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Human Capital Management

Accelerate human capital management and keep them engaged with exceptional employee experiences though right combination of technologies specifically required for your organization to solve complex business problems, greater human capital experience, and create innovative business outcomes. Enable yourself to drive productivity, agility, and people practices so you can compete and thrive today and in the future.

Accelerate human capital management and keep them engaged with exceptional employee experiences though right combination of technologies specifically required for your organization to solve complex business problems, greater human capital experience, and create innovative business outcomes. Enable yourself to drive productivity, agility, and people practices so you can compete and thrive today and in the future.

  • Enable yourself to drive productivity, agility, and people practices so you can compete and thrive today and in the future
  • Provide end-to-end experiences that extend beyond HR to other parts of the business
  • Compete in the race for skills by attracting, developing, and keeping top talent.
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting may lead to better decisions about compensation packages, work schedules and more
  • Cloud-based solutions that are adaptable and expandable allow for the management of more employees, transactions and data
  • Global and local monitoring capabilities may allow you to stay current with changing regulations
  • Automated workflows that replace manual tasks may reduce direct labor costs and administrative expenses
  • Multi-layered protection and public-facing security alerts can help prevent data breaches and fraud
  • Multimedia-based training and mobile self-service options are just a few of the ways technology can improve how you attract and retain talent
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Bringing data, technology & expertise together to transform your business and make future-ready.


Integrating different varieties of data to enhance transparency, insights, and transform digitally to capitalize on data and innovate without boundaries.


Reliable & Resilient – your platform & partner for digital transformation without limits.

Generate, Nurture, Convert, and Analyze

Redefine employee experiences though simple and intuitive user experiences to feel connected, empowered and supported.

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HR Analytics & Manpower Planning

Enable leaders, and HRs to build a future-fit workforce and streamline everyone's workflow starting from business leaders to HRs to Employees. Make smarter and faster decisions by using analytics of all HR processes and workforce planning to stay on top of every movement, activity and deliverables from anywhere, any device with reduced time-to-insight. Inspire everyone to perform and lead to a better employee-HR relationship though a transparent, friendly companion to help employees evolve, educate and engage.

  • Maintain work-life integration and analyze every movement - all at one place and align HRs with corporate strategy and policies to drive growth.
  • Identify risks and opportunities related to your workforce and make faster, informed decisions based on analytics.
  • Make faster, better decisions with reduced bias with the help data-driven insights.

Employee Experience

Employee experience is an employee's perceptions about his or her journey through all the touch points at a particular company, starting with job candidacy through to the exit from the company. The company's physical workspace, culture and technology are all important components of the employee experience, hence strengthening the employee experience has numerous benefits that are all associated with employee job satisfaction leading to higher profits and better marketplace positioning.

  • Enhance employee engagement with role-based dashboards, reporting, and more to make more engaged, and productive employees.
  • Enhance the digital employee experience with digital tools and tailored data to lower absenteeism rates and increased quality of work.
  • Assess performance with 360-degree feedback, optimize benefits to fit employee needs, company budget, and more..

Policy & Statutory Compliance

Enable your business with statutory compliance and policies to harness the power of human energy and beneficial to everyone - Employees, employers, and the whole organization. Statutory compliance in HR helps you to manage a demanding regulatory environment, avoid non-compliance risks, and match with all the demanding regulatory environments, organization should be well updated and keep an eye on all the regulations in the labor laws. .

  • Manage the complexity of ever-changing global and local regulations with legal compliance and best practices..
  • Go hand in hand with the operational aspect of core business to ensure the statutory regulations and mandates as per country specific regulations.
  • Strengthen brand equity, loyalty, boost employee morale, and become competitive advantage over rival businesses.

Recruitment, and Onboarding

Empower your recruitment & on-boarding team to find the right candidate to fill roles quickly and efficiently though a seamless platform starting from talent sourcing, employee referral, resume management, hiring pipeline, resume scrutinize, scheduling interview, offer letter generation, candidate engagement to on boarding - all while providing a great candidate experience.

  • Integrate and source though leading talent acquisition portals, Social Media and company website for faster hires and a better onboarding experience.
  • Automate hiring process starting from resume shortlisting, interview scheduling, and offer letter generation to eliminate the manual process for a seamless experience.
  • Onboard seamlessly new hires though portal and get all compliance forms, documentation completed and e-signed beforehand with personalized onboarding practices to empower new hires with information about project, team, seating location, and induction training.

Learning Management

Grow your employee and business though an intuitive streamline training process across organization for enabling faster and better e-learning experiences. Facilitate employee training and assessment seamlessly though Self-paced, personalization of course or virtual, depending on which term you prefer. Manage effortlessly starting from content creation, course management, user management , scheduling, assessment, feedback, and gradation.

  • Create courses, categories, resources & activities, scales for assessment and gradation based on your needs though a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Create survey, define audience and engage employee to get the pulse of survey and define actionable actions though AI based dashboard and reports.
  • Enable communications features include messaging, event calendar, web conferencing, and email confirmations. With the analytics functionality, teams can access, upload, manage eLearning resources and visualize learner progress and prepare detailed course reports.

Timesheet Management

Empower employees to log their timesheets digitally though web and mobile application. Streamline your tasks and track progress at every step along the way, and cut down on micromanagement by empowering your employees to control and stay on top of their tasks. From tracking work hours to billing clients to monitoring progress on individual projects and tasks, and generate insightful reports.

