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Experience seamless connectivity among project teams, facilitate informed decision-making, and achieve synchronization across your supply chain through the implementation of an exceptionally intelligent platform. Leveraging the NERP Smart Construction Platform, owners and their delivery teams collaborate seamlessly; transforming data into actionable insights while efficiently managing project planning, execution, and operations. Unleash enhanced visibility, control, and confidence throughout the entire journey from portfolio planning to project execution and ongoing operations. Employ a comprehensive and flexible system that effectively manages cost, scope, and risk while bridging capital portfolio planning with facilities management. Achieve enhanced performance, reliable outcomes, and ongoing enhancement by seamlessly integrating processes and data throughout project and asset lifecycles. Ensure uninterrupted progress in the construction process by effortlessly coordinating each stage with automated synchronization.

When it comes to construction & engineering, having a reliable partner who understands the unique challenges of the industry is crucial. You can rely on Nirmalya to assist you in fast-tracking growth, optimizing profitability, and positioning your business for long-term success. This partnership ensures that businesses receive tailored solutions that address their unique needs and provide a competitive edge in the market.


Project Lifecycle Processes

Manage end-to-end processes and enhance collaboration effortlessly using NERP. Seamlessly connect teams and streamline processes throughout the entire project lifecycle, all within one unified platform. With an unalterable audit trail, disputes are minimized; ensuring projects stay on course for successful delivery and completion. Eradicate collaboration obstacles and connect teams with an unparalleled data ownership model and a flexible process management engine that efficiently supports end-to-end processes, both on-site and in the office. Impeccably tailored for design-build projects, NERP facilitates seamless connectivity between design and delivery teams, fostering collaboration and proficient data sharing. The highly adaptable process management feature provides transparency and control, while the integrated model coordination seamlessly intertwines teams, models, and data.

  • Foster team connectivity with a distinctive data ownership framework for optimal adoption, collaboration, and data exchange throughout the entire project. This facilitates the creation of a comprehensive project dossier within a single system.
  • Monitor and document every project decision to ensure responsibility and minimize conflicts. By holding every participant accountable and reducing risk exposure, our system captures and archives all project-related materials, discussions, and decisions in an impeccable and unalterable manner.
  • Enhance transparency and command by utilizing model coordination to establish connections between teams, models, and project data. Our platform provides individual workspaces for each team, with full control over their own data, including the ability to determine data sharing preferences and access privileges.

Bid and Tender Management

Simplify the need for labor-intensive tasks and intricate procedures by implementing an organized and standardized framework for the tendering process. Utilize existing documents stored in the document register and effortlessly issue tenders to both NERP members and guest users through a secure and direct access system. Streamline the entire process by automating notifications, ensuring all necessary documents and communication are readily available. Gain comprehensive insight into tender status for seamless monitoring. Centralize all information in one platform, eliminating scattered data. Keep track of the tender invitees' engagement, receiving notifications upon response submission. Efficiently and confidentially manage all communication, aided by a traceable record of each tender's progression.

  • Simplify and streamline the tendering process by implementing a well-organized and standardized framework, minimizing the need for manual data entry and reducing overall complexity.
  • Maintain real-time awareness of tender statuses through a user-friendly interface, consolidating all relevant information into a centralized location for convenient access.
  • Monitor recipient engagement by tracking invitation views, receive timely notifications upon response submissions, and efficiently manage communication while ensuring confidentiality. A secure audit trail of each tender interaction enables seamless oversight.

Project Site Collaboration & Safety

Enhance collaboration and foster team connectivity using a distinctive data ownership framework and a flexible process management system. This system simplifies end-to-end processes throughout the entire project lifecycle, both at the project site and in the office. Efficiently collect, monitor, and disseminate information from any location on the worksite. Access documents, correspondence, models, and inspections through a unified mobile application. Stay updated with the latest drawings and engages in real-time collaboration with the most up-to-date data. The mobile app seamlessly integrates with NERP, ensuring a consolidated project record. Streamline and standardize inspections with the NERP platform, encompassing safety walks, quality assessments, issue tracking, punch lists, daily reports, and more.

  • Customize data capture to align with your operational processes, replace physical documents with digital replicas, and exhibit adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Attain comprehensive insight into all remarks, modifications, and corresponding expenses, facilitating efficient model processing and minimizing inaccuracies.
  • Empower the entire project team to collaborate on the model within a secure digital environment, leveraging a unified platform for inquiring, communicating, and streamlining coordination procedures.

