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Colleges and universities have initiated a technological revolution to provide a more enriching campus experience that fosters student success, enhances outcomes, and encourages ground-breaking innovations and discoveries. This transformation grants educational institutions with the most comprehensive array of cutting-edge solutions available today, including engaging cloud services that cater to the needs of students and staff throughout their entire educational journey. NERP for Education facilitates a seamless academic experience while also unlocking limitless possibilities for research and innovation. Whether it's streamlining everyday processes or strengthening financial operations, it empowers institutions at every level, enabling them to thrive. In the constantly evolving landscape of culture and technology, students are quick to adapt and progress. Therefore, institutions of higher education must step up their game by becoming more captivating, prompt, and perceptive.

When it comes to Education, having a reliable partner who understands the unique challenges of the industry is crucial.Our platform is designed to meet the contemporary needs of both large and small education institutes. By offering an innovative platform, we support provider organizations of all sizes in achieving success. With our intuitive, secure, and intelligent solutions for food & beverage providers, we aim to enhance care outcomes, facilitate informed decisions, reduce costs, and foster superior experiences for customers, and staff.You can rely on Nirmalya to assist you in fast-tracking growth, optimizing profitability, and positioning your business for long-term success. This partnership ensures that businesses receive tailored solutions that address their unique needs and provide a competitive edge in the market.


Student Management

NERP Student Management is a comprehensive platform that streamlines various aspects of student management. It encompasses admissions, academics, advising, financials, and core frameworks, enabling students and staff to enhance productivity and effectiveness. By anticipating students' requirements, illuminating their academic journey, and empowering them to excel, our student management elevates work efficiency to a whole new level. Furthermore, our curriculum Registry operates on a single platform, allowing for flexibility in course durations, grading systems, credit types, and credentials. Additionally, our automated financial aid lifecycle process ensures smoother operations. With the incorporation of dynamic entities, structural changes can be easily implemented. Touchless processes and smart alerts further optimize operations, while the core frameworks guarantee a future-proof investment.

  • Enables students to engage in robust multiyear scenario planning, enhancing their chances of timely graduation. Additionally, it facilitates flexible course lengths, varying grades and credits, and different types of credentials.
  • Reorganize your institution seamlessly without the need to completely overhaul your student system. It empowers dynamic collaboration among institutions, allowing for greater student agency.
  • Provide a transparent and efficient student-centric experience, starting from the application process to fund disbursement. Moreover, it intelligently prompts for feedback when human intervention becomes necessary.

Digital Campus

NERP possesses extensive expertise in providing cutting-edge industry solutions in the cloud, enabling educational institutions to establish a state-of-the-art digital campus experience that seamlessly links individuals, procedures, objects, and services. Customize the student journey and distinguish your campus by implementing a contemporary digital encounter that entices and retains top-tier students, faculty, and staff. The essential characteristics and benefits of the digital campus include adaptability and convenience, a wide range of course offerings, an engaging educational environment, personalized learning experiences, augmented support and resources, and career advancement opportunities.

  • Facilitate the modernization of institutional systems, resulting in cost reduction and enhanced financial and programmatic insights.
  • Empower a wider range of students to access higher education through a personalized and automated financial aid experience.
  • Gain the ability to access courses and learning materials conveniently anytime and from any location with an internet connection.


NERP is an all-inclusive and seamlessly connected marketing solution that effectively initiates cross-channel marketing programs while consolidating all marketing signals from potential customers and existing clients into a unified, holistic overview. This innovative solution enables a heightened return on investments in digital marketing, cultivates customer loyalty by delivering exceptional campaign results, and grants access to real-time performance metrics for informed decision-making during critical campaign cycles. Capitalize on targeted and integrated marketing campaigns across various channels, optimize lead generation efforts, personalize communication with customers and prospects, and streamline marketing processes through automation. Leverage real-time, data-driven insights to actively engage, convert, and nurture buyer relationships, ultimately amplifying sales.

  • Streamline the creation, execution, and evaluation of marketing campaigns while utilizing intelligent features to capture and analyze customer behaviors in real-time, resulting in effective and efficient B2C marketing strategies.
  • Enhance advertising effectiveness and achieve superior results using precise targeting data, cutting-edge contextual technology, and robust measurement solutions.
  • Develop tailored marketing campaigns across various channels, fine-tune lead generation efforts, personalize communication with customers and prospects, and automate marketing tasks.

Human Capital Management

Streamline and enhance global people operations using a centralized data source. Enhance decision-making, personalize employee experiences, and leverage easily adaptable workflows that provide scalability and localization. Attract top-notch candidates, increase productivity, and enhance decision-making with a comprehensive talent management solution. Access all essential tasks like sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, performance management, career development, and succession planning in a single platform. Align your business strategy, mitigate compliance risks, and efficiently manage your workforce through our fully integrated solution that seamlessly connects time, labor, and leave management with payroll, financial, and personnel data.

