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NERP helps travel and transportation companies across various sectors like airlines, hotels, trucking, rail, ocean shipping, and third-party logistics to elevate their service and strengthen their operations. With unified platform, you can streamline your back-office tasks, personalize your marketing and service offerings, and redefine both customer and employee experiences. By utilizing IoT-powered fleet monitoring, gain real-time visibility to effectively manage your logistics operations, resolve any deviations, and ensure optimal on-time order fulfillment. It provides a comprehensive range of scalable solutions, empowering you to establish a first-rate ecommerce site, cater to multiple ecommerce business models, and rapidly generate online revenue. Moreover, it supports the entire partner channel lifecycle, encompassing recruitment, coplanning and selling, campaign-to-deal flow, quote-to-order processes, incentives, and knowledge-centered support. Achieve streamlined service results on a large scale by leveraging a cohesive platform comprising various applications, data, and capabilities. This unified platform effortlessly facilitates self-service, agent-assisted service, and field service workflows, perfectly customized for your specific industry and use case. Effectively organize, plan routes, and provide necessary tools to your mobile workforce for ensuring prompt completion of service tasks at customer residences, workplaces, or installed assets.

When it comes to Travel and Transportation, having a reliable partner who understands the unique challenges of the industry is crucial.Our platform is designed to meet the contemporary needs of both large and small enterprises. By offering an innovative platform, we support provider organizations of all sizes in achieving success. With our intuitive, secure, and intelligent solutions for Travel and Transportation providers, we aim to enhance care outcomes, facilitate informed decisions, reduce costs, and foster superior experiences for customers, and staff.You can rely on Nirmalya to assist you in fast-tracking growth, optimizing profitability, and positioning your business for long-term success. This partnership ensures that businesses receive tailored solutions that address their unique needs and provide a competitive edge in the market.


Customer Experience

Maximize advertising performance and achieve better results by utilizing high-quality targeting data, innovative contextual technology, and robust measurement solutions. With our platform, you can effectively reach your target audience, safeguard your advertising budget, and analyze the impact of your campaigns to gain a deeper understanding of their effectiveness. You can craft seamless marketing experiences that are empowered by data, creating unparalleled satisfaction among your customers. Our platform enables your team to enhance campaign engagement, personalize B2B strategies, optimize B2C channels, and gain valuable real-time insights. Drive responsive sales across all customer touchpoints with NERP Sales. This cutting-edge, integrated selling and buying solution seamlessly connects sales and commerce with service, marketing, and the overall customer experience.

  • Integrate seamlessly with all applications across your enterprise, enhance functionality with cutting-edge technologies, operate on a secure platform, and equip your organization with robust analytics and adaptable artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • Enhance the speed of resolving issues through AI-powered recommendations, comprehensive data visibility, and collaboration tools that facilitate seamless communication across different departments. Channel basic customer inquiries towards digital platforms, allowing your experts to focus on addressing more intricate customer requirements.
  • Harness the potential of innovative technologies and interconnected applications, enabling you to engage with customers when they need assistance and enhancing interactions by making them smarter and more contextually aware.

Enhance Logistics

Streamline the efficient management of sustainable transportation, worldwide trade, and distribution processes to enhance flawless order fulfillment while minimizing expenses incurred in logistics. Adapt seamlessly to business disruptions and changes in your supply chain by accurately modeling "what-if" scenarios and optimizing your transportation network. Determine the most suitable option by considering the time and cost implications of proposed modifications and effortlessly implement these changes. Effectively handle all transportation activities across your global supply chain, combining user-friendly features with industry-leading capabilities, resulting in reduced freight expenses and enhanced service levels. This allows you to smoothly operate your logistics operations and ensure the capacity to meet order and shipment requirements. Achieve this by employing an integrated approach to managing owned assets and third-party providers, which will ultimately lead to timely shipments, cost reduction, and heightened customer satisfaction.