Portfolio Management & Capital Planning

Enable owners and delivery teams to collaborate on shared planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and risk management through the utilization of NERP. This powerful platform brings together both office and field teams, ensuring their schedules and resources are synchronized and equipping engineering and construction professionals worldwide to make informed decisions on a daily basis. Furthermore, NERP provides a centralized repository for financial planners, facilitating the identification, prioritization, and selection of projects that align with an organization's strategic goals and initiatives. NERP offers the flexibility to easily modify scoring criteria and weighting factors, create and manage multiple scenarios, and effortlessly track funding, reallocate budgets, and generate comprehensive performance reports across the entire project portfolio. Strengthen your business operations by adhering to shared planning and scheduling standards, and enhance efficiency through implementing established office and field collaboration methods.

  • Identify and evaluate all potential risks, linking them directly to scheduled tasks for analysis of cost and delay impact. Ultimately, take necessary measures to mitigate these risks and ensure smooth progress for projects and programs.
  • Streamline your construction practices and principles with task management that supports lean methodologies. Utilize customizable work boards, digital sticky notes, seamless hand-off sequences, commitment tracking, and automated reporting of planned completion percentages.
  • Effectively manage labor, equipment, and material resources across multiple projects to optimize their utilization and prevent bottlenecks. Establish a correlation between your budget plans and the scheduled activities, and effortlessly track work progress against your initial plans.

Simplify Payment Management

Enhance efficiency and minimize potential drawbacks by implementing a streamlined and precise billing system, ensuring prompt payments, and employing effective compliance controls. Eliminate errors through the automation of processes and gain insights into subsequent payments to minimize the risk of disruptions. Decrease potential hazards by implementing automated compliance workflows, securely collecting essential documents and lien waivers, and establishing robust governance and controls surrounding a fundamental financial function. By utilizing a unified NERP platform, owners, general contractors, and subcontractors can access comprehensive visibility into compliance and payment statuses, enabling them to proactively identify and rectify any potential issues before they escalate. Expedite payments to subcontractors and suppliers through electronic payment methods; all while adhering to regulatory requirements and effectively managing lien waivers and compliance obligations.

  • Generate precise invoice documents automatically, which are associated with the schedule of values for each contract. Gather electronically signed invoices, lien waivers, required sworn statements, and unconditional lien waivers.
  • Expedite the review and creation of payment applications by implementing configurable and secure approval workflows, tracking mechanisms, and automated notifications.
  • Enable owners and general contractors to access portfolio dashboards that offer comprehensive summaries encompassing all vendors, payments, task statuses, and projects.

Cost & Schedule Management

NERP enhances budget and forecast accuracy by combining cost and schedule management with cost breakdown structure and work breakdown structures. By integrating these elements, NERP improves project progress tracking, demonstrates the effects of modifications on costs and schedules, and assists in verifying work completion across your portfolio. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive and precise representation of cash flow over time and against the plan, enabling continuous visibility into potential issues. With NERP, you can assess the potential influence of proposed changes on costs and/or schedules, empowering you to make well-informed decisions for your projects. By leveraging early insights derived from integrated cost and schedule data, NERP provides timely warnings and helps avert costly alterations in the future.

  • Utilize the time-phased baseline to compare the projected cost with the initial cost estimation.
  • Incorporate historical and current project data to enhance the accuracy of forecasts, instilling greater assurance and minimizing the requirement for contingency.
  • Effortlessly manage and monitor the project schedule and advancements through a mobile application.

Cost & Contract Management

Streamline the management of your organization wide supply chain by implementing automated systems. Align contracts with the cost sheet using cost codes to ensure a smooth and real-time flow of information. Eliminate errors and misalignment that may occur during the process. Effortlessly handle multiple funding sources and their terms and allocation, ensuring optimal and appropriate allocation of funds. Easily update and provide necessary reports. NERP provides preconfigured and interconnected business processes to effectively manage various aspects such as project and portfolio cost, forecasting, cash flow, funding, contracts, risk, and schedule milestone tracking. This comprehensive platform aids in the successful and timely completion of projects by automatically generating punch lists through owner walk-throughs and supporting warranty management for operations and maintenance. It also captures valuable lessons learned from past projects, which can be utilized to inform future projects.

  • Utilize schedule-based cash flow management to monitor the progress of your projects and portfolio in comparison to the initial forecast and over a period of time.
  • Obtain comprehensive reporting and valuable insights across multiple projects, ensuring the availability of up-to-date cash flow information at both the project and portfolio levels.
  • Streamline the approval process with intelligent workflow cycles, incorporating the connection of multiple workflows into a single efficient business process, enabling the rerouting of workflows for subsequent reviews, and ensuring a smooth and efficient routing system.