  • Support diverse requirements across organizations, workers, and industries to facilitate efficient, compliant, and customizable payroll solutions worldwide. Take advantage of pre-established integrations with payroll providers, minimizing complexity and expenses.
  • Utilize preconfigured modeling features that simplify the creation and modification of workforce plans, enabling quick adaptability to any changes. Additionally, assess the effects of alterations, such as promotions or time off, on both team and individual performance.
  • Ensure the security of HR data and streamline compliance by automatically certifying access to sensitive information and processes. Implement preinstalled best practice rules or customize your own to enforce policies across all HR operations.

Centralized Admission

With our seamless integration, every online order you receive will effortlessly pass through your point of sale (POS) system for secure payment processing, real-time inventory updates, smooth kitchen preparation, trackable delivery updates, and more – all managed conveniently from a single, secure cloud platform. Effortlessly manage your menu across multiple channels to readily accept orders from your mobile app, website, and popular marketplaces. Enhance your menu by incorporating online ordering, pickup, and delivery options. Whether you run a cozy restaurant, a regional chain of coffee shops, or even a global franchise, our platform ensures that online ordering becomes a hassle-free, streamlining process that generates satisfactory profitability. Our all-in-one restaurant management platform, NERP, enables you to efficiently oversee all your online and in-house operations. Keep both customers and staff well-informed about each order's current status, ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction. Additionally, leverage our advanced location technology to enable smart pickup options, thereby further enhancing customer convenience and overall satisfaction.

  • Utilize menu management capabilities to efficiently process orders from various channels, including your mobile application, website, and popular online marketplaces.
  • Guarantee the comprehensive aggregation of all incoming orders by integrating them with your cloud-based POS system, enabling a unified perspective of transactions and customer engagements.
  • Seamlessly transmit order information to your kitchen for prompt preparation, while implementing intelligent business rules and decision-making protocols to maintain product freshness and adhere to promised delivery times.

Admission & Fee Collection Management

Why should someone bother with offline methods for college admissions in the digital age? With the convenience of information technology, everything is just a few clicks away, and the transition from applicant to student is no exception. NERP offers a comprehensive college management system solution that covers online application form submissions, online payments, query management, and a user-friendly dashboard featuring various applicant types, merit list generation, counseling, and final selection. Automating and streamlining the admission and selection processes online is crucial for user convenience. Engaging in offline admissions can be exceedingly arduous and time-consuming.

  • Implement an efficient and user-friendly system that allows students to register online, select their courses, generate merit lists, track the status of their admissions, and make fee payments through our online platform.
  • Facilitate seamless online payment transactions, generate electronic receipts, send notifications regarding pending fees, and provide clear information about our fee structure allocation.
  • Incorporate an automated attendance recording system that seamlessly integrates with biometric and RFID devices, while also offering a convenient mobile application for all users.

Facilities and Asset Management

Enhance the quality of facilities, assets, and materials across various locations by efficiently utilizing the unified platform NERP. Streamline the management of your material inventory, whether it is categorized by SKU or listed by location. The inventory is automatically updated in real-time whenever new materials are purchased, received, or consumed. Embrace the automation of inventory management processes to save valuable time and enhance accuracy. Boost internal customer satisfaction levels by automating work order tracking, assignments, and sign-offs. This ensures a consistent and prompt completion of requested tasks, ultimately improving overall efficiency. Retain all pertinent warranty information and make it easily accessible to operations. By diligently ensuring that all eligible repairs are conducted under warranty, substantial cost savings can be achieved. Utilize alerts and tracking mechanisms to proactively oversee maintenance and repair cycles. By doing so, you can prevent expensive emergency repairs, replacements, and potential interruptions to workflow. Bid farewell to the laborious and error-prone task of manual tracking as you optimize operations, making everything smoother and more accurate.

  • Avoid expensive emergency repairs, replacements, and disruptions, while eliminating the need for manual tracking prone to errors and time consumption.
  • Enhance internal customer satisfaction through automated tracking, assignment, and approval of work orders, ensuring faster completion of requested tasks consistently.
  • Streamline material inventory management by implementing automated systems, allowing for SKU or location-based organization, saving time, and enhancing accuracy.

Assessment/Exam Management

Managing and conducting examinations, evaluating papers, and declaring results are all critical aspects of the examination process. It is of utmost importance for institution authorities and faculty to meticulously plan and execute these activities to ensure optimal practices. However, relying on manual handling of examination processes is not advisable, as it not only consumes valuable time and resources but also increases the likelihood of exam-related errors. To address these challenges, our examination management platform offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies and streamlines all exam-related activities, seamlessly managing the entire process from start to finish.

  • Facilitate both offline and online administration of examinations, providing faculty with the ability to manage various aspects before, during, and after the exams.
  • Allow for the utilization of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) or Descriptive type questions, seamless creation of online question papers, continuous monitoring of students during exams, calculation of student outcomes, and verification of student identities.
  • Offer centralized storage for data, enabling effortless search and retrieval of information, maintaining comprehensive records of student performance, and promoting easy communication across different departments.