  • Explore various transportation options, ranging from simple point-to-point trips to complex multi-modal, multi-leg, and cross-dock operations, in order to identify the most effective routing choices that optimize both delivery speed and cost-efficiency.
  • Streamline cross-border trade procedures by implementing a comprehensive global compliance solution that empowers businesses of all sizes to enhance transparency and control over orders and shipments, while ensuring compliance with relevant trade regulations.
  • Revolutionize logistics management by leveraging adaptive technologies to streamline your end-to-end transportation and distribution process. This approach enables prompt responses to disruptions and faster resolution of issues, resulting in substantial cost savings and superior customer service.

Improve Employee Experience

Efficiently attract and bring on board employees, cultivate additional skill sets, and proactively enhance the employee journey. Our HCM seamlessly integrates every step of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement, including scheduling and career development initiatives. You can craft user-friendly and straightforward experiences for applicants to submit job applications and utilize AI-powered digital assistants to promptly address their queries. Identify ideal candidates by automatically recommending individuals whose profiles align with both the job requirements and the profiles of successful employees in similar positions. Provide the expected employee experiences by leveraging familiar technologies that empower them to excel in their roles. With a mobile-responsive and voice-enabled interface, ensure consistent and intuitive interactions regardless of their work location.

  • Enhance workplace safety by implementing a user-friendly tool for reporting incidents and fostering a culture of reporting health and safety concerns.
  • Incorporate advanced risk management practices throughout the HR department using an AI-driven solution for access and transaction monitoring. Automate security analysis and streamline access certifications to mitigate privacy breaches, payroll fraud, and inaccuracies.
  • Foster employees' growth and achievement by providing personalized guidance and support throughout various professional and personal milestones. This comprehensive user experience encompasses onboarding, career exploration, role transitions, project initiation, marriage, and parenthood.

Enhance Financial Management

Improve the accuracy of your financial forecasting, reduce reporting cycles, streamline decision-making, and effectively manage risk and compliance with enhanced data for your finance team. NERP Financials is a global financial platform that seamlessly integrates and automates your financial management procedures, including payables, receivables, fixed assets, expenses, and reporting, providing a comprehensive overview of your overall financial well-being. With this platform, you can swiftly adapt to the dynamic business landscape by gaining immediate insights into your financial position and outcomes. Build a strong foundation for your financial processes, corporate accounting, and financial reporting with the assistance of this enterprise accounting and finance solution. Simplify your payables services by centralizing invoice and payment processing, while efficiently managing expenses through features like digital assistants, mobile expense entry, automated spend controls, and intelligent auditing.

  • Enhance cash management efficiency and gain valuable insights into your cash position through the implementation of automated processes for cash-intensive financial activities. Streamline invoice processing by introducing automatic invoice matching.
  • Simplify asset management by transitioning from manual to automated workflows, covering every stage of the asset lifecycle from acquisition to retirement. Automate tasks such as asset acquisition, capitalization, depreciation, and retirement.
  • Establish uniformity and integration within your business operations by standardizing your chart of accounts, business processes, data model, security protocols, and compliance controls. This unification allows for cohesive decision-making and coordinated actions.

Accelerate Project Management

Our Project Management platform empowers you to meticulously plan and monitor your projects, strategically assign skilled professionals, effectively manage capacity and demand, and seamlessly adjust resource allocation as per evolving requirements. By harnessing the comprehensive capabilities of NERP, you gain complete authority over your work, enabling you to deliver outstanding projects from initiation to completion. Foster a highly engaged workforce by seamlessly connecting the right individuals to the appropriate projects. Furthermore, our platform offers a clear overview of your organization's financial performance across the project portfolio, aligning with your overall objectives. Swiftly adapt to changing project requirements to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Streamline your operations through our integrated platform, encompassing planning, scheduling, forecasting, task collaboration, budgeting, analysis, prediction, and resource management.

