subsequently boost revenue growth.
  • Identify and address issues by continuously developing and refining Quality and Safety Management Systems.
  • Centralize the creation, scheduling, and management of various audit types in one convenient platform.

Prominent attributes to enhance your organization

Simplify and streamline your organization's complex processes with Nirmalya Enterprise Resource Plannin, an all-in-one enterprise resource planning platform.

Audit Planning and Scheduling

Streamline your audit processes with Audit Management, the ideal platform for businesses to plan and execute audits effortlessly. Efficiently determine the frequency of internal and external audits based on your business risks and regulatory obligations. It automates the entire audit workflow, saving you valuable time and resources. With yearly or quarterly calendar views, quality and safety leaders can easily notify stakeholders about scheduled audits, improving overall preparedness. Tailor your audit forms, checklists, and documentation to ensure accurate data collection and simplify the audit workflow. Achieve audit excellence with Audit Management's intuitive features.

  • Create audit schedules and set reminders according to identified risks and obligations, guaranteeing timely and appropriate audits.
  • Streamline your entire audit workflow by automating scheduling, assigning, data collection, and analysis through our comprehensive platform.
  • Keep stakeholders informed by providing yearly or quarterly calendar views, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Customize audit forms and checklists to ensure precise and accurate data collection.

Audit Templates

Precision is paramount when it comes to meeting specific industry and regulatory demands through audits. Our customizable templates enable businesses to adapt audits according to their unique requirements. By effortlessly modifying templates to align with diverse regulations and industry standards, organizations guarantee comprehensive compliance while streamlining the audit process for maximum efficiency. Access your audit forms seamlessly using smartphones or tablets, allowing you to stay connected from anywhere.

  • Customize the audit process to cater to the unique needs of different industries, ensuring thorough compliance and eliminating any avoidable obstacles.
  • Incorporate predetermined sections and templates into the audit workflow to maintain a consistent and streamlined approach, enhancing efficiency.
  • Harmonize audits with industry-specific standards by including essential checklist items, documentation requirements, and industry best practices.
  • Enable auditors to operate seamlessly from any location, promoting time-saving and increased productivity.

Real-Time Data Collection

Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of audits exponentially with our Real-time data collection feature. By allowing on-site data gathering through mobile devices, you can bid farewell to the time-consuming manual input processes. Experience the power of immediate data collection, guaranteeing accurate data and minimizing errors. Our solution also enables instant validation during audits, amplifying the overall quality and reliability of the collected information

  • Achieve unparalleled efficiency and dependability by leveraging the cutting-edge feature of real-time data collection.
  • Eliminate the cumbersome paperwork and minimize the risks of manual input errors.
  • Instantaneously validate data with on-the-spot identification of any discrepancies or inconsistencies.
  • Streamline audits and boost stakeholders' trust and confidence in the audit findings by enhancing efficiency.

Task Assignment and Tracking

Empower audit team with task assignment and tracking functionality, designed to revolutionize the way you manage audits. This feature enables effortless collaboration by assigning tasks to team members and tracking their progress in real-time. Clear responsibilities, timely completion of deadlines, and swift resolution of bottlenecks becomes the norm, resulting in an overall enhancement of audit efficiency. Embrace the power of seamless collaboration with our state-of-the-art feature.

  • Guarantee the establishment of distinct responsibilities and accountability within the team, eliminating any potential for ambiguity or confusion.
  • Effectively monitor the real-time progress of each task while promptly identifying any bottlenecks or issues that may arise.
  • Optimize the efficiency of the audit team by embracing the advantages of seamless collaboration and real-time progress tracking
  • Swiftly detect bottlenecks and promptly take the requisite actions to resolve them.

Document Management

Simplify audits and compliance checks with advanced document management feature. It offers a secure and organized repository that centralizes all your important documents, certificates, and reports. Eliminate the hassle of searching for scattered information and enjoy seamless accessibility. Our centralized approach ensures that the necessary data is readily available, making audits a breeze and facilitating a smoother compliance process.

  • Acquire a consolidated and reliable data source to streamline the access and organization of essential information.
  • Facilitate the retrieval of necessary documents, certificates, or reports, thereby enhancing the efficiency and speed of the audit process.
  • Streamline audits by conveniently accessing all pertinent details, including financial records, customer information, and regulatory documents, all in one place.
  • Monitor compliance requirements, track documentation progress, and generate comprehensive reports effortlessly, ensuring adherence to regulations.
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Data Management

Simplify and optimize audit data management with our unified platform. It empowers you to create a single system of record, bringing all audit data together for easy access and streamlined record-keeping. By automating the data collection process, you can eliminate laborious manual tasks and instead focus on analysing data to derive valuable insights and find effective solutions. Boost your compliance efforts by leveraging our centralized audit history, providing a consolidated view of your audit data and ensuring regulatory requirements are met with greater efficiency and accuracy.

