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Enhance customer relations, explore novel transaction methods, and propel the growth of your food and beverage enterprise. Leveraging the capabilities of NERP, you can seamlessly link every customer interaction with your behind-the-scenes operations, thereby elevating your business performance and ensuring remarkable customer experiences. Our restaurant POS systems offer versatility and robust security, serving as a foundation for expansion. Effectively manage online orders, curbside pickup, and delivery services with utmost efficiency. Broaden your menu offerings by venturing into cloud kitchens and virtual brands. Forge seamless connections between your front-of-house, kitchen, and back-office functions through our industry-leading, highly secure cloud-based point of sale. Whether your aim is expanding, adapting, or optimizing efficiency, our POS systems are quick to deploy and come equipped to match your unparalleled dedication, straight out of the package.

When it comes to Food & Beverage, having a reliable partner who understands the unique challenges of the industry is crucial. Our platform is designed to meet the contemporary needs of both large and small independent business. By offering an innovative platform, we support provider organizations of all sizes in achieving success. With our intuitive, secure, and intelligent solutions for food & beverage providers, we aim to enhance care outcomes, facilitate informed decisions, reduce costs, and foster superior experiences for customers, and staff. You can rely on Nirmalya to assist you in fast-tracking growth, optimizing profitability, and positioning your business for long-term success. This partnership ensures that businesses receive tailored solutions that address their unique needs and provide a competitive edge in the market.


Enhance & Evolve Your Restaurant

NERP for restaurants is designed to assist brands in comprehending sales at both corporate and franchise locations, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding expansion. It allows you to achieve your growth objectives while simultaneously enhancing the speed and quality of guest experiences. By leveraging the technological advancements offered by NERP, you can gain a competitive advantage in a cutthroat market where convenience and digital ordering have a significant impact. Implementing an omnichannel strategy through NERP enables you to tap into previously unexplored revenue streams, while effectively managing inventory to meet sales targets and minimize wastage. Additionally, through NERP, you can adopt sustainable practices for food and packaging, as well as enhance supply chain visibility to strengthen brand reputation and ensure compliance with industry standards.

  • Proactively explore innovative revenue opportunities and accurately assess the potential business outcomes of implementing modifications, such as menu revamping, introducing plant-based or organic food choices, establishing ghost kitchens, or creating meal kits.
  • Streamline the accounting process for different business transactions taking place between the franchisor and franchisees through automation.
  • Enhance forecast precision, synchronize supply and demand, and lower expenses by executing strategic operational and financial planning.

Human Capital Management

Efficiently attract and bring in new hires, foster the growth of their skillsets, and actively promote their mental well-being. Our Human Capital Management (HCM) and solutions for managing restaurant staff seamlessly integrate all employee interactions, from creating schedules for restaurant staff to implementing career development programs, and more. Provide candidates with straightforward and captivating experiences when they apply for vacant positions, while leveraging AI-driven procedures and self-scheduled interviews to expedite the hiring process. Develop user-friendly procedures for all positions and levels within your organization, spanning from baristas to business analysts, and deliver a mobile-responsive experience to enhance engagement and facilitate remote onboarding.

  • Optimize Labor Expenses and Boost Profitability using a Restaurant Scheduling Platform equipped with Time-Clock Enforcement to enhance accountability.
  • Efficiently manage and monitor employee working hours, accurately forecast labor requirements, generate and deploy optimized staff schedules, evaluate employee performance, and avail various other benefits, allowing you to focus on essential tasks.
  • Stay ahead of labor expenses through instant notifications, enabling proactive control and data-backed business choices to be made.

Supply Chain Management

Food serves as the lifeblood of any successful restaurant operation, however, uncertainties in the supply chain can disrupt the smooth functioning. Gain confidence in overseeing your inventory and menu planning through a comprehensive suite of restaurant supply chain management solutions specifically designed and developed to adapt swiftly to changes. Seamlessly strategize and evaluate inventory across both corporate and franchise locations, utilizing insightful analytics to gauge the potential impact on crucial performance indicators such as margin and customer satisfaction. Optimize your outcomes at a quicker pace by seamlessly managing your end-to-end supply chain planning solution on the cloud. Effortlessly merge demand insights, supply limitations, and stakeholder input, and leverage built-in machine learning capabilities to enhance profitability while simultaneously accelerating customer service.