  • Ensure uniformity in cost capturing processes across all business functions to effectively manage project costs and maintain adherence to the allocated budget throughout the entire procure-to-pay transaction lifecycle.
  • Optimize cash flow within your organization and expedite customer fulfillment by implementing automated project billing. Enhance efficiency by streamlining the billing process and effectively recognize revenue through adaptable project-contract relationships.
  • Effectively oversee capital projects and accurately calculate cumulative expenses related to the development, installation, or acquisition of fixed assets for your organization. Exercise full control over fund allocation in the post-award lifecycle to provide comprehensive support for sponsored projects.

Simplify Procurement

Streamline and incorporate source-to-pay processes seamlessly by leveraging a user-friendly interface, embedded data analysis capabilities, and collaborative functionalities that streamline supplier management. This solution facilitates optimal supplier selection, ensures adherence to spending regulations, and ultimately enhances profitability. Centralize your operations through a unified platform to effectively handle direct materials, services, and intricate procurement tasks. Enhance organizational agility by employing Supplier Relationship Management, while driving additional value through strategic sourcing initiatives. Efficiently oversee the complete supplier contract lifecycle, ensuring compliance at every stage. Amplify business value through insightful analytics, and foster enhanced supplier productivity and cooperation. Achieve significant cost savings by channeling purchases to approved suppliers with negotiated price agreements. Customize approval protocols to guarantee adherence to spending regulations, thereby simplifying exception management across various platforms, including smart phones and tablets.

  • Streamline purchasing by automatically generating purchase orders from approved requisitions and effortlessly track revisions through a comprehensive change history. Automating invoice processing reduces workload, minimizes errors, and expedites supplier payments.
  • Effectively handle supplier activities and facilitate document exchange. Our user-friendly portal offers self-service access to supplier registration, profiles, catalogs, orders, shipments, invoices, forecasts, and more.
  • Enhance customer service, accelerate order processing, and optimize fill rates with efficient back-to-back and drop ship fulfillment. Maintain consistent stock levels across multiple locations through automated replenishment purchases while simultaneously optimizing cash flow.

Protect Enterprise

Integrate proactive measures into your organization's operations to foster trust and strengthen resilience in the face of constant shifts and disruptions. Our security and audit platform, risk management and compliance, empowers you to regulate user access to your financial information, monitor user activities, and streamline compliance adherence through automated processes. With our unified platform, you can effortlessly design secure and compliant user roles during implementation efficiently assess and authorize user access, eliminate the need to export sensitive security data by employing risk management, and conduct transaction audits to detect instances of fraud, error, and policy breaches.

  • Simplify financial reporting and compliance, and replace manual spreadsheets and cumbersome audit processes with a simple digital workflow.
  • Streamline enterprise risk management, business continuity planning and Calculate risks using analysis and context models to determine the best course of action.
  • Audit transactions to identify fraud, error, policy violations by analyzing all requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, expense reports, customer orders, and more.

Gain Agility

NERP allows for efficient modeling and planning across various business functions including finance, HR, supply chain, and sales. By utilizing this platform, you can streamline your financial closing processes and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions. The agility and comprehensive understanding provided by NERP empowers you to outperform competitors in any market condition. This solution facilitates seamless modeling and planning for finance, HR, supply chain, and sales, while also expediting the financial closing process and supporting better decision-making. You can drive connected and agile plans, ranging from scenario modeling and long-term planning to budgeting and line of business planning. These plans are built on industry best practices and leverage cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, it helps you gain comprehensive knowledge of costs and profitability, accelerates the closing of your financial records, streamlines account reconciliation, brings together tax and finance departments, enhances analytics and reporting capabilities, and enables effective management of your enterprise data.

  • Quickly adapt to evolving business and regulatory needs by ensuring faster, precise, and transparent reporting. Utilize the comprehensive built-in features that encompass all aspects of end-to-end closing procedures.
  • Streamline the reconciliation of accounts and matching of transactions through automated processes. Enhance the effectiveness and precision of your financial statements while mitigating the inherent security and risk factors related to these operations.
  • Effectively handle organizational transformations through enterprise data management, incorporating enterprise data governance, visualizing change data, and managing hierarchies.

