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Success Stories

Enabled Centralised , & Matrix-Driven Business for SS Product Engineering

A private limited company founded in 1998 that prides itself on quality and service. It is now one of the largest SS Products manufacturing, operating 3 branches across India’s different states and with over 100 products on offer and access to 200 leading national and international suppliers of trade SS products, it is able to service the needs of all customer needs. View more >>

Scaled up Bakery Production, Distribution, Retailing, and Reduced Wastages

Considering all the concerns, pain points, and challenges, we have customized solution specifically for Food & Bakery manufacturing companies to scale up production to bring products to market, faster and cheaper, while complying with regulatory mandates. With over 90 products on offer, 100+ retail counters, and access to more than 50 leading suppliers of trade the products. View more >>

Streamlined Batch Plant (Ready-mix Concrete) Supply Chain Management

A market leader in ready-mix concrete, having more than 10 batch plants in different parts of Laos. Our curated solution specifically for Batch Plant to scale up production to be ahead of the competition in the ready-mix concrete market, faster and sustainable, while complying with regulatory mandates.

Delivering Agility, Efficiency and Scalability for Mattress, & Luxury Furniture to Soar

A leading Mattress and furniture manufacturing, distribution and retail company in India having multiple production units, over 80 retail counters, 100+ dealers/ stockiest in different parts of India. We implemented integrated enterprise resource planning for their complex production process, procurement, inventory, supply-chain, customer relationship management and brought all dealers, super stockiest, retailers, and customers into single platform to make the whole work smooth, efficient, and agility.

Reduced Overrun & Boosted Profit of GFRC/GFRP/PAVERS/TILES Manufacturer

India's one of the largest companies in the manufacture, delivery, and installation of premium Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, Pavers, Wall Tiles, and a wide range of other eco-friendly, sustainable, customized construction & home decor solutions. Enabled team to plan, design, execute and deliver though integrated enterprise resource planning; assign labels and meticulously track each element used in the manufacturing process—right from the design to finishing of the elements with system alerts to keep the management aware seamlessly.

We will curate innovative solution as per your needs and help you accelerate to fast-changing reality.

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