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Corporate Social Responsibility

We find ourselves in the presence of an evolving world, ready to offer our utmost assistance.

We are committed to dedicating ourselves towards a purposeful endeavor of catering to an evolving world, and facilitating our esteemed customers in achieving remarkable feats.


We foster a creative and solution-driven culture, housing a community of dedicated employees committed to improving the world. Our team of Volunteers actively engage in virtual and in-person initiatives alongside non-profit organizations and public institutions, displaying their passion and commitment to making a positive impact.


We acknowledge that safeguarding the wellbeing of our planet necessitates decisive and prompt measures. Our dedication lies in establishing a future that is sustainable, while concurrently enabling our employees to actively contribute towards the same goal.

Environment, Health and Safety

We are dedicated to upholding a standard of conduct that prioritizes the well-being and safety of our employees, visitors, contractors, and the general public. We also strive to reduce any harm to the environment caused by our operations. To achieve these goals, we actively pursue and set targets for enhancing our environmental, health, and safety performance. We are committed to a process of continuous improvement, regularly monitoring and reviewing our performance. It is our policy to abide by all relevant environmental, health, and safety laws, regulations, and obligations applicable to Nirmalya.

Leveraging Technology for Value Creation

Customer Success

Discover how organizations worldwide leverage our solutions to successfully attain their sustainability objectives

Social Impact

Nonprofit organizations and social enterprises embracing the NERP platform to expedite their missions.


Empowering our customers to conquer obstacles and undergo remarkable digital transformations.