  • Utilize analytics to assess and strategize inventory across both corporate and franchise establishments, while considering its potential influence on crucial performance metrics like margin and customer satisfaction.
  • Streamline your inventory management and point-of-sale systems to efficiently control stock levels, minimize waste, and enhance profitability.
  • Employ cutting-edge techniques such as next-generation demand management, advanced segmentation, clustering, and machine learning to forecast and influence demand for new menu items.

Table Services & KOT

The primary objectives of table service restaurants encompass customer satisfaction and profit augmentation. This is precisely why we have designed a dependable and user-friendly point of sale platform, which grants real-time data accessibility to your servers, enabling them to deliver exemplary service on every occasion. Our cutting-edge tablets actively engage customers and expedite their orders, while our advanced kitchen display systems establish order amidst chaos—allowing you to streamline operations, enhance table turnover, and decrease costs. Bid farewell to outdated kitchen printers and embrace the revolution of kitchen automation. Our Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) introduces efficiency to the culinary domain by showcasing new orders and updates from your restaurant's point of sale system, instantly in real time. Our Kitchen Order Displays (KOD) assists in prioritizing online and in-house orders, minimizing errors, and boosting service speed, thereby ensuring an unparalleled guest experience of the highest quality.

  • Utilize our comprehensive restaurant POS system that seamlessly manages your front of house, back office, and kitchen operations through a user-friendly cloud platform.
  • Effectively manage employee schedules by leveraging real-time forecasting and employee data, thereby minimizing overtime expenses and ensuring adequate staffing levels.
  • Efficiently manage inventory with negligible wastage by accessing real-time forecasting data, allowing our system to recommend optimal order quantities at the perfect moment.

Order Management & Delivery

With our seamless integration, every online order you receive will effortlessly pass through your point of sale (POS) system for secure payment processing, real-time inventory updates, smooth kitchen preparation, trackable delivery updates, and more – all managed conveniently from a single, secure cloud platform. Effortlessly manage your menu across multiple channels to readily accept orders from your mobile app, website, and popular marketplaces. Enhance your menu by incorporating online ordering, pickup, and delivery options. Whether you run a cozy restaurant, a regional chain of coffee shops, or even a global franchise, our platform ensures that online ordering becomes a hassle-free, streamlining process that generates satisfactory profitability. Our all-in-one restaurant management platform, NERP, enables you to efficiently oversee all your online and in-house operations. Keep both customers and staff well-informed about each order's current status, ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction. Additionally, leverage our advanced location technology to enable smart pickup options, thereby further enhancing customer convenience and overall satisfaction.

  • Utilize menu management capabilities to efficiently process orders from various channels, including your mobile application, website, and popular online marketplaces.
  • Guarantee the comprehensive aggregation of all incoming orders by integrating them with your cloud-based POS system, enabling a unified perspective of transactions and customer engagements.
  • Seamlessly transmit order information to your kitchen for prompt preparation, while implementing intelligent business rules and decision-making protocols to maintain product freshness and adhere to promised delivery times.

Inventory Management

Upgrade your restaurant's inventory management with NERP, sparing yourself the burdensome and time-consuming task of manual inventory upkeep. Our advanced system automates essential tasks, enabling you to maximize stock levels, minimize food waste, and effectively manage cash flow to enhance your overall profitability. By analyzing sales forecasts, historical usage, and PAR levels, our platform suggests appropriate order quantities. With its comprehensive understanding of individual order requirements, our system swiftly generates accurate orders with suppliers, surpassing the precision achieved through manual methods.

  • Employ an automated system to promptly adjust inventory levels as soon as orders are received, whether through in-house or online channels.
  • Facilitate seamless electronic communication with our trusted local vendors and suppliers, enabling efficient exchange of pricing, order, and receipt information.
  • Enhance loss prevention and error detection through occasional inspections utilizing the Mobile & Tablet POS, effectively identifying waste, theft, delivery discrepancies, and other potential issues.

Facilities and Asset Management

Enhance the quality of facilities, assets, and materials across various locations by efficiently utilizing the unified platform NERP. Streamline the management of your material inventory, whether it is categorized by SKU or listed by location. The inventory is automatically updated in real-time whenever new materials are purchased, received, or consumed. Embrace the automation of inventory management processes to save valuable time and enhance accuracy. Boost internal customer satisfaction levels by automating work order tracking, assignments, and sign-offs. This ensures a consistent and prompt completion of requested tasks, ultimately improving overall efficiency. Retain all pertinent warranty information and make it easily accessible to operations. By diligently ensuring that all eligible repairs are conducted under warranty, substantial cost savings can be achieved. Utilize alerts and tracking mechanisms to proactively oversee maintenance and repair cycles. By doing so, you can prevent expensive emergency repairs, replacements, and potential interruptions to workflow. Bid farewell to the laborious and error-prone task of manual tracking as you optimize operations, making everything smoother and more accurate.

