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Supply Chain Management

Enhance business agility in promptly addressing evolving market demands and facilitate effective planning and execution of raw materials and goods movement across supply chain networks.

Transform your supply chains like never before with our cutting-edge management system designed to boost your business efficiency. Seamlessly integrate various processes, from procurement to order fulfilment, effortlessly obtaining a complete view of your operations. Our intuitive software empowers you to pinpoint bottlenecks, analyse performance metrics, and proactively enhance productivity. Revolutionize your supply chain management to reduce costs, optimize profitability, and surpass customer expectations. Elevate the overall effectiveness of your organization's supply chain logistics while maintaining resilience and productivity. Moreover, streamline contract compliance by automating workflow procedures, even with external suppliers, to foster a unified perspective in a dispersed setting. Simplified supply chain management methods provide invaluable insights, control, and visibility into processes, ultimately elevating the customer experience.

Real-Time Updates

Supply chain management uses real-time updates to record and keep track of production data, financial reports, inventory, and outstanding orders. This ensures that procurement, planning, and production systems all operate based on identical data.

Enhance Profitability

Achieve cost reduction in supply chain processes by efficiently determining the required timing for goods and materials to meet customer demand. Optimize production planning to minimize inventory levels while ensuring efficient order fulfilment.

Optimize Inventory

Improve inventory management through the comprehensive assessment of available stock across multiple locations. This enables businesses to optimize stock utilization while minimizing overall inventory levels, resulting in reduced overhead expenses and carrying costs.



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Streamline, Optimize, and Succeed

Experience a multitude of benefits that awaits

  • Enhance the efficiency of receiving goods by gaining visibility into shipments, commencing from their origin.
  • Efficiently manage the flow of inventory from the receiving dock to the point of goods issue, optimizing labor, storage, and fulfillment costs.
  • Strategically plan, execute, and monitor the movement of goods throughout their journey - from production to the point of sale.
  • Enhance decision-making capabilities by accessing complete visibility into global supply chain movements, risks, and performance.
  • Effectively control the movement of goods, both in terms of quantities and values, within your facility locations and beyond.
  • Utilize real-time data and embedded machine learning to identify possibilities for optimization, such as identifying slow-moving inventory.
  • Obtain real-time insights on the availability of materials to facilitate business planning and logistics scheduling.
  • Enhance order outcomes by utilizing tools like product and plant substitution, product allocation, and supply protection.
  • Employ a predefined mobile framework to carry out critical warehouse transactions using mobile devices for increased efficiency.
  • Utilize predictive analytics alongside scenario planning to proactively identify possible risks and determine suitable response strategies.
  • Ensure optimal operation of production processes by efficiently managing timely availability of materials, machinery, and labor at the correct location.

Prominent attributes to enhance your organization

Simplify and streamline your organization's complex processes with Nirmalya Enterprise Resource Planning, an all-in-one enterprise resource planning platform.

Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain planning is essential for businesses to effectively manage the equilibrium between supply and demand, taking into account cost controls, lead times, and service levels. By utilizing inventory management and demand planning techniques, coupled with a strong scheduling engine and predictive analytics, businesses are empowered to make well-informed choices that guarantee product availability while minimizing excess inventory. Through the analysis of demand, identification of replenishment needs, stocking, and the creation of orders aligned with an up-to-date supply plan.

  • Enhance Customer Loyalty and guarantee timely order fulfilment to heighten customer satisfaction through punctual deliveries.
  • Improve Profitability and optimize inventory management to meet customer demand effectively, avoiding unnecessary excess stock or markdowns.
  • Streamline Production and ensure seamless operations by ensuring timely availability of resources, including materials, machinery, and skilled labour.

Supply Chain Controller

Supply Chain Controller employs advanced features to imitate the inventory supply and demand dynamics throughout your entire supply chain. This allows logistics teams to effectively scrutinize capacity and strategize inventory purchases and production. With reliable simulations for both inventory and assembly/bill of materials items, including those with specific lot and serial numbers, accurate forecasting becomes attainable. These simulations furnish an ongoing analysis of inventory balances, based on sales orders and forthcoming stock levels. Moreover, they highlight the business ramifications of alterations to the BOM or production process. By utilizing predictive risk tools, planners are empowered to comprehensively apprehend the potential impact of their actions on future business processes.

  • Accurate forecasts, relying on historical sales and seasonality, eradicate surplus inventory that remains unsold.
  • Optimize sales and guarantee product availability by precisely planning for upcoming demand.
  • Supply plans automatically generate purchase, transfer, and work orders to maintain product availability.

