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Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

Nirmalya EHS (NEHS) is an advanced platform for efficient management of Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) protocols.

Nirmalya EHS (NEHS) is an advanced platform for efficient management of Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) protocols. It equips organizations with the ability to effectively mitigate workplace risks, proactively prevent incidents, and foster a culture centred on safety and sustainability. NEHS hold utmost significance in the lives of individuals, businesses, and communities. Effective management of various EHS concerns, such as incident handling, workplace safety, and adhering to compliance regulations, is imperative for organizations. To tackle these challenges and achieve EHS objectives, our customized environmental health and safety software offers tailored solutions that cater to the specific demands of each organization.

  • Integrate your Environment, Health, and Safety data into a unified platform, streamlining management processes.
  • Streamline incident management, compliance, audits, and more, all within a single, intuitive platform.
  • Leverage data-driven insights to enhance your EHS performance and make informed decisions.
  • Proactively identify and address potential risks with real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities.
  • Our EHS solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with ERP, CRM, and HR systems, consolidating all information in one accessible location tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Ensure a simplified user experience for on-the-go EHS tasks through our mobile-friendly interface, promoting efficiency and ease of use.
  • Efficiently manage permits to work, incident management, and compliance tasks even while on the move.
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Incident Management

Effective incident reporting is crucial in order to establish a productive environmental, safety, and health program. Our incident management software seamlessly allows you to monitor and record various incidents including injuries, illnesses, property damage, safety concerns, quality issues, and equipment failures. Our primary objective lies in minimizing workplace incidents and emphasizing the enhancement of safety measures.

  • Capture various categories of incidents, monitor, evaluate data, and assign priority to your tasks.
  • Conveniently establish customizable dashboards, swiftly carry out incident reporting from any location, thoroughly oversee incidents, and promptly generate reports on corrective actions.
  • Streamline compliance and incident reporting, enhance safety performance, avoid reoccurrences, and obtain instant incident reports with ease.
  • Conduct safety incident investigations, monitor workplace incidents, ensure adherence to proactive compliance programs, and generate detailed reports.

Risk Management

By employing risk management software, you have the ability to reduce and eradicate risks throughout your organization. This software facilitates the connection between organizational risk and operational hazards, serving as a solution to simplify and automate risk management via our platform. Utilizing our risk management software enables you to efficiently handle risk and guarantee adherence to regulations. Detailed reporting empowers you to establish operations that adhere to rigorous safety and quality standards.

  • Identify potential factors that may pose risks, conduct a thorough analysis and evaluation of these risks, uncover any challenges that may arise, and establish additional control measures for mitigation
  • Establish and oversee risk factors, handle potential operational dangers, conduct thorough root-cause analyses, and foster a secure working environment.
  • Perform a risk assessment, consolidate all risk-related information, monitor, document, and adhere to risks, and manage risks effectively in the long run.
  • Perform a risk assessment, consolidate all risk-related information, monitor, document, and adhere to risks, and manage risks effectively in the long run.

Emergency Management

By utilizing emergency management software, you can effectively train your workforce on responding to emergency situations. Our user-friendly software for emergency management enables you to monitor the whereabouts of all individuals on site during an emergency by accessing the real-time data of your employees. Employing our software will assist you in fostering a more secure working environment within your organization.

  • Utilize risk analysis to gain real-time insights, generate risk reports, and promptly take appropriate corrective actions.
  • Identify operational risks, near-misses, record analysed data, and build a safer workplace.
  • Track real-time location, instantly identify incidents, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance.
  • Access the most recent information, stay informed about regulatory changes, keep track of renewal dates, and efficiently handle certifications.

Inspection Management

Our inspection management software efficiently helps you in seamlessly organizing, executing, and documenting inspections. Simplify all your inspection-related responsibilities with the aid of our software. Generate personalized forms, establish inspection schedules, track outcomes, and address any necessary corrective actions. Tailor inspection checklists and detailed forms to align with your business requirements. Implementing this software will effectively enhance workplace safety and well-being.

  • Plan inspections, tailor inspection forms, Convert workflows to digital format, and Obtain instant insights.
  • Streamline the inspection process through standardization, effortlessly gather data at any given time and location, effectively identify potential risks, and seamlessly acquire comprehensive operational insights.
  • Use real-time reports for examining issues promptly, taking immediate action on insights, and alerting safety managers.
  • Record, track, and report identified issues in your organization based on the top causation from inspection data, set alerts to create a risk-free organization.

