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Bid Management

Manage challenges effectively with our time-sensitive bid management, engage stakeholders, keep track of bid selection parameters, and create accurate bids easily.

Boost the productivity of your presales starting from assessment, crafting, and putting forward proposals in reply to pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs), requests for quotes (RFQs), invitations to tender (ITTs), requests for proposals (RFPs), and requests for information (RFIs). With Nirmalya's bid management, you will have an aid to help your organization submit proposals successfully and consistently win contracts. It's all about understanding your client's business needs and figuring out ways to make the most profit while reducing business risks. A well-planned bidding process is a great tool for a bid manager to truly get the hang of a client’s business requirements, optimize profits, and cut down on business risks.

  • Resource Bidding : Assess the tools, skills, and abilities needed to meet bid requirements. From there, you can create a strategic plan for your bids, tailored to the project's objectives.
  • Collaborative Effort : Bring everyone onto the same page by developing storyboards together. Peek at what your competitors are doing, formulate strategies for your bids, gather your content, set up your bid positioning, and then you're ready to send off your bids.
  • Calculating Costs : When you are preparing and fine-tuning your bids, capture elements like costs of materials, labor charges, premium services, the perks offered, and available discounts to get the correct estimates.
  • Bid Review and Submission : Get the bid reviewed, approved though predefined approval matrix and submit it through our easy-to-use workflow and document management system.
  • Tender Evaluation Meeting : Get in on the evaluation meetings for tenders, grasp any recommendations made, and in the end, secure that sweet contract award.