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Smart Warehouse Management

Accelerate day-to-day warehouse operations using industry leading practices, such as mobile RF barcode scanning, defined strategies for putaway and picking, task management, return authorization receipts and cycle count plans. Handle thousands of SKUs across multiple locations and eliminate manual processes, allowing you to minimize handling costs, run your warehouses more efficiently and consistently meet customer expectations.

  • Automate and streamline warehouse processes from inbound receipts to outbound deliveries for improved efficiency, smoother operations, and the ability to handle higher volumes.
  • Create floor plans and place pallets, shelves, and equipment in the best locations to run at peak efficiency and save time and money.
  • Create accurate demand forecasts, run a just-in-time inventory strategy, and improve traceability.
  • Forecast labor needs, create schedules, optimize travel time within a warehouse, and assign the right task to the right employee based on skill level, proximity, and other factors.
  • Improve order fulfillment, faster deliveries, and fewer inaccuracies to increase customer satisfaction and improve your brand reputation.
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Storage & Bin Management

Create storage bin manually (Normal or Batch Mode) or group a range of storage bins with similar characteristics and define them simultaneously.

  • Delete or change one or more characteristics of several storage bins at once
  • Block or unblock storage bins selectively, on the basis of rows, in bulk storage with a time limit for putaways, and whole storage type
  • Get overview of the storage bin list contains information about capacity utilization in the warehouse, the materials that are stored there, how long the articles have been in storage, and the quants that are in storage.


Accelerate processing though automated background processing quickly in the system to reduce individual workload considerably.

  • Prioritizing incoming customer orders based on the frequency
  • Processing and consolidating orders manually and automatically as per need
  • Optimize order workflows with reduced individual workload

Planning & Monitoring

Oversee, plan and optimize work processes and notify responsible personnel in case there are delays or errors in the overall system. The warehouse activity monitor helps you to identify and correct warehousing errors or critical processes soon after they occur, thus enabling you to carry out warehousing transactions in a timely manner.

  • Monitor SKU levels in respective warehouses whenever you create a sales or purchase order enabling you to keep track of your item quantity on a day-to-day basis.
  • Track transfer orders and receive real-time updates on the whereabouts of stock.
  • Automatic stock level updates between warehouses and receive reorder notifications.

Stock Management

Get real-time visibility into inventory across locations, including items in transit and in stores and tracking information using automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology such as Barcodes/QRcodes or RFID.

  • Allocate inventory according to custom workflows and picking logic so that inventory can be moved faster, both into and out of the warehouse.
  • Get demand forecasting using advanced analytics and insights into product and vendor performance.
  • Adjust inventory levels on the fly to ensure there is just enough stock to satisfy customer demand, whether in-store or online.

Warehouse Movements

Accelerate goods movements within warehouse or between warehouses based on existing Transfer or Movement documents for goods receipts, goods issues, and differences to store data before it is posted to the storage areas in the warehouse.

  • Checking and labeling incoming goods.
  • Selecting the optimal storage location for items based on picking frequency.
  • Forecasting when an article should be replenished based on previous order patterns.

Goods Receipt and Issue

Receive goods against a Purchase Order or Transfer Order by scanning barcodes, Lots/Batches and serials with automated receipts posting results in an increase of stock in the warehouse. Issue goods against a Sales Order or Indent/Requisition for delivery of goods to customers, material staging for production, or Internal material consumption with automated issue posting results in a decrease in stock in the warehouse.

  • Reeducation of stocks automatically/Manually when the outbound delivery or the transfer requirement is created.
  • Post the goods receipt automatically/manually before or after the putaway with reference to a purchase order or production order or transfer order.
  • Maximizing the efficiency of deliveries by automatically recognizing what needs to be loaded first and which shipments should be sent on the same vehicle at the same time .

Stock Transfer & Replenishment

Transfer stocks against transfer order from one plant/storage location to another plant/storage location, one Warehouse to another warehouse, and one storage bin to another storage bin (internal transfers). Forecast the necessary stock for fixed storage bins by considering planned stock removals resulting from existing deliveries with picking from fixed storage bins, along side the current stock situation.

  • Provides greater inventory control, prevent excess inventory and allows executives to move products quickly to meet demand forecasting.
  • Reduces time spent on the traditional communication back and forth with high volume inventory transactions.
  • Keep track of inventory/warehouse transfer data history.

Putaway & Picking

View the list of goods to pick or putaway, scan and send back the completed items list, which reflects in the connected NERP in real time. When the system creates transfer orders to move goods into or out of the warehouse, you do not have to intervene when it comes to finding storage bins.

  • Employ putaway and removal strategies used by the system to search for storage bins in the most expeditious manner.
  • Define stock removal strategy FIFO, LIFO, or Partial Quantities Fist as per the need.
  • Define storage unit management to optimize warehouse capacity and control material flow using storage units within the warehouse.

Cross Docking

Handle materials more efficiently and minimize unnecessary material double-handling to reduce cycle times, inventory and handling costs. Maximizing cross-docking utilization is one way of achieving this goal.

  • Enable goods to be either be directly moved between the goods receipt and goods issue areas, or first moved from goods receipt to a cross-docking storage type, before being moved to the goods issue area.
  • Get information on actual and arising problematic situations in the warehouse, which are related to cross-docking, and enables you to handle exceptions.
  • Monitor cross-docking in the warehouse, including cross-docking decisions and their statuses.

Quality Management

Inspect automatically or manually whether delivered or putaway products satisfy your quality criteria for goods receipt process, warehouse, and returns.

  • Perform inspections, planned or unplanned, for warehouse-internal stock not related to an inbound or outbound process.
  • Generate inspection document for inbound & outbound deliverables and define follow-up process.
  • Define acceptance rules and make decision based on inspection results whether to accept, reject, or scrap.

Packing, Shipping & Receiving

Manage starting from packing, planning of vehicle arrivals at the warehouse, and loading and unloading of the vehicles - is important for managing the efficient running of the warehouse, and for balancing the workload across the working day.

  • Define all the necessary data on the order and the type/amount of packing material required for each order.
  • Plan & Schedule dispatch, manage workforce, allocate vehicle/ third-party transport and track the process.
  • Provide access to carriers to plan loading appointments for their own vehicles directly in system, and update details of their loading appointments.

Mobility and RFID

Enable warehouse staff thorough mobile app to operate, track inventory, optimize processes by using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, and monitor productivity.

  • Enables contact-free identification, control, and tracking of packaged products and handling units by using RFID labels with integrated RFID tags.
  • Assign RFID tags for resources to have an overview of where the resources are currently located in the warehouse.
  • Optimize goods receipt and issue processes using RFID with predefined functions and action to be done automatically.

Dashboard and Analytics

Dashboard provides current snapshot into their inventory on hand across warehouses, product categories - allowing businesses to reduce inventory on hand to free up cash while avoiding stockouts.

  • Fully personalized view of your daily metrics with Real-time option to help you make important business decisions on the spot.
  • Track the time until items are out of stock, and see historical purchase amounts along with estimated costs for re-purchasing
  • Helps inventory managers quickly get up to speed on the current state of their inventory, and help them plan for the future.

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