Permit to Work

Streamline the entire work permit process effortlessly. Using Permit to Work platform, you can efficiently monitor and control permits workflows while proactively handling associated risks. Our cutting-edge platform enables enterprises to simplify permit approvals, eliminate laborious manual activities, and ensure unwavering compliance with industry standards and regulatory mandates

  • Incorporates a comprehensive risk management module, empowering users to detect and minimize work-related risks, guaranteeing the safety of workers as well as the environment.
  • Facilitates the issuance, tracking, and closure of permits, significantly minimizing paperwork, expediting the permitting process, and guaranteeing adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Obtain up-to-date information on the approval, rejection, and expiration of Permit to Work, enabling you to actively monitor compliance with the permits and promptly respond as required.
  • Utilize data on permit usage, compliance, and EHS performance to scrutinize patterns, enhance workflows, and showcase regulatory adherence.

Air Emission Management

By implementing advanced data analytics and real-time air quality monitoring, organizations can effectively identify workplace hazards and cultivate a safer and healthier environment. Among the numerous challenges, air pollution poses a significant concern, not only influencing the environment but also having detrimental effects on the health of the workforce. To address this, our company offers end-to-end and IoT products, enabling streamlined monitoring of air quality.

  • Employ diligent hazard analysis, effectively monitor its impact, proactively implement preventive measures, and strive to foster a secure work environment for all employees within the organization.
  • Examine perilous actions, obtain comprehensive accounts, devise strategies for rectifying the situation, and establish precise safety protocols
  • Conduct regular air-quality monitoring to effectively identify potential risks, carefully analyze their adverse effects, and promptly implement essential measures to address them.
  • Improve occupational health management and mitigate safety risks while reducing costs by leveraging accurate measurements, predictive data, and enhanced monitoring of hazardous gases.

Carbon Emission Management

Effortlessly manage and reduce greenhouse emissions with the assistance of carbon emission management software. Our platform enables businesses and organizations to accurately assess their carbon emission levels and devise effective strategies for optimizing carbon usage. Seamlessly track carbon emissions from direct and indirect sources, while effortlessly managing carbon footprints using our user-friendly software.

  • Incorporate worldwide emission protocols and standards within your organization for effective carbon emission reduction and adherence to regulatory requirements.
  • Obtain precise calculations for different protocols and locations in order to effectively document the gathered data. By utilizing this recorded information, you will gain an understanding of the emission factor.
  • Calculate emitted gas; determine activity, view time/location, and Identify emission factors.
  • Achieve effortless and precise carbon footprint reporting, which not only helps in mitigating carbon footprints but also contributes positively towards our planet.

Waste Management

Enhance your waste management efficiency and minimize environmental hazards by utilizing our waste management platform. Our cutting-edge software empowers you to compile, track, analyse, and report your company's environmental emissions from diverse sources. By leveraging our waste management software, you can proactively address compliance requirements and effectively overcome any associated obstacles.

  • Elevate the safety and productivity of your organization with our advanced software solution. Managing waste is undeniably a complex endeavour that demands utmost care.
  • Prioritize our well-being; it is paramount to ensure that every stage of the waste management process has minimal detrimental impact on our surroundings.
  • Handle various waste types, differing disposal regulations, and perplexing transit constraints that make compliance challenging.
  • Achieve automatic adherence to the most stringent waste management regulations through comprehensive monitoring and reporting of every stage of waste management and disposal.

Hazard Management

Effectively handle health and safety risks within your organization without any hassle. Simplify and streamline the identification, assessment, and management of operational hazards by leveraging hazard management software. Enhance operational performance and minimize losses by utilizing robust hazard management solutions that provide real-time accessibility. Seamlessly discover, evaluate, diminish, and oversee various intricacies with utmost ease.

  • Perform timely hazard analysis, Monitor, evaluate, and communicate risks, and establish a secure work environment free from hazards.
  • Conduct hazard analysis and assessment, obtain live data, generate comprehensive hazard reports, and scrutinize potential risks in the initial phases.
  • Automate reports and email alerts to promptly inform individuals when new risks are identified or resolved within their respective domains and generate reports to track hazards based on various factors such as source, department, and other specified criteria.
  • Address the identified hazards promptly by implementing necessary measures supported by real-time data. Furthermore, conduct hazard assessments and make informed decisions for appropriate actions according to the findings

Audit Management

Our audit management software ensures that your organization is well-prepared for both internal and external audits. It simplifies the collection, tracking, and reporting of audit data, streamlining the administrative burden of compliance and EHS management effortlessly. With our software, you can establish a flexible, customizable, and robust audit management workflow that adapts to your organization's needs. This seamless process allows you to identify gaps and forecast future quality performance with ease.

  • Streamline your audit processes with our audit management software, effortlessly coordinating audit planning, fieldwork, and reporting on a single platform.
  • Simplify data management and ensure the reliability and consistency of your audit information by effortlessly generating comprehensive audit forms, checklists, and the necessary documentation.
  • Incorporate a unified record-keeping system to encompass audit data from all company branches and operational regions.
  • Streamline the process of data collection through automation, and compile the requisite evidence to generate valuable insights and facilitate problem-solving.

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