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With the utilization of cutting-edge data intelligence, banks are empowered to foster innovation, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive shareholder value. The advent of digital transformation has opened up avenues for remarkable innovation in the banking sector. By embracing digital transformation, banks can effectively utilize cloud-based data and intelligent technologies to optimize speed, minimize costs, and elevate both customer and employee experiences. Meeting sustainability requirements has become increasingly complex for banks, as they strive to address investor expectations, transition to a carbon-neutral approach, and advance social goals, all while navigating stringent regulations and bridging data gaps. Leveraging advanced data analytics and reporting capabilities enables banks to effortlessly fulfill these requirements. Properly managing risk, adhering to regulations, and delivering accurate and timely information are paramount aspects of banking operations.

When it comes to Banking, having a reliable partner who understands the unique challenges of the industry is crucial. Our platform is designed to meet the contemporary needs of both large and small enterprises to assist banks in achieving compliance, effectively managing financial data, controlling expenses, and mitigating risk. By offering an innovative platform, we support provider organizations of all sizes in achieving success. With our intuitive, secure, and intelligent solutions for Banking, we aim to enhance care outcomes, facilitate informed decisions, reduce costs, and foster superior experiences for customers, and staff. Achieve customer satisfaction and encourage progress through an approach rooted in transparency, simplicity, and engagement. Our objective is to curate a tailored and efficient banking journey that not only meets individual needs but also promotes personal growth. You can rely on Nirmalya to assist you in fast-tracking growth, optimizing profitability, and positioning your business for long-term success. This partnership ensures that businesses receive tailored solutions that address their unique needs and provide a competitive edge in the market.


Enhance Customer Engagement

Our customer experience solutions incorporate customer data and intelligent analytics to facilitate omnichannel sales and self-service banking. It enables to deliver hyper personalised marketing on a larger scale, boosting customer engagement. This, in turn, positions you as a reliable advisor in your customers' financial journey towards well-being. Integrated platform, comprising sales, service, marketing, digital engagement, and robust self-service banking features, empowers you to accelerate your business. With agile customer engagement, enterprise-wide data foundation, and intelligent analytics for predictive insights, you can stay ahead of the game.

  • Integrate seamlessly with all applications across your enterprise, enhance functionality with cutting-edge technologies, operate on a secure platform, and equip your organization with robust analytics and adaptable artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • Enhance the speed of resolving issues through AI-powered recommendations, comprehensive data visibility, and collaboration tools that facilitate seamless communication across different departments. Channel basic customer inquiries towards digital platforms, allowing your experts to focus on addressing more intricate customer requirements.
  • Harness the potential of innovative technologies and interconnected applications, enabling you to engage with customers when they need assistance and enhancing interactions by making them smarter and more contextually aware.
Accelerate Banking Operation

Our inclusive platform assists banks in remaining competitive despite diminishing profit margins. It enables them to achieve the lowest possible production cost and promotes adaptability for tailoring services to individual customers, fostering innovation, and enhancing profit margins throughout the customer relationship. With our platform, you can efficiently manage various aspects, including card management, card lifecycles, issuing processes, retail deposit offerings, streamlined lending operations, centralized and real-time payment processes, cash and liquidity management in real-time, and flexible lending operations.

  • Elevate funds availability, enhance operational efficiency, reduce transaction costs, and enhance customer satisfaction to outpace evolving payment trends and offer innovative and secure payment options to customers.
  • Enhance operational efficiency, minimizing duplication, and improving customer service through a streamlined approach not only leads to increased effectiveness but also empowers banks to optimize their card offerings and deliver personalized experiences that cater to the unique needs of their customers.
  • Streamline payment processing by adopting a centralized and real-time approach, minimizing complexities and enhancing efficiency through the elimination of expensive silos and manual interventions.
Streamline Spend Management

Using a unified platform, you have the ability to enhance managed expenditure and integration across different spending categories. This allows for comprehensive analysis and substantial cost savings. By utilizing an intuitive platform, you can expedite the management of external workforce expenditure, ensure compliance with supplier contracts, streamline invoice processing, handle accounts payable, determine sources for indirect materials, and improve overall enterprise performance management. By replacing error-prone spreadsheets with reliable processes, trust can be enhanced while seamlessly defining, building, and managing complex and adaptable business models.

  • Assure precise and timely payments, effectively minimizing the likelihood of payment conflicts and strengthening supplier relationships through the implementation of automation. This automation streamlines the payment process, enabling the availing of early payment discounts and ultimately reducing administrative costs.
  • Enhance purchasing efficiency and cost savings by consolidating purchases across departments and business units. This strategy harnesses collective purchasing power and secures volume discounts. Additionally, ensure optimal inventory management by closely monitoring and optimizing inventory levels.
  • Foster robust connections with suppliers through fostering candid communication, building mutual trust, and promoting transparency. This minimizes non-compliance risks and empowers businesses to engage in more favorable negotiations regarding terms and pricing.
Revolutionise Finance Management

Our unified platform offers comprehensive support to banks in their pursuit of compliance and risk reduction, as well as efficient financial performance management for cost control. It helps your finance team gains access to a singular, reliable source of financial health information, ensuring accuracy. Leveraging AI-driven processes, it enhances forecasting precision, expedites reporting cycles, streamlines decision-making, and optimizes risk and compliance management. By harnessing data and advanced analytics, banks can enhance financial insight and exercise greater control through an expedited and compliant financial close. Embark on modernizing your finance procedures, starting from payables and receivables to expense and tax compliance, facilitated by our lightweight markdown language technology.

