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Accelerate the agility of businesses to respond quickly to changing market demands and enable organization to plan and execute the movement of raw materials and goods within the supply chain networks. Improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain logistics of the organization, stay resilient and productive. It also assists in enforcing contract compliance by automating workflow processes. These workflows can include external suppliers also and hence create an integrated view in a distributed environment. It helps to get greater insights, control and visibility into processes though simplified supply chain management processes to enhance the customer experience and stay competitive.

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Bringing data, technology & expertise together to transform your business and make future-ready.


Integrating different varieties of data to enhance transparency, insights, and transform digitally to capitalize on data and innovate without boundaries.


Reliable & Resilient – your platform & partner for digital transformation without limits.

Generate, Nurture, Convert, and Analyze

Take supply chain execution decisions in real-time to minimize delays thereby reducing losses though enforced contract compliance for the supplier-side requirements.

Want to Improve business agility, streamline logistics, reduce costs, eliminate wastage and improve overall efficiency ?

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Planning, Execution, and Optimization

Accelerate planning, execution, and optimization functions for different business processes such as Demand Planning, Supply Demand Balancing, detailed scheduling in Production Planning, and Transportation management through fully integrated workflow system. Improve overall efficiency of delivering products to customers by reducing costs and quality issues though data driven forecasting and planning.

  • Improve the raw material flow and efficiency of resource procurement as well as its usage.
  • Generate forecast and create plans for procurement, production, distribution and replenishment.
  • Make faster, better decisions with reduced bias with the help data-driven insights.

Forecasting and Replenishment

Enable planning and executing strategies for optimizing inventories with the supply chain. Use real-time internal and external data to gain a deeper understanding of what drives demand, resulting in more accurate forecasts and inventory level optimization.

  • Identify and analyze trends and seasonality patterns in historical values and external data with AI forecasting functionality, augmenting human intelligence with statistical and predictive analytics.
  • Enable causal-based forecast and identify replenishment levels and plan for synchronizing stores and distribution centers.
  • A 360-degree view of the supply chain process, with end-to-end visibility into inventory and demand.

Co-ordination and Collaboration

Enable information exchange between supply chain stakeholders in the form of events. The events are generated during planning and execution activities. Different business units can monitor these events and analyze them against their plans. Monitoring of the events and generation of alerts based on event processing allows business units to react quickly in case of issues. Enable Supply Chain Collaboration using flexible workflows with suppliers on a shared platform. It allows sharing of information related to the demand, inventory, capacity, and other parameters. Collaboration is based on the principle that real benefits of supply chain management are realized only when there is integration between the participating enterprises.

  • Connect suppliers, manufacturers, partners and customers reliably with real-time information flow.
  • Monitor and evaluate business processes by checking for events that occurred or did not occur.
  • Accelerate and optimize the procure-to-pay process in an end-to-end manner though effective forecasting and demand planning

Warehouse Management

Enables to move goods between warehouses efficiently though automated and scheduled processing for such movement of goods. This helps in effective inventory control, management, and optimization. No matter how large or varied your inventory, whether your distribution business is regional or national, we have the technology and expertise to optimize your current warehouse and yard operations.

  • Predict potential cash flow issues before they become a problem, by showing when rising inventory levels coincide with falling sales.
  • Calculate how much stock you need to purchase to comfortably continue your sales without backorders.
  • Create reports of Put-away Cost per Line, Cycle Time, Accuracy Rate, and Dock to Stock Time.

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The modern business is a global business. Managing a global business presents challenges, but it also presents an opportunity to acquire, grow and manage customers across borders using the best in technology.
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