Demand Planning

Demand Planning utilizes historical demand, seasonality, open opportunities, sales forecasts, and other metrics to accurately anticipate future inventory requirements for businesses. By precisely determining the ideal timing and quantities for reordering items, it optimizes stock levels and enhances supply chain planning. Demand Planning significantly improves forecast accuracy, guaranteeing that the right products are readily available to fulfill orders without excessive inventory sitting idle on warehouse shelves. As a result, it effectively reduces carrying costs.

  • Enhance the precision of predictions by incorporating four projection techniques, namely linear regression, moving average, seasonal average, and sales forecast, directly within the forecasting algorithm.
  • Guarantee the availability of sufficient stock for fulfilling customer orders, while avoiding excessive quantities that may remain unsold or require markdowns.
  • Reduce carrying expenses and minimize the cash invested in inventory, have clear insight into the required materials and their timing allows planners to steer clear of pre-ordering or procuring surplus resources.

Supply Planning

Supply planning capabilities assist companies in meeting the requirements of their demand plan. The aim is to maintain a harmonious equilibrium between supply and demand, thereby accomplishing the financial and service goals. The supply plans create a suggested timetable for procuring or producing items and provide a list of recommended purchase and work orders based on lead times and expected demand. This ensures the availability of products and enhances customer satisfaction. The objective is to ascertain the optimal approach for meeting demand plan requisites, effectively managing supply and demand, and fulfilling customer orders within the promised timeframe.

  • Guarantee the timely availability of materials, machinery, and labor in their designated locations, facilitating uninterrupted operations.
  • Enable businesses to optimally utilize their assets, leading to positive financial outcomes.
  • Maintain minimal inventory while meeting demand by comprehending the precise quantity and timing necessary.

Capacity Planning

Design capacity plans that capture and analyse the production capacity. The capacity planning, also known as Resource Capacity Planning, assesses the production demand in relation to the availability of resources. It provides detailed reports on the work centre’s percentage utilization over a specific planning period. Additionally, Resource Capacity Planningconsolidates relevant data during this period to present remaining capacity, labour requirements, and estimates for equipment resource demand at the work centre. Resource Capacity Planningplans accurately depict the supply and demand based on data at a given time and can be adjusted to create various scenarios, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the impact of revisions on supply, demand, or both.

  • Employing this approach enables organizations to efficiently schedule proactive maintenance, plan equipment upgrades, and allocate budgets for new equipment purchases, all of which contribute to a seamless production flow.
  • Employing informed decision-making, mitigating risks, and seizing opportunities are essential for organizations to avoid disruptions in their production processes, thereby enhancing their productivity.
  • Estimate future workforce requirements by utilizing historical data and analyzing production trends.

Production Planning & Scheduling

Enhance your production management capabilities with our advanced production plans. Our system intelligently determines the most effective route for each item, providing realistic estimates for start and end dates of each task. By evaluating the available capacity, you can ensure optimum utilization of resources and meet your production targets efficiently. Our production scheduling functionality empowers you to arrange, control, and optimize workloads over a fixed period of time. With machine resource allocation based on a FIFO sequence set up by the planner, you can streamline your operations and achieve maximum efficiency in your manufacturing or production processes.

  • Improve production planning by effectively eliminating uncertainties and effortlessly meeting deadlines.
  • Enhance production efficiency by eliminating potential bottlenecks, reducing delays, and achieving maximum operational efficiency.
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of factors such as task dependencies, resource availability, and production constraints, system offers optimal route recommendations to minimize bottlenecks and ensure a seamless workflow.

Supply Chain Execution

Efficiently bring your supply chain plans to life with our cutting-edge supply chain execution solution. By orchestrating a flawless production process that considers inventory requirements, labor availability, and procurement protocols, this innovative software simplifies even the most complex undertakings. With all moving pieces seamlessly integrated, production moves forward without hindrances, reclaiming valuable time previously spent on intricate planning and project management tasks. Maximize the utilization of your supply chain assets, gain control over costs at each step, and surpass customer expectations by delivering items punctually, within budget, and according to exact specifications. Experience the transformative power of streamlined supply chain execution today.

  • Accurately determine the necessary resources, estimated timeframes, and associated expenses required for manufacturing operations.
  • Ensure Consistent Product Quality by conducting regular inspections of raw materials and ongoing reviews throughout the production process.
  • Standardize and collaborate on production plans, work instructions, and costing between the production and development teams, ensuring consistency and alignment.

Work Order Management

Revolutionize your manufacturing efficiency with our cutting-edge work order management capabilities. Achieve optimal control and enhanced visibility when producing assembly items for stock or fulfilling customer orders. Our intuitive system simplifies the process of defining assembly items, creating complex multi-level bill of materials, generating work orders, recording assembly builds, and backflushing components. Seamlessly create, release, close, and complete work orders with automated scheduling, ensuring efficient and scalable production control. Unleash the power of streamlined manufacturing processes with minimal effort and maximum results.

