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News7: Navigating Digital Disruption in Media and Entertainment with Unified NERP Platform

Quest for Unified Solution to Overcome Challenges and Elevate Performance

The News7, Odisha's top-notch Odia-language Television Channel, is owned by Summa Real Media Private Limited, which is widely recognized as the SOA Group. SOA Group encompasses various media platforms, TV Channel, News Portals, and Digital Platform that aim to entertain and enlighten audiences. Presently, Summa Real Media Private Limited is dedicated to supporting the growth of its News7 Television Channel while implementing innovations in media. The media and entertainment industry has undergone a notable shift, transitioning from a conventional setup to embracing the latest digital transformation trends. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, curated content, and smarter advertising are some of the technological advancements that have disrupted this industry. The team formulated a plan to embark on a digital transformation, with the objective of upgrading their outdated IT systems and optimizing resource management.

The utilization of Unified NERP by News7 facilitated digital transformation and spawned innovation within their business models. This solution entailed the provision of customer analytics, enhanced connections with viewers, streamlined operational processes, improved decision-making capabilities, personalized customer engagements, optimization of marketing strategies, as well as the creation and delivery of content everywhere through innovative cloud-based applications.


Increase in Revenue


Improvement in Ingestion


Rise in Viewership

Our database had been progressively expanding each year, resulting in rising operational expenses and unsatisfactory viewership. We recognized the necessity for a transformation to enhance operational efficiency, decrease infrastructure costs, and streamline our processes. Nirmalya Enterprise Resource Planning emerged as the reliable digital backbone for our solutions, offering valuable support that enabled our brands to innovate, adapt quickly, and retain an advantageous position in the market.

Pramod Kumar, IT Head

The Challenge

The media and entertainment sector has experienced a significant transformation, shifting from traditional practices to embracing the latest digital trends. Technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, curated content, and smarter advertising have disrupted this industry. The organization in question is currently facing rising costs, the rapid integration of digital technology, changing consumer preferences, increasing environmental concerns, and heightened competition from social media platforms.

News7 has been utilizing multiple software packages to handle its operations. However, the organization is currently faced with the task of finding a comprehensive solution that can effectively oversee the entirety of its media and entertainment processes. This sought-after solution should include various components such as unified content management, customer relationship management, marketing, vendor management, procurement, resource allocation, supply chain management, collaboration, operations control, and data analysis with reporting capabilities. Given these complex requirements, there is a clear need for a unified and robust solution that can efficiently manage and streamline these critical operations for News7.

News7 is undergoing a digital transformation in order to overcome challenges and improve performance. The organization's primary objective is to increase operational efficiency and establish strong connections with consumers by offering personalized content. Additionally, they aim to enhance scalability through the implementation of a unified NERP platform. This comprehensive system will streamline various aspects such as news collection, editing, broadcast, advertising, and customer engagement. It will also optimize program management, operations, and automate processes. Ultimately, News7 aims to be a trustworthy source of accurate information, enabling them to achieve significant efficiency improvements.

The Solution

The News7 has opted for a tactical decision to incorporate a cohesive NERP system on the cloud, aligning with their digital transformation strategy. During the selection process, utmost importance was given to seamlessly integrating industry-leading practices, harnessing the versatility of the NERP platform. This strategic move allows News7 to leverage digitization, foster innovation in their business models, and tap into the swiftness offered by the NERP platform.

The solution provided enhances business efficiency, fulfilling the essential needs of media organizations. It supports an end-to-end business process that spans across multiple applications and integrates data, leading to the automation of business operations. This ultimately results in a seamless user experience. Additionally, NERP empowers the Digital Platform to offer intelligent and comprehensive processes, data-driven insights, and a holistic view of departmental metrics. It seamlessly integrates with third-party applications, simplifying business changes and meeting customer expectations.

News7 has demonstrated remarkable success by implementing digital transformations in key areas such as finance, HR, supply chain management, sales and distribution, procurement, Asset Management & Maintenance, Governance & Compliances. These initiatives have enabled the organization to gain access to real-time customer insights, allowing for the swift adaptation of marketing strategies with flexibility and efficiency.

The impressive metamorphosis has not just resulted in significant enhancements, but has also played a pivotal role in drastically reducing the overall ownership expenses. Moreover, it has expedited data intake, improved business functions, minimized space requirements, amplified storage capability, and introduced mobile applications catering to the tech-savvy mobile user base constantly connected online through their devices.

