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Quality Management

Build a company-wide quality information system for long-term quality control and quality assurance.

Product Costing is a major module needed for any manufacturing company to prepare cost estimates. It helps in managing, monitoring, and enhancing all organizational processes. In simpler words, it's all about noting down how much and what you have used to develop a product, and the services your organization has provided. This module allows you to handle and set up master data that encompasses cost and profit centers, internal orders, and various other cost elements and functional sectors.

  • Overview of Costs and Revenues: Gives you an overview of all financial activities in an organization. It shows you all the money coming in and going out.
  • Estimating Standard Costs: Allows you to estimate the standard cost for each unit of a product. This will also help you figure out the cost of goods manufactured and sold.
  • Planning Costs for Materials: Plan the costs of materials without linking it to any specific orders and set prices for materials and other cost-accounting aspects.
  • Costing with Quantity Structure: Get accurate cost estimates based on quantity structure in Production Planning.
  • Planning New Products and Services: Helps you plan and implement new products or services using base planning objects