  • Manage, track, trace and analyze through centralized dashboard and get real-time insights of tasks and time resources.
  • Generate various reports like scheduled vs. logged hours or time planned vs. spent or estimate vs. productivity to make better decisions.
  • Create approval matrix between single and multi-level approval process with approval criteria to enable the system to automatically accept or reject an approval based on the given criteria.

360 degree Performance Assessment

Ensure great employee experience, maximize completion rates through an easy and seamless 360 assessment system with empowered actionable insights like strengths, areas of improvement, hidden strengths, and blind spots. Identify gaps in perception across self, managers, peers and others though a seamless experience for administrators and employees. It stands apart from conventional appraisals because of its multi rater approach. The process collects ratings from multiple sources. So, all employees receive feedback from their peers, bosses, direct reports, and sometimes, even customers or clients..

  • Define goals, assign and track the progress of each team member is making towards the key results. Regular check-ins on individual performance helps managers to coach employees and stay informed.
  • Identify top-performers, people in need of training, and those that appear disengaged. Plan for the future, and focus on areas of improvement.
  • Evaluate employees on behavioral metrics, find the most proficient employees for a given project, streamline salary hikes as per defined budget, and allocate a percentage for every team.

Attendance and Shift Management

Personalize the experience of employees by defining attendance settings to be strict or lenient and configure the system to collect data from various sources like bio-metric, mobile app and web application. Also, keep mobile workforce agile with location-based attendance punching with improved employee engagement by allowing to check-in from the web and mobile app, view their attendance, and raise requests for approvals. Streamline employee shift scheduling, manage multiple rosters, define shifts, add employees, configure payouts, and automate shift rotations from single place..

  • Generate insightful reports, regularize attendance, and empower remote employees to check in from anywhere using mobile and web interface.
  • Bring transparency in workplace and motivate employees though updated on shift swaps, schedule changes, and other shift details though real-time notifications right to their mobile and web-based devices.
  • Integrate with biometric devices for employee check-in and check-out, configure the pay periods for different locations, define the pay period cycle, and process payroll

Travel & Expense Management

Empower employees by streamlining expense management, corporate travel bookings, reconciliation, allocate department-wise travel & expense budget with customizable approval matrix process. Enable your organization for real-time tracking, controls & notifications, spend trend analytics, and generate detailed reports as per the need. Take control of expenses, budgets and bookings all in one platform.

  • Assign department-wise travel & expense budget, view trip wise expense drill-down analysis, and generate reports with department/GST/entity wise breakup of spend.
  • Manage and payout travel & non-travel related expenses though integrated interface to capture all expenses with digital record-keeping as per compliance management.
  • Integrat travel booking agencies and agents for ease of employees to operate starting from travel itenary to booking to claim and settlement though Web and Mobile interface.

Case Management

Empower and improve employee experience though a streamline employee case management, allow organization to seamlessly manage questions, and provide accurate responses timely. Create categories, sub-categories, SLAs, escalation matrix, and FAQ based on your requirements. Define a group, or individual to each category with escalation and SLAs to route the questions to right person and get resolved cases timely.

  • Get insights into escalations, closed and pending requests, and the quality of resolutions
  • Identify commonly asked questions and take actions to improve your processes, standardization of interaction, and documentation.
  • Enable employees to provide feedback about the experience they had for better service delivery.

Leave Management

Empower employees to utilize their fair share of time-off to rest and recuperate. An overworked employee is an unproductive one. Automate the leave request process, making it hassle-free for both the management and the employees using robust enough to seamlessly handle all the stages involved in a leave management process: application, approval/rejection, filing leaves, managing leave balance, and analysis.

  • Policies and procedures vary from one organization to another and country to country. Configure Leave Type, Policy, Holiday List as per country-specific statutory compliance.
  • Create interactive reports based on the acquired data. With employee-wise and company-wide reports, organizations can easily analyze patterns and acquire actionable insights.
  • Save management time, reduce payroll errors, remove manual dependencies, eliminate paperwork, and adopt a straightforward approach to handle leave requests.

Payroll Management

Make centralized control over payroll processing efficient, effortless and accurate with integrated leave management, timesheet, attendance, and country-specific statutory compliance. Enable personalized pay slabs, salary components, personalized allowances, reimbursements, deductions as per your organization needs and policy. Keep up with tax regulations, configure approvals, keep track of all salary deductions, create custom deductions, reimbursements and automate all your payroll processes.

  • Stay legally compliant with changing laws, starting from statutory compliance, tax deductions or other government deductions. Generate automatic PF, ECR, ESI, PT, LWF reports.
  • Enable employees to view their pay slips, Tax deduction report, submit their reimbursement claims, claim benefits, declare investments and submit proofs from a single place. Access anywhere from any device!
  • Process comprehensive final settlements in one go and keep track of your relieved employee records.

Employee Management

Enable your organization to manage global workforce with a flexible, secure, comprehensive, and scalable database to get a better understanding of your workforce at a glance. Empower employees with self-service application to increase employee data visibility across regions. Design your organization structure, hierarchy, access control - ensuring the privacy of business and employee data gets the foremost attention. Create profiling of employees in single place, to get every details about employee historical data, insurance, dependents, address details and provide field based access to employee to update as per the needs..

  • Add your entities and their different divisions to build your organization structure, and effortlessly manage your employee data.
  • Add employees, generate employee IDs, departments, locations, and job roles and give access to employee information based on job roles and responsibilities.
  • Enable employees to contact their colleagues through the directory or a simple search based on location, name, job role, or other details.

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