  • Ensure consistency in production plans, work instructions, and real-time costing, and directly disseminate pertinent information to the production floor.
  • Efficiently and precisely determine the necessary resources, including anticipated time and costs, to successfully execute a process.
  • Optimize production schedules by considering the availability of raw materials and assembly items, effectively eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing output.

Quality Management

Streamline your quality control processes and deliver top-notch products with ease using our Quality Management feature. This comprehensive solution formalizes and automates policies, standards, and practices, minimizing overhead and ensuring consistent quality. Easily select specific tests, set parameters, and define testing policies, empowering your team to make informed decisions throughout the production process. With automated result collection and remediation workflows, our software takes care of the heavy lifting, ensuring your products meet the highest quality standards effortlessly.

  • Consistently perform quality inspections according to relevant metrics by implementing standardized quality policies, standards, and practices.
  • Enhance product quality by conducting regular inspections to guarantee alignment with customer expectations prior to inventory inclusion.
  • Employ the mobile application to seamlessly gather and document inspection outcomes while setting reminders for subsequent actions as warranted.

Manufacturing Execution System

Streamline your manufacturing operations with the Manufacturing Execution System, an innovative solution tailored to deliver real-time, cloud-based efficiency. It empowers your workforce with two intuitive interfaces. First, a user-friendly barcode scanner-based system designed to expedite data entry, ensuring access to the most accurate and up-to-date production information. Second, an interactive tablet app that offers a rich interface, delivering unparalleled insights into your work centre and/or machine. By capturing production information in real-time using our MES, you can minimize errors, reduce manual processes, and maximize productivity to achieve optimal business success.

  • Stay informed with real-time updates from manufacturing and utilizes the obtained insights to enhance business operations through informed decision-making.
  • Efficiently handle material issuance, input production data, track downtime, and promptly identify any quality concerns, preventing their negative impact on customers.
  • Facilitate a Paperless Production Environment by effortlessly incorporating the use of user-friendly barcode scanners and tablets, resulting in the elimination of tedious manual processes and a boost in data accuracy.

Case Management

Enhance your customer service with our comprehensive case management capabilities. Gone are the days of manual tracking and scattered information. Our intuitive system enables you to effortlessly handle warranties, repairs, and returns, allowing you to promptly address customer concerns. Seamlessly launch sales orders to ship replacement units, coordinate with warranty claims, and initiate repairs whenever necessary. With up-to-date claim status information at their fingertips, your customer service representatives can deliver exceptional support, ensuring satisfied customers who keep coming back for more.

  • Enhance the level of insight into warranty data and establish policies and procedures to exclusively handle legitimate repair, return, and warranty requests.
  • Monitor and analyze returns, repairs, and warranty claims data to pinpoint areas of improvement and enhance the quality of products.
  • Furnish customers with regular updates on their cases in real-time and automate email notifications with defined rules to effectively manage and direct claims, ensuring prompt resolutions.

Product Data Management

Establishing and maintaining accurate master data is crucial for the efficient R&D and design of new products or the redesign of existing ones. Our robust Product Data Management capabilities serve as a reliable central repository, enabling the storage and management of all your important product data. From design and manufacturing specifications to bills of materials (BOMs), revision levels, costing information, and design progress, our PDM solution ensures that all stakeholders maintain a common understanding. Seamlessly integrated with NERP, it facilitates real-time accessibility to timely product engineering information, empowering your workforce to save time, accelerate product development, and streamline the end-to-end propagation of engineering changes throughout your organization.

  • Provide comprehensive support for various inventory costing methodologies, including LIFO, FIFO, average, standard, and actual costing.
  • Ensure efficient and accurate management of inventory, pricing, and product content, while also keeping partners informed about available offers.
  • Utilize a Single Source of Data to ensure that all stakeholders have a shared understanding and that production engineering changes seamlessly propagate throughout the entire process.

Outsourced Manufacturing

Experience a new level of control and efficiency in managing your subcontracted manufacturing processes with our outsourced manufacturing functionality. Through seamless integration, this innovative solution allows companies to procure outsourced assembly production from reliable vendors while effortlessly tracking the intake of production components. Once the production is completed, the system automatically transfers the components to a designated location, ensuring smooth operations. By automating these processes, organizations can achieve greater synchronization of procurement and production, leading to enhanced productivity and improved bottom-line results.