  • Streamline the data collection procedure and guarantee a holistic overview of your organization's audit operations.
  • Automate the input, verification, and consolidation of data, enhancing the speed and precision of the audit process.
  • Generate comprehensive audit reports, monitor compliance patterns, and pinpoint areas for enhancement.
  • Implement role-based access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel have permission to access sensitive information.
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Risk Assessment

Gain a holistic understanding of the risks surrounding your organization with our cutting-edge Risk Assessment feature. Harness the power of detailed reports and tap into the knowledge derived from previous audits to identify potential vulnerabilities. Stay ahead of the curve by employing effective audit planning techniques tailored to your specific risk areas. Maximize the utilization of your resources as you address the most critical risks, empowering your organization to proactively manage challenges.

  • Enable decision-makers to proactively implement measures and strategically allocate resources, thereby ensuring the organization's preparedness to tackle emerging challenges.
  • Make informed choices and effectively implement risk management strategies by applying insights from previous audits.
  • Tailor the audit planning process to prioritize crucial risks and allocate resources accordingly, thereby optimizing organizational efficiency.
  • Initiate proactive steps to mitigate risks before they amplify into significant predicaments.

Dashboard and Analytics

Gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of our cutting-edge Dashboard and Analytics feature. It converts raw audit data into easily digestible insights, presenting businesses with comprehensive reports that offer unparalleled visibility into their operations. Identify trends, patterns, and performance indicators to optimize strategies, mitigate risks, and achieve regulatory compliance. With intuitive platform, you can turn insights into action, proactively transforming your organization to drive growth and success. Experience the difference of data-driven decision-making and revolutionize the way you operate with our powerful Dashboard and Analytics feature.

  • Achieve unmatched operational transparency by accessing valuable insights, recognizing patterns, trends, and performance metrics.
  • Optimize decision-making processes, improve efficiency, and enhance overall performance based on informed choices.
  • Proactively implement measures to mitigate risks and safeguard profitability.
  • Harness the power of data to drive impactful actions and revolutionize operational methodologies.
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Resolving a wide range of challenges

Audit Leader

Enable audit scheduling to assess the supply chain, internal operations, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Audit Coordinator

Schedule audits regularly for key suppliers, research and development, manufacturing, and testing.


Conduct complete audit procedures, access previous audit records, and maintain enhanced document control.


Assess and analyse the effectiveness of the audit program and the level of compliance.


Engage auditors through user-friendly interfaces and collaboration features.


Enhance the quality of issues reported during audits by utilizing collaboration and online management review.


Ensure adherence to regulations and standards, mitigating risks and preventing violations.


Ensure adherence to regulations and standards, mitigating risks and preventing violations.

Data Management

Securely access, manage, and track audit information on a centralized platform to facilitate better decision-making.

Nirmalya has been able to help us delivering consistent employee experience across all locations to bind everybody together and give every employee the same experience

Sunil Das | CEO, News7 & Prameya

Accelerated Value Realization

Our implementation strategy is designed to ensure that your business operations undergo a swift and seamless transformation, resulting in faster time to value. Our experienced consultants utilize a structured approach that combines extensive industry knowledge with the latest implementation techniques. This enables you to expedite the deployment of our powerful solution and experience a rapid return on investment.

Through our streamlined process, you can optimize productivity and streamline business processes with minimal disruption. We have consolidated the expertise gained from global deployments into a set of leading practices, providing a clear path to success and delivering rapid business value.

With Nirmalya, you can confidently expect to go live within a predictable timeframe through smart, stepped implementations.

How much does it cost?

Nirmalya offers its services to companies of all sizes, including startups, fast-growing businesses, medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, and non-profit organizations. We assist these companies in streamlining their operational capabilities without the need for significant capital and operational expenditures. By eliminating the burden of maintaining an Enterprise Resource Planning system, which typically involves investments in manpower, hardware, and software, we help companies focus on their core activities.

Our collaboration with companies involves an initial setup fee for implementation, followed by an annual license fee based on the modules chosen by the customer for implementation. As businesses expand, customers have the flexibility to incorporate new modules as needed.


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