Facilities and Asset Management

Enhance the quality of facilities, assets, and materials across various locations by efficiently utilizing the unified platform NERP. Streamline the management of your material inventory, whether it is categorized by SKU or listed by location. The inventory is automatically updated in real-time whenever new materials are purchased, received, or consumed. Embrace the automation of inventory management processes to save valuable time and enhance accuracy. Boost internal customer satisfaction levels by automating work order tracking, assignments, and sign-offs. This ensures a consistent and prompt completion of requested tasks, ultimately improving overall efficiency. Retain all pertinent warranty information and make it easily accessible to operations. By diligently ensuring that all eligible repairs are conducted under warranty, substantial cost savings can be achieved. Utilize alerts and tracking mechanisms to proactively oversee maintenance and repair cycles. By doing so, you can prevent expensive emergency repairs, replacements, and potential interruptions to workflow. Bid farewell to the laborious and error-prone task of manual tracking as you optimize operations, making everything smoother and more accurate.

  • Avoid expensive emergency repairs, replacements, and disruptions, while eliminating the need for manual tracking prone to errors and time consumption.
  • Enhance internal customer satisfaction through automated tracking, assignment, and approval of work orders, ensuring faster completion of requested tasks consistently.
  • Streamline material inventory management by implementing automated systems, allowing for SKU or location-based organization, saving time, and enhancing accuracy.

Fortress in the Digital World

Take charge of all stages in the talent lifecycle. Attract top-notch candidates, enhance efficiency, and make better decisions with comprehensive talent management. Acquire, recruit, introduce, monitor performance, foster career growth, and plan for future success—all seamlessly integrated into a single platform, NERP. From Recruitment and onboarding to learning, career development, performance management, compensation, and succession planning, manage every aspect effortlessly. Promote productivity by offering a digital assistant that facilitates easy completion of tasks, providing step-by-step guidance across all devices. Foster significant growth by constructing development plans with well-defined objectives, tasks, and desired outcomes linked to relevant positions of interest. Employ the capability to evaluate, develop models for, allocate funds to, and oversee an extensive range of remuneration schemes in both local and international contexts. Facilitate the implementation of strategies through adaptable compensation planning and modeling techniques that cater to evolving business needs.

  • Utilize AI-powered suggestions, self-scheduling interviews, data-driven offers, background checks, and smooth on-boarding to enhance and expedite the hiring process. Establish and monitor targets at different organizational levels to facilitate continuous performance discussions.
  • Strengthen your recruitment, career development, and learning procedures with a talent management system that adapts and caters to your organization's skill requirements. Create comprehensive development plans with specific objectives, tasks, and desired outcomes linked to relevant roles.
  • Incorporate performance management metrics to drive the planning, budgeting, and authorization of compensation allocations. Customize the design, content, and delivery of a comprehensive compensation statement, encompassing base pay and incentives.

Financial Management

Improve the effectiveness of your finance team by providing them with enhanced data that will enhance their forecasting accuracy, streamline reporting cycles, simplify decision-making processes, and enable better management of risk and compliance. NERP automates various financial management tasks, such as payables, receivables, fixed assets, expenses, and reporting, ultimately providing a comprehensive overview of your overall financial health. Additionally, our platform automates your financial processes, including accounting for intercompany tax and transfer pricing journals. You can also standardize your chart of accounts, business processes, data model, as well as security and compliance controls, ensuring that your entire organization is aligned for coherent decision-making and action. Moreover, with our platform, you can define and manage budgets while gaining increased visibility into commitments, obligations, and expenditures.

  • Achieve enhanced operational effectiveness through advanced automation of financial processing and enhance organizational transparency by adopting the fastest and most scalable general ledger available in the industry.
  • Streamline financial operations by consolidating invoice and payment processing, eliminating duplicative payables services. Simplify expense reporting through the integration of a digital assistant, mobile expense entry, automated spend controls, and intelligent auditing capabilities.
  • Enhance cash management practices by automating cash-centric financial procedures and accelerating invoice processing through automated invoice matching, resulting in timely insights into your overall cash position.

Dashboard & Analytics

NERP Dashboard & Analytics is an out-of-the-box analytics solution designed specifically for finance, procurement, and project professionals. It enables them to delve into the root causes of profitability, enhance the utilization of working capital, and exert better control over business expenses. By employing prebuilt metrics, one can gain a comprehensive understanding of an organization's financial performance and effectively analyze historical trends and variances. Additionally, this solution facilitates the improvement of payables and receivables efficiency through the examination of working capital composition via data-driven KPIs such as Revenue, Operating expense, Net income, EBITDA, Payroll cost, Net working capital, and Current and quick ratio.

  • Gain a rapid overview of organizational expenditure across various categories such as business unit, geography, and cost center using prebuilt performance indicators available across departments.
  • Examine and comprehend revenue patterns over time by utilizing prebuilt revenue distribution calculations to visualize incoming revenue based on factors like product, customer, and more.
  • Effortlessly monitor timely and overdue vendor payment amounts through comprehensive dashboards, facilitating determination of payment urgency.

Nirmalya has played a pivotal role in establishing a strong base which has facilitated progress in all aspects of our organization. Consolidating all our operations into a single platform has significantly improved our efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

Punam Pandia | CMD, SAMUDYAM


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