  • Implement real-time monitoring throughout the entire production cycle, eliminating the necessity of manual tracking. This will effectively reduce errors, save precious time and resources.
  • Streamline operations and maintain a seamless flow of production by automating component transfers. This will significantly enhance overall efficiency and productivity.
  • Facilitate real-time communication among vendors, manufacturing teams, and procurement departments. This ensures timely availability of the correct components, minimizing production delays and optimizing resource utilization.

Warehouse Management

Efficient warehouse management is essential for businesses handling a large number of SKUs across multiple locations. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is your solution to achieving optimized day-to-day warehouse operations. Utilizing best industry practices, this system incorporates mobile RF barcode scanning, well-defined strategies for putaway and picking, task management, return authorization receipts, and cycle count plans. Say goodbye to manual and chaotic processes facilitated by spreadsheets or pen and paper. With the WMS, you can significantly reduce handling costs, increase operational efficiency, and consistently exceed customer expectations.

  • Anticipate possible cash flow challenges in advance by identifying when increasing inventory levels align with declining sales figures.
  • Determine the optimal quantity of stock to acquire in order to efficiently sustain sales without encountering backorders.
  • Generate comprehensive reports detailing Put-away Cost per Line, Cycle Time, Accuracy Rate, and Dock to Stock Time.

Logistics Management

Enhance your business operations and achieve sustainable goals by revolutionizing the way you handle freight, fleet, and logistics. Our transportation management platform seamlessly integrates fleet and logistics management throughout your entire network, providing a unified platform to streamline operations. With comprehensive coverage of all transport methods and industries, our platform optimizes your expenditure on local and international transportation, ensuring maximum returns. Simplify your transportation processes and propel your business forward with simplified demand planning, interactive freight tendering, and effortless freight settlement. Experience a greener and more resilient supply chain with our state-of-the-art solution.

  • Incorporate seamless logistics management into your inbound, outbound, and internal operations effortlessly.
  • Utilize reliable tools like a transportation cockpit to effectively plan optimal routes for road, rail, ocean, and air transportation.
  • Take advantage of built-in capabilities for subcontracting, monitoring freight services, and settling associated costs.

Resolving a wide range of challenges

Customer Loyalty

Ensure orders are prepared as scheduled, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction with punctual deliveries.

Stock Outs

Achieve optimal product availability and boost sales by effectively forecasting future demand.

Enhance Production

Consider lead times and preassemblies to establish the necessary arrival dates for materials in order to maintain a smooth production flow.

Improve Quality

Inspect raw materials upon arrival and regularly review them throughout the production process to uphold quality standards.

Optimize Inventory

Utilize demand-based ordering effectively minimizes surplus inventory occupying shelves and simultaneously alleviates the burden of carrying costs.

Enhance Profitability

Ensure that you maintain ample inventory to meet customer demands, while avoiding the burden of having excessive stock that may remain unsold or require markdowns.

Real-time COGS

Enable real-time tracking of labor and scrap usage to maintain an up-to-date record, ensuring you consistently have a precise overview of the Cost of Goods Sold.

Improved Communication

Delineate a common template and facilitate seamless distribution of production plans, work instructions, and cost evaluations amongst the production and development squads.

Optimise Resources

Determine the necessary resources for the successful completion of manufacturing, encompassing projected timelines and expenses.

We have significantly enhanced efficiency by centralizing, hosting, and making all our operations accessible in the cloud. Nirmalya Unified Platform has enabled us to support remote sales and customer service, offer an elevated level of service to our customers, and effectively manage our operations with real-time data.

Saroj Patro | CMD, Shoukeen Industries

Accelerated Value Realization

Our implementation strategy is designed to ensure that your business operations undergo a swift and seamless transformation, resulting in faster time to value. Our experienced consultants utilize a structured approach that combines extensive industry knowledge with the latest implementation techniques. This enables you to expedite the deployment of our powerful solution and experience a rapid return on investment.

Through our streamlined process, you can optimize productivity and streamline business processes with minimal disruption. We have consolidated the expertise gained from global deployments into a set of leading practices, providing a clear path to success and delivering rapid business value.

With Nirmalya, you can confidently expect to go live within a predictable timeframe through smart, stepped implementations.

How much does it cost?

Nirmalya offers its services to companies of all sizes, including startups, fast-growing businesses, medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, and non-profit organizations. We assist these companies in streamlining their operational capabilities without the need for significant capital and operational expenditures. By eliminating the burden of maintaining an Enterprise Resource Planning system, which typically involves investments in manpower, hardware, and software, we help companies focus on their core activities.

Our collaboration with companies involves an initial setup fee for implementation, followed by an annual license fee based on the modules chosen by the customer for implementation. As businesses expand, customers have the flexibility to incorporate new modules as needed.


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