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Unified Commerce

Eliminate silos and provide a holistic view of the business, enabling streamlined operations and a single source of truth.

Improve customer experiences through Nirmalya unified commerce platform because unified commerce solutions are increasingly becoming crucial in today's dynamic market. Smart businesses now understand the need for updated capabilities in selling channels, integrated inventory management, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, Retailers management, and data-driven loyalty programs. Nirmalya simplifies the tech stuff by tying together behind-the-scenes commerce solutions with a common data model that serves as a single reliable source for transaction details. This way, we make sure to offer a fantastic experience to customers at every step of their journey.

  • Keep Data Consistent Across All Customer Interactions: Doesn’t matter if it’s online, at a physical store, or via service reps, keep your order management data same everywhere.
  • Prevent Slip-ups Through Unified Commerce Solutions: Nothing's worse than disappointing a shopper who can't find what they need. But don’t worry, unified commerce solutions are your friend here! They provide real-time inventory updates so customers always know you've got their back.
  • Customers Can Search & Filter Location-Specific Inventory: Make shopping easy for your customers. Allow them to search and filter by the available inventory at their preferred location, directly from the product detail page.
  • Provide Clear Fulfillment Options: Let your customers know all their options. On every product detail page, give an estimated delivery date, cost, and any related add-on services. This way, they can make the perfect choice every time. Hope this makes it easy for you!