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Customer Relationship Management

Unlock new opportunities by connecting the way you engage with customers though unified Nirmalya CRM. It offers all you need to increase leads, accelerate sales, improve customer satisfaction, and measure sales performance. Improve productivity with collaboration tools, interactive dashboards, and real-time customer analytics that provide an accurate view of the account. You care for your Business, let us care your platform.

  • Improve relationships with your customers and manage all your business contacts and stores important information about them across all channels, including demographics, purchase history, and previous communications
  • Build your sales pipeline by streamlining the sales process and automating the main tasks, and analyze all of your sales data and store it in one centralized place, which can be accessed by anyone who needs it
  • Free up your employees by handling more mundane menial tasks, so that employees can focus on more humancentered work and building customer relationships
  • Provide a holistic view of the customer journey, see every piece of communication with your customers and potential customers
  • Optimize costs and increase profitability by being able to focus on your most profitable customers
  • Cultivate a personal approach to every communications,develop new products and services that your customers actually need and want
  • Contextualize customer data - such as click-through rates,bounce rates, and demographic data, can demonstrate the success of a campaign and highlight opportunities for further optimization
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Bringing data, technology & expertise together to transform your business and make future-ready.


Integrating different varieties of data to enhance transparency, insights, and transform digitally to capitalize on data and innovate without boundaries.


Reliable & Resilient – your platform & partner for digital transformation without limits.

Generate, Nurture, Convert, and Analyze

Empower sales and service using AI & BI enabled CRM - with 360 degree view of each customer, past interactions, and Shorten sales & service cycles.

Bring us your use-cases, we will work with you to curate the right solution for your business.

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Process Management

Create standardized process flow to make sure everyone in your organization follows the defined process to accelerate your sales and services seamlessly. Starting from lead generation to deal closure to customer satisfaction, all in one platform will give you real-time visibility into service operations and make data driven decisions that maximize sales performance with 360-degree insights..

  • Create and implement scalable sales processes as per your need.
  • Define best practices into action, and ensure everyone follows the process just as designed.
  • Ensures every tasks for each stage, are marked complete before moving to the next stage of process.
  • Uncover which part of your process needs changes using Analytical reports.
  • Configure ​actions for every stage of process starting from sending follow-up emails to maintaining records.

Sales Automation

Automate routine tasks of sales, support, and marketing to enhance productivity, while sales team can concentrate on leads nurturing, deals closing, and enhancing customer relationships. It offers a holistic solution for unified planning, prioritization, optimization, and empowers team to quickly generate estimates, turn into proposals, quotes, and orders. Leverage analytics to improve your business's bottom line and realistic prediction of sales revenue.

  • Automate and Manage End-to-End Sales force with predefined process and rules.
  • Integrate and capture leads from everywhere.
  • Automatically distribute leads to team members
  • Assess customer needs in real time

Sales Enablement

It brings enablement tools for executing the job in the most efficient and effective way. Empower the team with all in one platform to spend less time to win each deal and better customer engagements. Easy integration with you existing ERP and software to skip the hassle of shuffling between different software applications.. Sync Google, Office 365 and Apple calendars to accessible on any device at any time.

  • Generate Estimates/quotes, invoices/orders with access to inventory, shipping, and subscription information.
  • Give partners, customers and vendors access to create and nurture leads, manage inventory, and view their contacts.
  • Get real-time notifications of customer interactions and collaborate with team, make announcements and let them know where you are with check-ins and geotags.
  • Empower sales team with key data and sales materials to make right decisions from anywhere, at any time.

Performance Management

Accelerate productivity with forecasts of potential revenue, enhance your sales pitch and monitor sales activity for understanding of current performance and its future potential. With in-built AI engine, predict to prioritize leads and deals likely to convert.

  • Track how a region, product, or team is performing by creating forecasts based on territories or hierarchies.
  • Group customers based on regions, products, or any other relevant criteria to gain insights that will inform their actions.
  • Generate reports and discover insights to create competitive pricing plans with multi-currency support.
  • Generate priority-based order of leads to contact and deals to work on that are most likely to bring in revenue.

Marketing Automation

Run campaigns and pass on quality leads to Sales using marketing automation tools. Mange A-Z of marketing and reach customer though Webforms, event management, survey, Google Ad, and social media to improve the ROI from your campaign. Use email templates to reach out to customers, and keep track of email open rates, clicks, and bounces to know how interested your new leads are. Create and send out objective surveys while also keeping an eye on how each of them is performing.

  • Stay up-to-date with every lead interaction, and automates your sales process so you can build lasting relationships.
  • Measure ROI and understand which campaigns are most effective in pushing prospects towards making decisions.
  • Combine Google Ad spending with sales data to figure out which campaigns, ads, or keywords are helping you convert leads into customers.
  • Manage events, and measure the success of different events against each other with analytics by comparing how many attendees turned into customers.

Team Collaboration

Stay connected with customers, team, and stakeholders to get real-time updates in a centralized platform. Keep team updated through Feeds, discuss deals, collaborate on ideas, talk about sales pitch, share collateral, and broadcast announcements.

  • Manage tasks more efficiently, save time and effort of team using a comprehensive workplace with integrated project management system.
  • Get notification, alerts, lead approvals and reminders for events or calls though chat.
  • Create different types of user groups like sales, support, event management, marketing and share common records among multiple groups.
  • Tag manager or colleague in your notes so that they get a notification that a deal or contact needs their attention.

Customer Engagement

Empower team with effective tools and processes to accelerate deals and empower service teams to quickly solve customer inquiries across channels. Improve productivity with collaboration tools, interactive dashboards, and real-time customer analytics that provide an accurate view of the account.

  • Stay up-to-date with every lead interaction, and automate your sales and services process so you can build lasting relationships.
  • Set alerts, notifications, routing of customer inquires and escalation process to reduce the turn around time.
  • Empower team with instant customer insights, with recommendations, an up-to-date customer view and history, and communication timeline ensuring efficient customer service.
  • Get connected with customer though portal, chat, email and call - all though single platform for better customer support.

Dashboard and Analytics

Dashboard and analytics allow you to track individual sales parameters and make data-driven decisions though a consolidated view of data and insights, derive actionable insights and tell the right stories to the right stakeholders to propel business performance. Real-time reporting gives you insight into a variety of metrics such as sales trends, marketing campaigns, activity reports, team performance, forecasts, and much more.

  • Empower team to make data-driven decisions though multi-dimensional reports, analytics and customer's insights.
  • Drill deep into your sales data, and start seeing your everyday sales metrics in the most visually engaging way starting from pie charts to heat maps.
  • Compare your actual sales performance with the predicted trend, and lets you know where there were any deviations from the projected sales pattern.
  • Visualize entire sales process, measure its efficiency by checking the overall conversion rate, identify the bottlenecks, and define actionable tasks to improve bottom line.

Mobile Application

Accelerate sales cycles, support and customer engagement with mobile functionalities like lead management, estimate, quote creation, order booking, service insights, real-time analytics, and more.

  • Record customer visits and add voice notes and files to deals with ease.
  • Stay on top of your business and seize opportunities from anywhere , anytime.
  • Stay up-to-date and gain insights on key metrics and sales trends.
  • Stay connected with customers, team, and stakeholders to get real-time updates.

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The modern business is a global business. Managing a global business presents challenges, but it also presents an opportunity to acquire, grow and manage customers across borders using the best in technology.
Bring us your pain areas, we will work with you to curate the right solution for your business.

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