Resilient Supply Chain

Accurate forecasting is the backbone of any successful supply chain. By leveraging advanced forecasting tools, businesses can analyse historical data, market trends, and customer demands to predict future supply needs. These tools use sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate accurate forecasts, helping businesses optimize inventory levels, production schedules, and procurement activities. The ability to anticipate supply needs enables businesses to respond proactively to changes in demand and maintain a competitive edge in the market. Effectively manage demand planning, supply chain coordination, order fulfillment, and production operations with utmost efficiency. Foster seamless collaboration throughout the entire supply chain to enhance service levels, mitigate interruptions, and optimize expenditure.

  • Collaborate digitally with suppliers throughout the supply chain, businesses can streamline operations and ensure transparency at every step. From the request for quotation (RFQ) to purchase receipt, advanced tools enable seamless communication and data exchange, allows for real-time insights into supplier activities.
  • Have accurate and up-to-date inventory information at fingertips, businesses can optimize stock levels, reduce carrying costs, and avoid stockouts or overstocking. With the capability of tracking enabled via mobile devices, businesses can effortlessly obtain real-time updates on inventory levels, movement, and usage.
  • Enhance supply chain sustainability and flexibility by ensuring visibility throughout your extended enterprise.

Optimize Asset Life-Cycle

Optimize the performance and lifespan of your enterprise assets by leveraging a unified cloud-based platform that incorporates AI, IoT, and analytics. This integrated solution efficiently reduces operational downtime and costs, while enhancing asset management. Benefit from configurable CMMS, EAM, APM, and RCM applications, alongside simplified installation and administration processes. Moreover, enjoy an improved user experience with shared data and streamlined workflows. Elevate your inspection processes with automated asset inspections driven by real-time data and artificial intelligence. Empower your operations, quality, and maintenance teams with remote asset monitoring, asset health assessments, and predictive maintenance supported by AI technology. With a maintenance strategy driven by automation, mobility, IoT data, and AI, experience increased uptime and more efficient operations. Embrace sustainability in your asset management by harnessing the power of data.

  • Streamlining and unifying operations through a single integrated platform enables a holistic overview of assets throughout the enterprise.
  • Exercising control over intricate environments is made possible with advanced analytics, offering deeper insights to optimize assets through informed decision-making.
  • Enhancing resilience and reliability is achieved by employing condition-based maintenance through facility monitoring, addressing potential issues proactively to prevent disruptions.

Enhance Decision Making

Dashboards and analytics offer preconfigured practical applications, prophetic analysis, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) derived from variance analysis and historical patterns. Enhance your understanding of an organization's financial performance and obtain a holistic perspective on profitability, costs, and revenue by executing historical trend analyses and variance assessments employing prebuilt metrics. Delve beyond conventional ledger balances by examining comprehensive journal details and subledger transactions to identify potential discrepancies and peculiarities. Boost the efficiency of payables and receivables by closely scrutinizing the composition of working capital. With the aid of a streamlined platform, dissect revenue analysis, expedite Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), optimize Account Receivable (AR) aging and turnover, enhance payment efficiency, prolong Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), monitor payment aging trends, gain full visibility into company expenditure, and identify instances of fraud and noncompliance.

  • Ensure prompt reimbursement while upholding audit integrity. Effortlessly track performance metrics of the expense cycle time through dashboard "cards" which provide real-time information on incoming volume of expense reports, duration of filing and approval, audit adjustment metrics, and more.
  • Uncover valuable insights by analyzing balances, journals, transaction attributes, and supporting references to cater to all analytical requirements. Establish connections between balances and subledger transaction details.
  • Finance and operations leaders gain valuable insights into asset health, asset composition, and economic lifespan across entities, categories, and associated particulars.

We have significantly enhanced efficiency by centralizing, hosting, and making all our operations accessible in the cloud. Nirmalya Unified Platform has enabled us to support remote sales and customer service, offer an elevated level of service to our customers, and effectively manage our operations with real-time data.

Saroj Patro | CMD, Shoukeen Industries


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