The Result

News7 has achieved significant operational improvements and enhanced integration by implementing the NERP system. The automation of financial reporting, forecasting, and planning processes has elevated the efficiency and precision of these essential activities. Moreover, this implementation has fostered improved collaboration and transparency. News7 has been able to forge long-lasting connections with consumers by delivering personalized content through cloud-based applications. The utilization of curated content, smarter advertising, and targeted content personalization has further strengthened the appeal of the content. Utilizing insights from analytics applications and ensuring decision security have allowed News7 to optimize the relevance and effectiveness of their content.

Moreover, the adoption of NERP has brought about substantial advantages across various departments, including purchasing, sales, marketing, advertising, program management, and operations. Notably, operational expenses have experienced a noteworthy decrease, and supplier adherence has witnessed a significant improvement. These positive outcomes have instilled a heightened level of assurance regarding the overall excellence of both procedures and deliverables. Additionally, the integration of cross-departmental reporting has furnished invaluable understandings into costs, enabling News7 to efficiently assess suppliers and secure the most competitive prices.

NERP has successfully reduced operational costs while improving the speed of content delivery by implementing automated and integrated procedures. This has simplified data streams and combined data stream processing with in-memory computing to optimize marketing strategies, resulting in increased sales and revenue. Additionally, it has enabled personalized customer engagements, stimulated demand, and facilitated growth for B2B marketers. NERP also ensures secure end-to-end transactions without the need for third-party application regulations. Moreover, the implementation of Advanced Analytics allows for the identification of data patterns, leading to better managerial decision-making. The utilization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning aids in automating repetitive tasks, significantly saving time, and offers efficient storage solutions.

News7 has successfully reduced their memory footprint and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by a significant factor of six through the implementation of dictionary compression techniques. This efficient approach has resulted in a remarkable increase of 20% in revenue, along with a staggering 88% improvement in ingestion speed and a noteworthy 75% rise in viewership. It is worth noting that further enhancement in memory reduction efficiency, up to ten times, can be achieved by separating the historical data and removing aggregates.

Key Business Outcomes and Advantages Include

Key Business Outcomes and Advantages Include

  • Achieved a notable reduction of 62% in storage costs on an annual basis by optimizing infrastructure architecture, coupled with a remarkable 88% improvement in ingestion speed and an impressive 75% increase in viewership.
  • Utilized predictive analysis to gain valuable insights into audience interest and effectively identify customer churn, leading to the creation of new revenue streams.
  • Ensured end-to-end transaction security through Blockchain technology without the need for third-party application regulation.
  • Fostered enhanced levels of customer trust by delivering tailored content that aligns with their expectations, thereby facilitating personalized customer engagements across multiple channels.
  • Enabled management to make quicker and more informed decisions by leveraging an almost accurate, comprehensive knowledge base containing detailed insights into various departmental metrics, providing a holistic perspective of the situation.
  • Allowed for the enhancement and optimization of marketing strategies to effectively drive sales and generate higher revenue.
  • Utilized the Support approach, resulting in the efficient and simultaneous resolution of all incidents in real-time with the implementation of a unified platform.

Featured Solutions & Services

  • ERP leverages an in-memory database specifically designed for digital business and the Intelligent Enterprise, allowing for the maximization of data potential.
  • HCM effectively addresses employee needs and bridges experience gaps to ensure a resilient and productive workforce.
  • CRM empowers marketers to enhance customer lifetime value by providing real-time, omni-channel experiences.
  • WMS optimizes inventory control, streamlines order fulfillment, and enhances overall operational efficiency, offering improved accuracy, productivity, and real-time visibility.
  • EDM simplifies approval processes through customizable workflows, automated notifications with version control, security measures, and cost savings, making it an essential tool for print media businesses.


The News7, acclaimed TV channel of Odisha, is the pride possession of Summa Real Media Private Limited, popularly known as the SOA Group. The SOA Group encompasses a diverse range of media platforms, news portals, and publications, all dedicated to providing widespread entertainment and enlightenment to audiences across the globe. At present, Summa Real Media Private Limited is fully committed to nurturing the growth of its venture, while consistently driving advancements in the field of media.

Industry Segment Region Company Size
Media & Entertainment TV and Digital India 700+ Employees

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Nirmalya has played a pivotal role in establishing a strong base which has facilitated progress in all aspects of our organization. Consolidating all our operations into a single platform has significantly improved our efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

Punam Pandia | CMD, SAMUDYAM

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