  • Achieve optimal decision-making outcomes by leveraging real-time, actionable data alongside predictive insights. Enhance productivity levels through streamlined, automated finance processes driven by data.
  • Enhance visibility into cash position and forecast, effectively oversee cost-efficient payments, and proactively mitigate financial risks. Boost finance performance by reducing days sales outstanding, minimizing bad debt write-offs, and optimizing expenditure.
  • Leverage integrated data and processes from a single source to foster business growth, while ensuring confidence and safeguarding its value. This enables seamless risk mitigation and adherence to regulatory and sustainability standards, ensuring compliance with multi-GAAP principles and parallel ledger valuations.
Simplify Governance, Risk, and Compliance

To ensure maximum profitability, it is crucial to effectively address the growing complexity of the regulatory landscape and mitigate any associated risks. Our platform is specifically designed to meet compliance requirements and support global businesses in managing their cross-border operations. Equipped with built-in tools and features, our platform simplifies compliance processes, enabling precise reporting and enhanced transparency. By reducing risks and boosting productivity, organizations can confidently navigate the regulatory landscape utilizing our platform.

  • Effectively address new regulations by promptly responding to them through standardized statutory reports, efficiently managing corrections and tasks, and ensuring compliance through timely submission of obligations based on a compliance calendar.
  • Implement robust control framework to proactively manage potential risks, continuously monitor safeguards, and adhere to compliance and standards. This includes conducting internal checks and balances, utilizing software tools, and guiding team to achieve business targets and fulfill organizational objectives.
  • Assume responsibility for strategically handling potential risks across the entire company and ensure adherence to all relevant rules and regulations to maintain compliance.
Enhance Employee Experience

Take charge of all stages in the talent lifecycle. Attract top-notch candidates, enhance efficiency, and make better decisions with comprehensive talent management. Acquire, recruit, introduce, monitor performance, foster career growth, and plan for future success, all seamlessly integrated into a single platform, NERP. From recruitment and onboarding to learning, career development, performance management, compensation, and succession planning, manage every aspect effortlessly. Promote productivity by offering a digital assistant that facilitates easy completion of tasks, providing step-by-step guidance across all devices. Foster significant growth by constructing development plans with well-defined objectives, tasks, and desired outcomes linked to relevant positions of interest. Employ the capability to evaluate, develop models for, allocate funds to, and oversee an extensive range of remuneration schemes in both local and international contexts. Facilitate the implementation of strategies through adaptable compensation planning and modeling techniques that cater to evolving business needs. Our proficient human capital management offers comprehensive human capital management capabilities and profound insights into employee experience, enabling banks to effectively achieve this objective.

  • Utilize AI-powered suggestions, self-scheduling interviews, data-driven offers, background checks, and smooth on-boarding to enhance and expedite the hiring process. Establish and monitor targets at different organizational levels to facilitate continuous performance discussions.
  • Strengthen your recruitment, career development, and learning procedures with a talent management system that adapts and caters to your organization's skill requirements. Create comprehensive development plans with specific objectives, tasks, and desired outcomes linked to relevant roles.
  • Incorporate performance management metrics to drive the planning, budgeting, and authorization of compensation allocations. Customize the design, content, and delivery of a comprehensive compensation statement, encompassing base pay and incentives.
Optimize Asset Life-Cycle

Optimize the performance and lifespan of your enterprise assets by leveraging a unified cloud-based platform that incorporates AI, IoT, and analytics. This integrated solution efficiently reduces operational downtime and costs, while enhancing asset management. Benefit from configurable CMMS, EAM, APM, and RCM applications, alongside simplified installation and administration processes. Moreover, enjoy an improved user experience with shared data and streamlined workflows. Elevate your inspection processes with automated asset inspections driven by real-time data and artificial intelligence. Empower your operations, quality, and maintenance teams with remote asset monitoring, asset health assessments, and predictive maintenance supported by AI technology. With a maintenance strategy driven by automation, mobility, IoT data, and AI, experience increased uptime and more efficient operations. Embrace sustainability in your asset management by harnessing the power of data.

  • Streamlining and unifying operations through a single integrated platform enables a holistic overview of assets throughout the enterprise.
  • Exercising control over intricate environments is made possible with advanced analytics, offering deeper insights to optimize assets through informed decision-making.
  • Enhancing resilience and reliability is achieved by employing condition-based maintenance through facility monitoring, addressing potential issues proactively to prevent disruptions.
Enhance Decision Making

Dashboards and analytics offer preconfigured practical applications, prophetic analysis, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) derived from variance analysis and historical patterns. Enhance your understanding of an organization's financial performance and obtain a holistic perspective on profitability, costs, and revenue by executing historical trend analyses and variance assessments employing prebuilt metrics. Delve beyond conventional ledger balances by examining comprehensive journal details and subledger transactions to identify potential discrepancies and peculiarities. Boost the efficiency of payables and receivables by closely scrutinizing the composition of working capital. With the aid of a streamlined platform, dissect revenue analysis, expedite Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), optimize Account Receivable (AR) aging and turnover, enhance payment efficiency, prolong Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), monitor payment aging trends, gain full visibility into company expenditure, and identify instances of fraud and noncompliance.

  • Ensure prompt reimbursement while upholding audit integrity. Effortlessly track performance metrics of the expense cycle time through dashboard "cards" which provide real-time information on incoming volume of expense reports, duration of filing and approval, audit adjustment metrics, and more.
  • Uncover valuable insights by analyzing balances, journals, transaction attributes, and supporting references to cater to all analytical requirements. Establish connections between balances and subledger transaction details.
  • Finance and operations leaders gain valuable insights into asset health, asset composition, and economic lifespan across entities, categories, and associated particulars.

Nirmalya has played a pivotal role in establishing a strong base which has facilitated progress in all aspects of our organization. Consolidating all our operations into a single platform has significantly improved our efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

Punam Pandia | CMD, SAMUDYAM


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