  • Avoid expensive emergency repairs, replacements, and disruptions, while eliminating the need for manual tracking prone to errors and time consumption.
  • Enhance internal customer satisfaction through automated tracking, assignment, and approval of work orders, ensuring faster completion of requested tasks consistently.
  • Streamline material inventory management by implementing automated systems, allowing for SKU or location-based organization, saving time, and enhancing accuracy.

Financial Management

Improve the effectiveness of your finance team by providing them with enhanced data that will enhance their forecasting accuracy, streamline reporting cycles, simplify decision-making processes, and enable better management of risk and compliance. NERP automates various financial management tasks, such as payables, receivables, fixed assets, expenses, and reporting, ultimately providing a comprehensive overview of your overall financial health. Additionally, our platform automates your financial processes, including accounting for intercompany tax and transfer pricing journals. You can also standardize your chart of accounts, business processes, data model, as well as security and compliance controls, ensuring that your entire organization is aligned for coherent decision-making and action. Moreover, with our platform, you can define and manage budgets while gaining increased visibility into commitments, obligations, and expenditures.

  • Achieve enhanced operational effectiveness through advanced automation of financial processing and enhance organizational transparency by adopting the fastest and most scalable general ledger available in the industry.
  • Streamline financial operations by consolidating invoice and payment processing, eliminating duplicative payables services. Simplify expense reporting through the integration of a digital assistant, mobile expense entry, automated spend controls, and intelligent auditing capabilities.
  • Enhance cash management practices by automating cash-centric financial procedures and accelerating invoice processing through automated invoice matching, resulting in timely insights into your overall cash position.

Marketing Management

Develop brand recognition and execute promotional activities through various platforms to convert initial consumers from external delivery and reservation partners into devoted patrons. Our restaurant marketing platform integrates your transaction, loyalty, and marketing data onto a unified NERP platform, facilitating the streamlining and expansion of your marketing campaigns. Enable your customers to choose restaurant gift cards as ideal presents for their loved ones. Effortlessly manage sales, reloads, redemptions, account transfers, and guest details directly from your POS system.

  • Develop versatile loyalty programs for restaurants, incorporating point-based systems per transaction, frequency of visits, and exclusive promotional offers.
  • Harness the potential of influential social media campaigns by utilizing distinctive codes and coupons to enhance restaurant visibility and entice new customers.
  • Employ meticulous analysis of promotions to gain insights into the origins of your most valuable, loyal, and frequent customers, focusing on profitability.

Dashboard & Analytics

NERP Dashboard & Analytics is an out-of-the-box analytics solution designed specifically for finance, procurement, and sales. It enables them to delve into the root causes of profitability, enhance the utilization of working capital, and exert better control over business expenses. By employing prebuilt metrics, one can gain a comprehensive understanding of an organization's financial performance and effectively analyze historical trends and variances. It offers restaurant business analytics on your mobile device, providing easy access to essential data through concise reports and dashboards. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your operations across all branches, from overarching metrics to individual guest transactions. Stay well-informed and make swift, well-informed decisions by accessing real-time data from your restaurant's POS system. Receive timely notifications regarding significant matters such as low inventory, unmet sales goals, conflicting employee schedules, and labor costs surpassing predetermined limits.

  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the kitchen's efficiency by analyzing various factors such as preparation, delivery times, and other performance indicators that directly influence your profitability.
  • Conveniently view comprehensive reports online through both desktop and mobile devices, or make use of our mobile application to efficiently manage tasks while on the move.
  • Stay informed in real-time about significant matters such as insufficient inventory, unmet sales goals, conflicts in employee schedules, and labor expenses surpassing predetermined limits through prompt alerts.

We have significantly enhanced efficiency by centralizing, hosting, and making all our operations accessible in the cloud. Nirmalya Unified Platform has enabled us to support remote sales and customer service, offer an elevated level of service to our customers, and effectively manage our operations with real-time data.

Saroj Patro | CMD, Shoukeen Industries


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