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Enterprise Asset Management

Accelerate productivity, plan downtime, boost asset performance and reduce operational downtime by adding value to assets from anywhere at any time via web and mobile applications.

Enterprise Asset Management holds significance in enabling organizations to effectively monitor, evaluate, handle, and enhance the quality and dependability of their assets. EAM's implementation of optimal methodologies aids maintenance teams in achieving enhanced command over intricate operational landscapes, facilitating them to:

  • Track assets from purchase to disposal easily, knowing their location, usage, and the best moment for maintenance.
  • Streamlines asset management, reducing the time and effort for managing your assets to focus on revenue generation activities.
  • Save on utility and capital expenses with a reliability centered maintenance approach that works the best for each asset.
  • Make data driven decisions, leading to better business outcomes with real-time data and advanced analytics at fingertips.
  • Improve MTTR and MTBF by automating PPM schedules with instantly accessible and easy-to-follow digital checklists
  • Calculate the depreciation value of any asset using popular methods for taking a call on the right time for asset recycling.
  • Know the big picture on work order execution and get notified of important updates on your mobile anytime.
  • Monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness for each shift,operation, and product to minimize the quantity of rejected goods while improving asset productivity levels.
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Interactive Dashboard

Utilize the capabilities of mobile and web platforms to generate key performance indicator (KPI) metrics and graphs regarding the performance of assets, technicians, and locations. Gain insights into work distribution by visualizing it through a 52-week planned preventive maintenance (PPM) calendar, which can be viewed in an aerial perspective.

  • Monitor the number of ongoing, upcoming, and pending tasks.
  • Data is continuously updated with accuracy up to the minute.
  • Access a streamlined display of maintenance performance at various locations.

Work Order Management

With simplicity and convenience at your fingertips, generating service requests is a breeze on both Web and Mobile platforms or via a quick scan of a QR code. These requests seamlessly morph into well-defined, outcome-driven work orders that can be effortlessly monitored and traced.

  • Emphasize the importance of representing issues through voice, image annotation, or video.
  • Ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and stay informed about any violations.
  • Utilize e-signatures to promptly identify key stakeholders.

Preventive Maintenance

Create PPM schedules by accounting for both time and asset usage in order to prevent expensive breakdowns and maintain production stability. Inform technicians promptly through mobile notifications regarding their assigned tasks, enabling them to carry out thorough repairs using convenient digital checklists.

  • Plan periodic maintenance using a 52-week Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) calendar.
  • Automation of task allocation by considering department, category, criticality, and other relevant factors.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the to-do list arranged in the correct order.

Corrective Maintenance

Utilize effective strategies to address breakdowns or perform reactive maintenance, aiming to detect, isolate, and rectify faults. This process is crucial for reinstating the functionality of equipment, machines, or systems, ensuring they can resume their intended operations smoothly.

  • Specify various forms of corrective maintenance like Fail Repair, Overhaul, Salvage, and Servicing.
  • Automated reassignment of tasks will be tailored according to department, category, and criticality.
  • Emphasize prioritization of the most crucial work orders to optimize production and efficiency.

Spare Parts Management

Achieve comprehensive inventory management and access the necessary parts instantly at the most favorable prices through an integrated online vendor portal. Technicians can conveniently review the availability of required parts before commencing a task directly from the work order.

  • Comparison between Open, Scheduled, and Assigned work orders.
  • Obtain metrics such as Mean Time To Repair, Mean Time Between Failures, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and PM Compliance.
  • Evaluation of budget-centric metrics in relation to Assets.

Asset Tracking with RFID/QR Code

Monitor the movement of assets seamlessly in real-time by means of GPS/BLE/RFID Beacon technology. Receive accurate updates regarding the precise location and utilization of assets to prevent their misplacement and reduce instances of underutilization.

  • Gain instant access to comprehensive asset information effortlessly.
  • Seamlessly transfer data swiftly using wireless configuration.
  • Effectively track and oversee the health of crucial assets.

Asset Performance Management

Asset performance management (APM) actively monitors assets in real-time by continuously tracking crucial parameters. This ensures timely identification of potential equipment issues and facilitates automatic scheduling of maintenance tasks, effectively preventing any imminent problems.

  • Minimizes unexpected periods of non-operational states for intricate and essential assets.
  • Enhances the efficiency of asset usage, concurrently decreasing energy usage.
  • Diminishes expenditures linked with excessive preventive maintenance practices.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Streamline the entire asset lifecycle, right from acquisition to disposal, using a unified EAM software solution. Enhance the dependability, accessibility, and effectiveness of assets to boost productivity and curtail maintenance expenses.

  • Enhance asset performance at every stage of its lifespan.
  • Implement cost-effective reliability-centered maintenance practices.
  • Mitigate the need for premature asset replacement.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Track and measure current productivity levels of assets covering asset availability, performance, and product quality in real-time and fine-tune productivity levels to achieve world-class production.

  • Identify issues as they arise and take corrective action quickly
  • OEE scores for each shift, product, operator, and operation
  • OEE reports to detect and solve production bottlenecks

Asset Auditing

Ensure assets are in the designated locations, used efficiently, and accounted for accurately in the financial statements. Perform fixed asset auditing with a simple scan of the QR code pasted on the asset.

  • Double-check the primary asset location indicated by sensors.
  • Uncover issues such as asset damages, ghost assets, etc.
  • Automate physical audits with great accuracy at unbelievable speeds.

Energy Monitoring

Track energy consumption in real-time for individual connections or an entire facility effortlessly through mobile remote capabilities. Take a decisive stride towards adopting the green building initiative by curbing carbon emissions effectively.

  • Discover instances of energy waste and irregularities in consumption patterns.
  • Generate precise hour-by-hour graphs for monitoring purposes
  • Play an active role in managing and reducing businesses' highest utility expenses.

Asset Floor Plan

Access floor plans from a mobile device to trace the exact location of assets and know their maintenance status at a glance. Trigger schedules from the map for quicker work order resolution.

  • Minimize the occurrence of assets simultaneously ceasing production cycles.
  • Utilize zoom features on plans and maps to conveniently identify specific details.
  • Determine underutilized assets and allocate them to areas where they are required.

Health and Safety

Stay updated about possible consequences that may arise from asset malfunction, including worker harm, fires, environmental contamination, and others. Minimize carbon footprints by operating equipment efficiently and showcasing adherence to regulatory authorities.

  • Guarantee safety through the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Maintain a commitment to environmental safety.
  • Efficiently minimize carbon emissions.

Dynamic Work Scheduling

Assign tasks manually with a real-time view of the workload of each technician available for uniform distribution of workload and auto-assign tasks based on service category, user groups to ensure the best fixes for a given situation.

  • Minimize the accumulation of pending tickets.
  • Enhance workforce participation and involvement.
  • Enhance the rate of successfully resolving issues on the first attempt.

Mobile Access

Oversee operations, schedule, and approve work orders while on the go to keep up the pace of work. Real-time updation of data, offline work synchronization, and automated reporting via mobile reduce the chances of errors and duplications

  • Technicians efficiently identify assets using the mobile app.
  • Enhanced workforce collaboration for improved efficiency.
  • Real-time updates and notifications with electronic signatures.

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