Accreditation Data Management

Our Accreditation Data Management platform provides a comprehensive system for collecting, organizing, and consolidating data from various activities within Higher Educational Institutes. It assists institutions in preparing for accreditation processes by allowing them to update necessary information on a daily basis and generate reports to ensure compliance. Moreover, the platform enables the generation of reports in desired formats for accreditation entities like NAAC/NBA, as well as national ranking agencies such as NIRF.

  • Ensure precise and prompt submission of data to multiple agencies without any inaccuracies, allowing for the convenient uploading of supporting documentation alongside the data.
  • Equipped with an array of graphical tools, the platform offers coordinators a user-friendly and efficient means of monitoring the progress of data entry work.
  • Generate reports in the preferred accreditation formats and streamline the preparation for various accreditations by facilitating the daily updating of necessary information and the generation of compliance-related reports.

Learning Management

Our Learninbg Management platform is designed to support institutions in effectively managing academics by organizing and preserving comprehensive records of classroom activities. It facilitates seamless collaboration between teachers and students, fostering enhanced learning experiences through its efficient learning management system. With our LMS platform, institutions can effortlessly track reporting, training programs, automate educational course delivery, and ensure the success of learning and development initiatives. It maintains detailed records of classroom activities, assists in creating optimized syllabi and teaching plans, and enables the facilitation of online assessments to maximize students' learning outcomes.

  • Develop a highly efficient syllabus, teaching schedule, and offer pertinent and cutting-edge electronic resources.
  • Ensure organized documentation of students' engagements, grading, and monitoring of their academic advancements.
  • Design and administer online examinations and evaluations, fostering a robust teacher-student partnership.

Outcome Based Education

Outcome Based Education (OBE) facilitates the analysis, assessment, and mapping of students' learned lessons by higher education institutions. This is achieved through their performance on questions designed to achieve Program Outcomes (POs), Course Outcomes (COs), and Program Education Objectives (PEOs). Our platform provides a centralized solution for effectively managing institutional data, documents, and compliance reports necessary for NBA accreditation. With our system, tasks can be created and assigned seamlessly, allowing for effortless customization with descriptions, dates, and priorities. Our workflow optimization feature includes sub-tasks, ensuring efficient progress. Stay on track with real-time dashboard monitoring for enhanced productivity and progress tracking.

  • Facilitates the faculty in predefining assessment criteria through the configuration of diverse assessment rules, as well as the creation of online exams, quizzes, and other resources, resulting in a seamless journey towards achieving desired outcomes.
  • Offers valuable insights into students' progress and faculty performance, enabling the implementation of best practices.
  • Upholds data quality and mitigates errors to generate precise reports, thereby enhancing compliance efforts effectively.

Financial Management

Improve the effectiveness of your finance team by providing them with enhanced data that will enhance their forecasting accuracy, streamline reporting cycles, simplify decision-making processes, and enable better management of risk and compliance. NERP automates various financial management tasks, such as payables, receivables, fixed assets, expenses, and reporting, ultimately providing a comprehensive overview of your overall financial health. Additionally, our platform automates your financial processes, including accounting for intercompany tax and transfer pricing journals. You can also standardize your chart of accounts, business processes, data model, as well as security and compliance controls, ensuring that your entire organization is aligned for coherent decision-making and action. Moreover, with our platform, you can define and manage budgets while gaining increased visibility into commitments, obligations, and expenditures.

  • Achieve enhanced operational effectiveness through advanced automation of financial processing and enhance organizational transparency by adopting the fastest and most scalable general ledger available in the industry.
  • Streamline financial operations by consolidating invoice and payment processing, eliminating duplicative payables services. Simplify expense reporting through the integration of a digital assistant, mobile expense entry, automated spend controls, and intelligent auditing capabilities.
  • Enhance cash management practices by automating cash-centric financial procedures and accelerating invoice processing through automated invoice matching, resulting in timely insights into your overall cash position.

Dashboard & Analytics

NERP Dashboard & Analytics is an out-of-the-box analytics solution designed specifically for finance, procurement, and sales. It enables them to delve into the root causes of profitability, enhance the utilization of working capital, and exert better control over business expenses. By employing prebuilt metrics, one can gain a comprehensive understanding of an organization's financial performance and effectively analyze historical trends and variances. It offers education business analytics on your mobile device, providing easy access to essential data through concise reports and dashboards. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your operations across all branches, from overarching metrics to individual transactions. Stay well-informed and make swift, well-informed decisions by accessing real-time data and receive timely notifications regarding significant matters such as low inventory, unmet sales goals, conflicting employee schedules, and labor costs surpassing predetermined limits.

  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the kitchen's efficiency by analyzing various factors such as preparation, delivery times, and other performance indicators that directly influence your profitability.
  • Conveniently view comprehensive reports online through both desktop and mobile devices, or make use of our mobile application to efficiently manage tasks while on the move.
  • Stay informed in real-time about significant matters such as insufficient inventory, unmet sales goals, conflicts in employee schedules, and labor expenses surpassing predetermined limits through prompt alerts.

Nirmalya has been able to help us delivering consistent employee experience across all locations to bind everybody together and give every employee the same experience

Sunil Das | CEO, News7 & Prameya


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